How to write a Letter for Cancellation of Credit Card (2 Samples)


How to write a Letter for Cancellation of Credit Card (2 Samples)

When you've chosen to shut down your credit card, whether it's because you have too many credit cards or you simply don't want it anymore, you'll want to be sure you do it correctly.

You may terminate your credit card account without writing a letter, but sending one provides physical confirmation that you asked it to be closed.

You may even terminate your account by calling your credit card company first, then sending a letter for your records. 

You can get extra confirmation that your request was received by sending the letter by certified mail

You'll have the letter to prove it if there's ever a doubt about whether or not you cancel your account and when.

How to write a letter for the cancellation of a credit card?

The letter does not need to give a justification for canceling your account; only mentions that you wish your account to be canceled. A letter for the cancellation of a credit card should be written in the following ways:-
  1. Depending on the circumstances, the letters might be written to bank managers or any other appropriate bank official.
  2. Keep your letter brief and to the point. Mention your want to cancel the credit card, as well as the reason for doing so.
  3. If you have any outstanding balances, explain how and when you intend to settle them.
  4. Letters of cancellation are written straightforwardly and simply.
  5.  Directly to the point, and propose measures you anticipate being taken. Declare what you're canceling and why you're canceling it. 
  6. Include the specifics of what you're canceling, such as account information, if required. 
  7. Mention that you'd like proof that your cancellation was successful.
  8.  Clearly state what you'll do if the cancellation isn't implemented within the stated notification time. 
  9. Finish on a good note by asking the recipient to acknowledge receipt of the letter. 
  10. Send the letter far ahead of time to allow the reader plenty of time to respond.

Here's an example of what to say in a letter to close your credit card. 

SAMPLE 1: Letter of credit card cancellation.

Your address

The Branch manager
Name of the Bank
Address of the Bank
Branch name.

Date : 9th December, 2021.

Subject, Application credit card cancellation.

Dear Sir/Madam,

I am an account holder with your bank and would like to request you to deactivate my credit card connected with the account number XXXXXXXXXX as the credit card’s use has been ceased as of September, 2021 and have been destroyed.

The information of the credit card have been sent together with the letter, and I desire to obtain a confirmation receipt of this letter. 

In case of any queries, feel free to reach me on to address mentioned above, or contact me via phone on XXXXXXXX.

Sincerely yours
Name : [_____________________]
Phone number : [___________________].

You'll need:- 

SAMPLE 2: Credit card cancellation application.

The Branch Manager,
___________ [Bank Name]
___________ [Branch]
___________ [City/State]

Date: 19th September, 2021.

Dear Sir / Madam,

Subject: Application for cancellation of my credit card.

I have a (credit card type/scheme) credit card with credit card number . This credit card is no longer required.

This card's services must be turned off immediately, and the card must be cancelled. 

My credit card account has been paid in whole, and there is no outstanding amount on this card.

Please accept my request and, once completed, provide me confirmation of card termination.

Thanking You,
_________ [Name]
_________ [Credit Card Number]
_________ [Mobile Number].

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How to write a Letter for Cancellation of Credit Card

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