Leave Application for Family Function [3 Examples]


Leave Application for Family Function [3 Examples]

Your queries regarding the leave application for the family function will be answered here.

When we need to take time off from school or a job to do anything specific, we must fill out a leave application

It is not difficult to leave applications for family marriage functions; below is an example of a leave application for a family function.

You may use the following templates for leave application for religious functions however, you may modify them to meet your requirements.
Let's have a look.

Example 1: Leave the application for the family function to the principal.

42 - Caroline Colony
Mumbai - 700986

The Principal
Thomas Synod College
Caroline Road 24 
Mumbai - 700986

The October 28th 2021.

Subject: Request for a leave of absence to attend a family event.

Respected Sir,

My name is Pooja Sharma, and I am in the 7th grade. I am writing to request you for a leave that I would be in Mumbai for two days to attend a family occasion. 

On the 7th and 8th of September 2022, I will be unavailable to attend school. My presence is expected because it is the wedding of a close relative. Please give me two days off as a result of this.

I owe you a great debt of gratitude. I swear I won't let my schoolwork suffer because of this leave.

Yours Obediently,
Name : _______________
Class : ________________
Rolll No.: _____________.
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Example 2: Leave application for function at home for office.

Chaking Street - 45

The Sales Department
TATA Moters Company Ltd.
25/ Caroline Road
New Delhi.

Dated: 15th February, 2022.

Subject, Leave request for pooja at home.

Dear Sir,

With all due respect, I must attend an important family gathering on Saturday (date). As a result, I will be unable to report to work. I am unable to skip this event since it is mandatory for me to go because my entire family will be present.

I swapped shifts with a coworker, and he will be in charge of my job for one day (Show your situation). All essential paperwork has been completed, and all documents on my desk have been preserved. 

I will be glad to assist you over the phone if you have any questions. To make up for the extra work, I'll work a double shift the next day.

Thank you for taking the time to consider my viewpoint.

Sincerely yours,
Name & Signature.

Example 3: half-day leave application for a family function.

Your address.

The Principal
John Memorial College

Date: 18th September, 2021

Subject: leave application for half day.

Respected Sir/Madam,

With all due respect, I, Pooja Sharma, would like to inform you that an important family celebration is taking place at my residence. 

Many relatives will be in attendance, and I will be required to attend as well. Please give me half-day leave so that I may go home and see my relatives and visitors.

I'm hoping to be given a half-day leave. I've also gotten permission from my worried instructors.

In the spirit of optimism, I thank you.

Yours sincerely
Name : _______________
Class : ________________
Roll No.: _____________.

Leave Application For Family Function

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