Letter To Bank For Withdrawal Of Fixed Deposit (3 Samples).

Letter To Bank For Withdrawal Of Fixed Deposit (3 Samples)

Bank customers open Fixed Deposit Accounts at the same locations as they open Savings Accounts. 

Customers may, however, be forced to cancel their Fixed Deposit Account before maturity owing to an emergency. A example letter for early withdrawal of a Fixed Deposit is provided in this article.

At most cases, bank customers open Fixed Deposits in the same branches where they hold a savings account. Fixed Deposits have a set term. 

A lump-sum payment is put in the Fixed Deposit Account, and when the pre-determined term has expired, the bank returns the principle amount as well as any income earned to the client who originally created the Fixed Deposit Account.

In most cases, the final sum is put into the customer's Savings Account. However, a consumer may want funds immediately in the event of an emergency. 

As a result, he or she may request a fixed deposit withdrawal before maturity from the bank. A letter for fixed deposit withdrawal is attached.

1. Letter to bank for withdrawal of fixed deposit

The Bank Manager
Bank Name,
Branch Name
Address of Bank

Sub: Application for withdrawal of fixed deposit after maturity

Dear Sir/Madam,

Since the previous ten years, I've had a savings account with your [Bank name, Branch name]. [Savings Account Number] is the account number. On [Date], I established a 5-year fixed deposit account with your bank. The following are the FD's specifics:

No. of Receipt:
Date of attainment:

Since this maturity date is approaching, I would like to formally suggest that you end the fixed deposit and transfer the funds, together with the interest, to the savings account specified above.

I will be delighted to comply with any additional bank requirements. I may be reached at [mobile number] or [email address] if the bank wants any more information.

This is for your kind consideration and action. I'm looking forward to hearing from you.

Name and Contact information.

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2. Fixed deposit withdrawal Letter after maturity

Your address
Pin code & State.

The branch manager
Name of the Bank 
Name of the branch
Bank address

Date : 9th Feb, 2022.

Subject, letter for FD withdrawal

Dear Sir/Madam,

I have a Savings Bank account with your branch, and my account number is (insert your SB account number here). On the date, I opened a Fixed Deposit. (Include the date on which you opened the FD) for the sum of Rs. /-

I'd want to let you know that I'm in desperate need of money and would like to withdraw my FD before it matures. Here are the specifics of my FD:

I would also like you to send the funds to my SB account, together with any interest that has accrued to date. Please take care of the situation as soon as possible.

Yours faithfully

Your Signature
Your full name in brackets

3. Application for withdrawal of fixed deposit


The Branch manager,
______________________[Bank Name]
______________________[Bank Address]
______________________[Bank Branch].

Date : ___/___/______.

Sub: Application for prematurely close Fixed Deposit Account.

Dear Sir/ Madam,

I have a Savings Bank Account No. 900 9052 7092 in your branch. I'd additionally want to mention that on 17th October, 2022. I opened a Fixed Deposit Account (note the Fixed Deposit Account No.) and deposited an amount of Rs (put the principal amount). The Fixed Deposit had a term of (the term) years.

However, I urgently require the funds for a personal reason. So, please cancel my aforementioned Fixed Deposit account early and transfer the full money (principal + cumulative interest) to my Savings Bank Account (Savings Account No.) in your bank.

I'm hoping you'll respond to my request as soon as possible.

Yours sincerely,
{Signature of the Customer}
{Name of the Customer}

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