2 Sample Slip And Fall Demand Letter [with Tips]


2 Sample Slip And Fall Demand Letter [with Tips]

If you're looking for a guide on how to write slip and fall demand letters, look no further. This article will answer all your queries regarding the injury demand letter.

Insurance claims against retailers and other open-to-the-public companies are frequently based on slip and fall accidents.

Many injury claims stem from slips and falls caused by damp floors, in which the property owner neglected to safeguard his or her consumers.

Once a property owner knows or should have known about a hazard, they have a legal obligation to safeguard their consumers. Customers will be warned with "wet floor" signs, and the risky area will be blocked from foot traffic until the wet mess is cleaned up.

Bumps and bruises to severe, irreversible injuries can all result from slipping on a wet surface.

If your injuries are minimal, you may be able to handle your injury claim on your own and reach a reasonable settlement.

When you send a formal demand letter to the negligent property owner's insurance carrier, the active phase of claim talks begins. Also learn about return to work after maternity leave letter sample.

How to write a slip and fall demand letter?

The tone of the settlement talks is determined by your demand letter. There's no reason you can't write a letter that looks as professional as one from an attorney's office with a little attention to detail.
  • Make use of your word processor to check for grammatical and spelling mistakes.
  • Verify the spelling of names and addresses by hand.
  • Make sure your math is right and your monetary amounts are spelled appropriately.
  • Use high-quality paper to print your letter.

The following items should be included in your demand letter:

  • Statement of Facts: Describe how you fell on the wet floor in detail.
  • Explain why you believe the insurer is liable for your losses.
  • Describe your injuries and how they have affected your life.
  • Damages: A breakdown of the costs of your losses.
In blue or black ink, sign your letter. For your records, make a copy of the complete package.

Send the letter certified mail, return receipt requested, to the address below. Attach the green card to your copy of the packet when it arrives. Also learn how to reattach laptop key.

Necessary Documents to include with the Demand Letter

  1. Photographs of the garage, including grease splatters and burned-out lights
  2. Other people's remarks on how they fell/nearly fell there or saw risky conditions
  3. All physicians and other medical providers' medical records and bills,
  4. Wages and work hours lost are stated in a letter from the employer.

1. Sample slip and fall demand letter

________________ Name
________________ Address


________________ Designation
________________ Name
________________ Address.

Re: Slip and Fall on October 5, 2021

Dear Mr. Paul,

As you are aware, I was gravely injured by a fall in the Fast Stop Convenience Store in Toledo on October 5, 2021. After slipping on spilled liquids in the aisle going to the soft drink fridge, I slammed to the ground. My hands were bruised with abrasions, and my left leg had a terrible tendon strain.

In addition to the pain from my injuries, I had the humiliation of laying in a muddy puddle in front of many customers with bleeding hands and damp jeans. To make matters worse, the shop clerk was nasty and dismissive. My injuries were caused by your insured's carelessness, and I had to miss four weeks of work as a result.

I would not have suffered my injuries, lost pay, or pain and suffering if the Fast Stop Convenience Store had not been negligent. I'm still suffering from leg discomfort, which might last for several months.

I went into the Fast Stop Convenience Store on October 5, 2021, at about 7:30 a.m. to get some drinks and snacks for work. My legs abruptly went out from beneath me as I walked down the aisle toward the cooler. My left leg twisted oddly underneath me as I dropped, and both of my hands scraped over the shelf.

As I sat up slowly, I realized I had slid and fallen on wet stuff that smelled and looked like soda pop. My hands were bloodied, and my left leg was in excruciating pain as a result of the accident.

Cheryl Jackson and Mark Hudson, two other patrons, noticed me fall and came over to assist me. Ms. Jackson proceeded to retrieve the store clerk, who appeared to be the only one working that morning.

Karen Schmidt, the cashier, was enraged when she came over to where I had fallen. "Everyone else managed to walk past that puddle this morning," she said angrily. You know, I can't do everything around here. After the morning rush, I was going to scrub the floor!"

Cheryl Jackson and Mark Hudson were both presents when I slipped and fell, and they heard everything the shopkeeper said to me. They observed the puddle on the floor where I had fallen and noted that the black Coke on the dark floor was difficult to see unless you were looking straight at it. Their declarations are enclosed.

I had no reason to assume the store floors were not clean and safe when I arrived at the Fast Stop Convenience Store that morning. When I strolled up to the coolers, I wasn't in a hurry. I was browsing the shelves, just like any other consumer, seeking things to eat for a work snack.

No warning cones or signage were indicating a damp floor. The clerk stated that she was aware of the spill on the floor and that it had been there for some time.

Rather than cleaning up the spill or even putting up a wet floor notice, she chose to stay at the register. Through no fault of my own, I was harmed as a result of your insured's negligence.

I hobbled out to my car and dialed my boss's number since my leg ached so much. I informed him of the situation and then proceeded to the Toledo Hospital emergency department.

I waited in the emergency department for more than an hour in discomfort before seeing Dr. Fletcher. Dr. Fletcher identified my condition as a badly sprained plantar tendon in my left thigh, as well as abrasions and bruises in both hands, after a physical examination.

My hands were washed and wrapped in bandages. A compression bandage was put across my leg. I was advised to use ice packs on and off for a few days, as well as take ibuprofen for pain and swelling reduction.

My plantar tendon would take four to six weeks to recover, according to Dr. Fletcher. She stated I'd have to use crutches until I was able to walk without hobbling on the leg, and that I'd require physical therapy to regain use of it.

Dr. Fletcher told me to stay off work for at least four weeks because my warehouse job necessitates the use of both legs. She sent me to the Brookhaven Physical Therapy facility, which is close to my house.

The next week, I began physical therapy. Despite the discomfort, I worked diligently to regain leg strength and movement.

I was permitted to return to work on November 2, four weeks after your insured caused my injuries since I did everything the doctor and therapist required of me.

I've worked full-time as a forklift operator at the Chief Construction Company warehouse on Euclid Avenue in Toledo for the past four years. My job entails using both feet to safely operate the forklift and both legs to climb into and out of machines, transport merchandise, and do other jobs in the warehouse.

I'm a dependable employee that has a family to support. I had a fantastic attendance record until your insured's recklessness knocked me off my feet.

Being unemployed for a month and without a source of income was a nightmare. My family's primary breadwinner is me. I couldn't chase after our kid, walk the dog, or help my pregnant wife with much of anything because of my ailments.

I couldn't chase after our toddler, walk the dog, or help my pregnant wife with much else around the house because of my injuries.

We couldn't afford to hire someone to shovel snow or bring pellets in for the woodstove because we couldn't afford it. I felt helpless and depressed, especially when we had to rely on friends and family for assistance.

The following is a list of my claim-related damages. Medical bills and other supporting papers are included.

Hospital Charge: XXX
Brookhaven Therapy: XXX
Lost Wages: XXXX
Pain and Suffering XXXX
Total Damages: XXXX

To resolve my injury claim, I want a total of $22,450 to compensate me for the physical pain, mental suffering, and financial losses I incurred as a result of your insured's carelessness.

Within fifteen (15) business days, please respond. I appreciate your quick response to this issue.

Name & Contact information.

You'll need

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  2. Format For Claim Letter (3+ SAMPLES) Don't Do This!

2. Sample demand letter personal injury slip and fall.

Seiji Kurosawa
236 Sunset Grove
Fontana Beach, FL 00000.

September 15, 20XX.

William Casey
Claims Adjuster
Atlantic Risk Insurance Company
2400 Causeway Boulevard
Miami, FL 00000.

Re: Your Insured, Medellin Investments

Claimant: Seiji Kurosawa

Claim No.: T11889 PX

Date of Loss: January 13, 20XX.

Dear Mr. Casey,

As you know, on January 13, 20xx, I was wounded in a fall in the subterranean parking lot of a building held by your insured, Medellin Investments, at 6750 Palm Avenue in Miami. At around 6:00 p.m., I was on my way to my parked car in the garage when the accident occurred. 

I work for the South Florida Import-Export Exchange, which rents space in your insured's building. I tripped on a spot of oil as I crossed the dark garage floor, twisting my left knee terribly and collapsing to the ground.

My knee swelled up quite a bit that night. I went to visit my doctor, Dr. Rose Parker, in the morning, and she recommended that I rest my leg for a few days. I went home and rested my leg for three days, missing work.
I went back to work the next Monday and investigated the garage where I had fallen. 

There were grease and oil patches all over the floor, some of which had been there for a long time, as evidenced by the images taken that day. Worse, some of the overhead lights had burned out, creating dark sections on the floor and concealing the oil and grease marks. 

Given the number of burned-out lights, it's evident that no one had examined or replaced the bulbs in a long time. The condition in the garage is so perilous that at least two other persons in the building have tripped on oil patches there recently.

Of course, further inquiry may reveal that others have also snuck inside the garage.
The swelling in my knee went down after approximately a week, but it was still uncomfortable and caught when I bent it. 

Dr. Ralph Brancusa, an orthopedist, evaluated me and began physical therapy in his clinic. Although physical therapy helped with the pain, it did not eradicate the catch inside my knee when I bent or twisted it. As a result, I voluntarily terminated my physical therapy appointments.

Dr. William Chan treated me with acupuncture, which helped to ease some of the discomforts in my knee.

Dr. Chan suggested me to Lilly Sing Rhee, a chiropractor, for manipulation to address the catch in my knee. After a brief period of therapy, Ms. Sing Rhee recommended that I see an orthopedic specialist again.

Dr. Walter Frisch, an orthopedic surgeon, was recommended by my doctor. Dr. Frisch took an X-ray of the knee and an arthroscopic examination, which revealed damaged cartilage, which he repaired arthroscopically.

I lost another week of work after the arthroscopic surgery, then started walking and began Dr. Frisch's home workouts. 

I was able to resume jogging after another eight weeks, the usual daily workout that I had been unable to perform for over eight months due to the accident.

The following are my medical costs for this treatment:
  • $800 Rose Parker, M.D.
  • M.D. Ralph Branca (including X-rays) $1,860
  • $520 William Chan
  • $900 Lilly Sing Rhee
  • M.D. Walter Frisch (including X-rays) $5,500
  • ********* TOTAL $9,580.

According to a letter from my company, South Florida Import-Export Exchange, I missed eight days of work (three immediately after the accident and five more following surgery), resulting in a total loss of $2,000 ($250 per day).

Because of your insured's clear carelessness in failing to properly maintain its premises, a deadly hazard was created, resulting in major cartilage damage to my knee, which necessitated surgery and an eight-month recovery and rehabilitation time. Because of the nature of the injuries and the amount of time it will take to recuperate, I am seeking $50,000 in damages.

I am looking forward to resolving this issue shortly because the statute of limitations mandates me to bring a lawsuit against your insured in this matter within three months. Please respond to this letter within 14 days after receiving it.

Very truly yours,


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