Application for School Transfer Certificate (5 Samples)


Application for School Transfer Certificate (5 Samples) 

Are you looking a the best guide on how to write an application for School Transfer Certificate/leaving certificate?

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Today I will share the best way of writing TC applications for school and many more Samples Here.

Do you face trouble in writing an application for TC from School?
Is this difficult?

If yes!

Let me reveal that writing an Application for School Transfer Certificate in English is as easy as pee

Yes! You've heard it right. Don't worry just be with me till the end of this article. 

And I'm pretty sure after understanding this article, your problem will be solved and you will never have difficulties in writing in the future.

Today, professional communication is very important, whether it is Formal Communication or Informal Communication. You may want to know whether hard water damages your hair.

It Means! Whether you are doing communication in your School or college or in your company or maybe even among your colleagues or among relatives.

But sometimes you may face difficulty in written communication and suffers from a lot of problems.

So, let's start with the basics..,

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What actually School Transfer Certificate means?

School TC means Transfer Certificate also called leaving certificate which is issued by the current institution.

It is necessary only when you want to change your school due to some unavoidable reasons; it may be because of the completion of the course or financial issues.

Application for TC is written by either parents or students to a particular school for issuing a Transfer Certificate.

It is a certificate issued by the current institution to the pupil to take admitted to another school or college.

A transfer certificate is proof of where you studied last and a proof document which is very important for further.

Moreover, there is no any school where TC is not required, so it is very important to get it from the current institution.

BONUS TIPS:- Many students make a mistake in writing any kind of application letter; never write it on a torn piece of paper or half piece of paper.

So, before writing you need to have a blue pen and A4 size paper.

How to write an application for school TC?

  1. The writer's address
  2. The addressee
  3. The date
  4. Subject
  5. The Salutation
  6. Body of the application
  7. The conclusion
  8. Name and signature
  9. Enclosures, if there are any.

1. The writer's address:

The writer's address means the address of the person or students who is writing and sending the application. 

FORMAT: The writer's address should be written on the top right side.

2. Addressee or receiver's address:

You need to include the address of the addressee. This means you have to write the address and name of the institution.

FORMAT: It appears just below the sender's Address.

3. The Date:

The date is also very important in your application.

It is nothing but the date when you sent this letter to your headmaster or class teacher.

You may write the date as,

  • The 12th August, 202#.
  • 12 August, 202#.
  • August 12th 202#.
  • Tue, August 12th. Etc.
So, the date must be clear and correct.

FORMAT: It should appear just before the subject, as per the CBSE curriculum.

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4. Subject:

The subject is one of the most important parts of any form of writing, be it a leave application, Job application, etc.

It is the part of the application where you will highlight your problems i.e., why you are sending the application and what you are requesting from the institution, and what are your needs.

Therefore, the subject must be clear and straightforward to the point and it should not be more than 10 words.

FORMAT: Always write the subject on the left side with a new paragraph.

5. The Salutation:

The Salutation is the 5th part of an application. It means the way of addressing like Dear Sir, Respected Sir, etc.

FORMAT: It should come after the subject with a new paragraph.

6. Body of the application:

It is nothing but the message of the tc application.

The letter body is the 6th part of the application where you are required to give a brief introduction of the sender or the writer, however, the introduction is optional.

Secondly, Include what you are and the relationship between you and the institution.

Here you will describe your needs and problem briefly.

FORMAT: It is the middle part of the application starting with a new paragraph.

7. The Conclusion:

Now, you are going to end up your application.

In conclusion, you will close your application with a thank you note.

The best way to conclude your letter may include:

  • Regards 
  • Yours truly
  • Yours sincerely
  • Your obedient pupil.

8. Name of the writer

The final stage is the writer's name and details.
This Include:
  • Your name
  • Your Roll Number
  • Phone number.
FORMAT: The last Part of the application letter with a full stop.

9. Enclosure

If you attached any documents with the application letter, you should mention the particular documents.


SAMPLE 1: Write an application to the principal to issue a transfer certificate.

You are an ex-student of Don Bosco School Guwahati, India and now you have to leave your school for higher studies. Write an application for school TC to continue your higher studies in Mumbai, India.
24/ New Colony 

The principal,
Don Bosco jr. School, Guwahati.
Guwahati- 793150. 

The 24th January, 202#.

Subject, Prayer for issue of Transfer Certificate.

Respected Sir,

I am Rahul Chakravarti, an ex-student of your college. I was a student of your prestigious institute for five years from 202# to 202# and completed my Studies in April 202#. 

Next month I am planning to go to for higher studies. Hence, I will need a transfer certificate from the School where I studied last. While studying in the college I was in the football team of the college and was selected to play for the state, in the national Championship and many others tournaments.

I have also represented the School in the state level debate competition. Besides I was an executive member to in the school for more than three years and a member of school's Social service group and a leader of Games and Sports. 

During my years in the School I have been a good and disciplined student and have done my best to bring the name to the School and also Topped in my class.

I am sure you will take all these facts into consideration and issue a suitable transfer certificate for me so that I would have no difficulty in getting an admission in one of the schools in Mumbai. 

Expecting your kind co-operation and thanking you for the same.

Yours faithfully,
Name :Nampui Lungthluka
Class Studied :

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SAMPLE 2: Application for TC due to family problems.

Currently, you are staying in Mumbai, and your brother has been transferred to New Delhi for his Job. Write an application for TC.

Your Address.

School Name
Address of the School.

Date : 14th February, 202#.

Subject, Application for issuing a Transfer certificate.


With due respect and humble submission I have the honour to state that I am in the need of a transfer certificate because my brother's job has been transferred to New Delhi as our family depends only on his income.

Therefore I request you to kindly issue me a transfer certificate as much as possible.

Favourable for positive feedback.
Thanking you.

Your Obedient Pupil's Name,
Nampui Lungthluka
Class: 7
Roll No.- 32
Section: A. 

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SAMPLE 3: Application for tc class 8.

You are a student of ABC School. Your father wants you to study in one of the private institutes in Guwahati, India.


The Headmaster
Bhartia Government High School
New Hill Road, Purba Champaran.
P.O New Hill road.
Purba Champaran, 78592.

Dated: Tue, 15th June.

Subject, Prayer for issuing Transfer certificate.


I'm James Nick one of the obedient student of your renounced institute. With due respect I would like to state that I need a TC from this school.
As my father wants me to study in one of the private institute which is situated in Guwahati.

Therefore I would be much thankful to you if you provide me a certificate as earlier.

Enclosure: Enclosing my ID Xerox.

Thanking you for the same.

Yours Faithfully,
Name: Nampui Lungthluka
Class: 8
Roll no. - 72.

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SAMPLE 4: Application for school TC after class 10th.

You have completed your course from Mt. Gandhi institute. To continue your higher education you need an original certificate from your former school.
You are required to write an application.

The Headmaster,
Mt. Gandhi Higher Secondary
Newer Market Street,
New Delhi.

Date: 20th December, 202#.

Subject: Praying for Leaving Certificate.

Respected Sir,

My name is Richardson Stark, roll no. 71 and I have passed out my matriculation from your institute by first division with 72%. I'm writing this to request you to kindly provide me tc in my name.

Respected Sir, I want to apply for admission in K. Das commerce College, Hyderabad for which I'll be needing the TC.

Therefore, I beg you to provide me as soon as possible so that I may continue with the admission procedure without any problem.

Yours Sincerely,
Name : Richardson Stark
Class : 10
Roll Number : 71
Contact Number : 9365052932.

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SAMPLE 5: Application for TC by parents.

Your daughter is studying in India. You along with your family have shifted to a New colony which is 7 km away from the school.
Now, write an application for leaving certificate.

[Parent Name]
[Parent Address]

The Headmaster,
[School Name]
[Address of the School].

Date: February, 10th 202#.

Subject: Issue of leaving certificate.

With due respect I have the honour to state that I Ajay Nagar father of your student Pretty Nagar.

I beg to state that please issue me the leaving certificate as we have shifted to New colony which is 7 km away from your institute and my child finds it difficult to attend classes on time.

Therefore, I request you to provide a leaving certificate as soon as possible so that we can take admission in time.

Thank you.

My child name:
Pretty Nagar
Class : 4
Roll Number : 27.

Yours truly,
Nampui Lungthluka
Contact Number : 9375042931.


App for School TC, Application for School Transfer Certificate.
Application For School Tc.

How to write a Professional application for a transfer certificate for School.

  1. Firstly, whom to ADDRESS to your application for TC? It could be your Headmaster/principal or maybe your Headmistress. 
  2. Secondly, It is very important to must include the SUBJECT. In SUBJECT you mentioned that you are requesting for issue of a Transfer certificate. It should be clear and to the point within a limited words.
  3. The third important Tip is you must inform which institutions you are taking the certificate to.
  4. The Fourth important item is to must include a valid reason and last, must inform the main reason why you need a Transfer certificate.
  5. The last tip is you should always write in a modest tone with a mild approach because it is the applicant, not any informal letters.
  6. We will also take some assumptions, that you are addressing your application for a Transfer certificate to the headmaster of your department Headmaster's Name is Mr. Kamra Dutta and our school Name is P.H High School.
  7. Also includes a thank you note to the institution and to all the staff and non-teaching staff because you are going to leave your school after so many years. Which may create a feeling of oneness and can create a bond between you and your ex-teacher.
  8. Your conclusion should be short and sweet. 
  9. Also, include the date. Many schools ask signature of the Pupil's mother or father, so you may also be required to give your parent's signature on the left button of your application sheet.
  10. You must clearly mention your school or College name and address. Read more.......

FAQ on Application for Transfer Certificate.

1. What is TC?

The full form of TC is a transfer certificate. It is a formal document that is issued by the former institute or any other school for the transfer of students to other schools. 

It is necessary when a student wants to change his school or college due to completion of the course or any other reason.

2. How to get a Transfer Certificate from school?

To get TC from school, you must write a professional application to your headmaster in which you have to mention the reason why you need a certificate. 

3. Can the school charge for TC? 

No, school and college can't charge for TC. It is illegal to charge a student for a certificate since it's the responsibility of every institute.

4. What is the difference between a Transfer Certificate and a Migration certificate? 

A transfer certificate is needed when a student wants to change or leave your school/college whereas a migration certificate is required when a student wants to change schools along with the board. 

For example, if a student wants to shift from CBSE (Central Board of Secondary Education) to SEBA (Board of Secondary Education, Assam) migration certificate is required in this case along with it.

Additionally, students may leave the institute without a migration certificate but it is not possible without tc which means it is necessary every time but MC is necessary only when a student wants to change the board.

5. Can we take admission without TC? 

Taking admission to another institute without tc is not possible.
Yet not impossible.

A student may not be accepted to take admission but it is not compulsory for nursery school students.

6. Is TC compulsory for admission? 

Obviously, every student must provide proof documents for future reference but it may not be required for lower primary school.

7. Why Transfer certificate is needed at times of admission? 

It I s compulsory because when you change your school you have to submit the proof documents that you belong to that Institute.

It is a document that will highlight your personal information and character.

8. What is the use of TC?

The principal objective of TC from school is to discharge the students from its institute to join another institute.
It allows you to join your dream school or college.

9. Can I write a TC letter in regional languages?

Students may write in English or in their regional languages such as Hindi, Bengali, Punjabi, Tamil, Telugu, Urdu, Gujarati, Kannada, Malayalam, and Marathi.

But in India, almost 90 percent of applications are written in the English language and I personally prefer English and Hindi.

10What should be the maximum length of the TC letter?

There is no fixed word or sentence for any kind of petition. It basically depends on the requirements of the topic for which you are writing the 

11. Are Leaving certificate and transfer certificate the same?

Yes, the meaning is the same but most students prefer to use the word to rather than leaving a certificate. Read more.....

To Conclude.

Friends! Hope you have very well understood all these application samples.

Still, if you have any doubts or any problems understanding them please comment and let us know. 

We'll try to reply to your comment within 24 hours.

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