Best Sample Letter To Drop Charges (2022)


Best Sample Letter To Drop Charges (2022)

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The __________
______________ [Receiver]


Dear Judge [Name],

My name is Ray Johnson, and I am the victim in a rape case called People vs. Ray Johnson. The prosecutor in this case has demanded that I hand up all of my records. He is threatening to arrest me if I do not obey.
I am willing to allow relevant sections of my diary to be used as evidence in this case.

The majority of my journal, however, is unconnected to this case's events. The majority of my journal, in actuality, dated from three years prior to the rape.

I understand that I have a legal right to privacy. I beg you to stand up for my rights. If I am required to provide over my whole diary to the prosecutor, the prosecutor must likewise hand it over to the defense.

It would be so cruel and unjust if the defendant was permitted to trample through my most intimate thoughts in my notebook after rapping me and then fishing for evidence to use against me.

Please respect my right to privacy. I'm ready to hand over my journal to you so you can figure out which sections are required as evidence and, if necessary, issue a protective order on the parts that aren't.

Thank you for taking the time to read this.

The Victim's Signature
Victim's Full Name in Print.

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