[5 Samples] Letter To Break Lease Due To Mold


[5 Samples] Letter To Break Lease Due To Mold

We would like to provide you with a sample letter to terminate a lease due to mould. If you discover mould in your rental home or apartment, your landlord is obligated to get rid of it and fix the issue that caused it in the first place. 

For instance, if your ceiling has mould because of a leaking roof, your landlord should fix the leaky roof in addition to removing the mould from the ceiling. Otherwise, the mould will just reappear.

Here is an example letter to the landlord for mould remediation, informing them in writing about the mould. 

While you can call your landlord to inform him of the mould or talk to him in person, we suggest sending a letter as a follow-up. 

A letter lets your landlord know that you're serious about getting the issue rectified and gives you a documented trail in case your landlord refuses to take the necessary action.

If you'd want to have proof that the letter was delivered, you can send it by certified mail. With a first letter, though, it might not be essential to do that. Keep a copy of the letter for your records, and be sure to do so.

We also advise including images of the mould. Your landlord will be able to gauge the severity of the issue this way. Taking pictures might help you document the issue's beginning and severity.

Your letter should be succinct, concise, and straightforward. Give your landlord a deadline by which you anticipate hearing back.

This guide will show you:
  1. How to break a lease due to mould?
  2. Sample letter to break a lease due to mould
  3. Sample letter to break a lease due to safety concerns
  4. sample letter to break the lease for medical reasons.
  5. How to write lease termination letter?

How to break a lease due to mould?

In the majority of states, the landlord must take care of mould problems in the homes he leases out. According to California law, landlords must fulfil the "implied promise of habitability." 

When mould threatens the tenants' health and safety in a rental property, landlords violate the law. 

The same procedure that you would use for other repairs and maintenance-related concerns should apply if you need to break your lease early because of a mould issue.

1. Inform Your Tenant

Send your landlord a note. Your landlady cannot solve the issue if she is unaware of it. Keep a copy of any correspondence you write to your landlord informing her of the issue you're experiencing and requesting that she address it within a reasonable timeframe, usually 30 days. 

Contact your landlord once more if you don't hear back from them after around two weeks. You will need to take additional action if you receive no answer after a further couple of weeks.

2. Contact the police

If your landlord does not resolve the issue after receiving your message, contact your neighbourhood building inspection office. 

An inspector will visit your flat in San Francisco to evaluate the issue. 

Your landlord will be required to address the mould issue by the Department of Building Inspection. 

Obtain a copy of the inspector's report; you may want it if you need to defend yourself against your landlord in court.

3. Shut down the rental property.

Leave your rented property. If a rental unit is broken, California law permits tenants to leave. 

Moulded qualifies because it violates the implied assurance of habitability, making your apartment subpar and endangering your health and safety. 

After providing your landlord enough time to react to your letter and promptly rectify the issue, you can only employ the abandonment remedy. 
mould is a potentially dangerous health issue, therefore your landlord should take action right away rather than waiting the customary 30-day period that California permits for less urgent issues. There isn't a federal statute on this, though.

4. Apply Caution

When leaving your rented apartment, use caution. If your claim is invalid, your landlord may file a lawsuit against you for unpaid rent and other expenses related to your vacancy. 

To use in court, save copies of every correspondence between you and your landlord. In a letter, state your choice to end the tenancy and the reason or reasons you choose to do so.

1. Sample letter to break a  lease due to mould

You Name
"Your Address"
Your State, City, and Zip


Name of the Tenant
Owner's Address
Owner's City, State, and Zip

REF: Notice of Intent to Terminate Lease Because of Mold.

Dear (Name of the Landlord),

This letter informs you that, following (enter the date you signed the lease) I am breaking the lease for (insert the address of the property) (insert an applicable local statute).

I have no choice but to act immediately in light of the rental property's hazardous and uninhabitable condition due to the existence of mould there. You have not replied or attempted to make any repairs despite our urgent requests for mould removal and repairs.

Due to this, I am ending the lease, moving out on (insert the date and account for the days needed by law if there is no immediate need to evacuate), and suing for damages following (insert applicable local law).

I anticipate your assistance in this regard.


Name of the tenant.

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2. Sample Letter for Breaking a Lease Due to Safety Concerns

Your Name
Your Address

Your Contact Information


To [Landlord Name],

I reside in [Apartment number and number] at [Address] as the renter. I'm writing to let you know that I have to break my lease, effective [Date 30 days after this letter], because of safety issues.

This house is unsafe to live in and uninhabitable because of the [Name the safety issue]. I had previously contacted you about these safety issues, but they have still not been addressed.

I should be able to break my lease immediately because the necessary safety requirements are not being followed but to give you some time to locate a new renter, please consider this letter to be my 30-day notice. I'll be leaving by [Date].

Contact me at [Contact information] if you have any questions.


[Tenant Name]

3. Sample Letter To Landlord For Mold Repair

dearer. Landlord:

You may recall that on July 30, 2022, I called to inform you that I had seen mould developing behind my kitchen sink. 

I've included a few pictures so you can see the severity of the issue. I sincerely hope you will make plans to have the mould removed as soon as possible to prevent its spread. 

By August 8, 2022, please let me know when you will be coming to solve the issue by calling me at 90064788.


If your landlord did not react to your earlier requests to have the mould removed from your rental property or if you were not pleased with his response, here is another sample letter to the landlord for mould repair. 

Send a second letter through certified mail if you must. That demonstrates your seriousness to your landlord and serves as evidence that the letter was received.

Inform your landlord of the steps you intend to take in response to his inability to get rid of the mould in your rental property. 

In certain jurisdictions, you might be permitted to withhold rent payments until the apartment is made livable, but don't threaten to do so —tely don't do it — before speaking with a lawyer to find out what the law is in your state.

dearer. Landlord:

You already know that I called you on July 30, 2022, to inform you that I had seen mould developing behind my kitchen sink. Then, in a letter dated August 1, 2022, I wrote to you and asked you to let me know when you would be taking care of the mould issue. 

I'm getting in touch with the My County Department of Health to ask for help getting the mould out of my house because I haven't heard from you yet.

Please call me on 789000 to let me know when you will be arriving to solve the issue. To avoid any danger to my health, I anticipate it to be finished quickly.


4. Sample letter to break the lease for medical reasons

[Your Name]
[City, State, Zip Code]
[Your Address]


[Name of Landlord]
[Address of Landlord]
[City, State, Zip Code]

Dear [Name of Landlord]:

With the use of this letter, I formally inform you that I must end my lease earlier than the agreed-upon date for medical reasons.

A clause in my lease agreement allows for early termination if I provide you with 30 days' notice, pay any unpaid rent, and pay one month's rent as a penalty for the early termination.

My notice period of thirty days will begin on the date you receive this letter, and it will conclude on [DATE], after which I will pay the remaining rent plus one extra full month's rent. [ADDRESS] is my forwarding address.

If you would want to inspect the property to make sure it is in excellent shape so you can return my deposit, I will be available any day after 6:00 pm. If you have any inquiries or requests for me, you may reach me at [266022] or a [[email protected]].


[Your Signature]
[Your Printed Name]

5. Sample:— 
Dear [Name of Landlord]:

This letter serves as formal notice that I must end my lease earlier than the agreed-upon termination date owing to medical needs. My lease agreement allows for early termination if I provide you [30 days]' notice, pay any unpaid rent, and pay one month's rent as a penalty for the early termination.

I'll start giving you my 30-day notice on the day you get this letter, and on [DATE], I'll give you the balance of your rent plus one extra full month's rent. [ADDRESS] is where I'll be sending mail.

You may reach me any day after [6:00 pm] if you want to check the house to make sure it's in good shape before returning my deposit. Contact me at [700678] or [[email protected]] if you have any requests or questions for me.


[Your Signature]
[Your Printed Name].

[5 Samples] letter to break lease due to mold

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How to write lease termination letter?


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