[Sample] Letter of Objection to Tax Assessment


[Sample] Letter of Objection to Tax Assessment

If a homeowner feels that the assessment of his or her property for tax purposes is incorrect, he or she should send a letter of objection to the tax assessment. 

Written copies of this object should be maintained as a record of the appeals process.

By doing this, it will be impossible to dismiss the situation and impossible for anyone to claim that they weren't informed. 

Additionally, it will guarantee that the outcomes of the reassessment cannot be disputed after it is finished.

Before submitting a letter of property tax appeal, follow these steps:
  • The lot size, square footage, number of rooms, and construction date should all match what is stated about the property in the property tax bill.
  • The listed tax exemption must be mentioned if a tax exemption is requested.
  • You should look up the property values from nearby recent sales.
  • If there is a significant discrepancy between the sales figures and the homeowner's assessment, it should be mentioned when asking for a reassessment.
  • It is a good idea to contest if the two assessments differ by a sufficient amount. If the difference is a few thousand dollars, some people will argue.

The next step for people who want to protest their property tax bill is to write a letter and ask for an informal or formal review, depending on what is permitted in their area.

Every year, hundreds of homeowners appeal their property tax assessment, and they have no cause to feel scared or ashamed by the procedure.

Even if the homeowner would want to pay their fair part of the property taxes, there is no justification for them to do so. Mistakes happen all the time.

Challenged Right Away

There is normally a 30-day response period, therefore the evaluation should be contested very away.

Although every state is different, the reverse of the tax assessment bill that the government sends normally contains a description of how to contest the assessment.

The homeowner should have documentation of the time and date the appeal letter was submitted and received by sending it through certified mail.

He or she should maintain copies of any correspondence related to this topic. These documents will support their position if they ever need to make a personal argument in front of someone.
The Name
Name and Address
Zip Code, City, and State


To the Tax Board, Board of Review, or Tribunal:

I'm writing this letter to let you know that I disagree with your assessment of my property tax. The information below explains why my house is over-assessed.

1. There are three key differences between the contents of my house and the property record that was filed.
  • Instead of having a three-car garage, as stated, I have a two-car garage. $2,000 in tax value
  • My living space is 1,000 square feet, not 1,800 as stated. My tax value is $7,000.
  • I don't have a deck made of wood. Tax value – $1,500
  • Please take $10,000 off my evaluation.

2. My house has structural issues that lower its resale value.
  • The report does not indicate a significantly fractured outside wall and the related foundation. $5,000 in tax value
  • The kitchen has roof leakage. $3000 in tax value
  • Please take $8,000 off of my evaluation.

3. I'm asking for a reassessment of my home's worth in light of two properties that have just sold on my street. Similar in size, age, and modifications are these two homes.
  • For $250 000, the home at ADDRESS was sold.
  • For $225,000, the home at ADDRESS was sold.
  • Please increase the value of my home's assessment to $250,000

The data provided in this letter demonstrates unequivocally that my property taxes were wrongly assessed. The evaluation reveals renovations and enhancements that don't exist in my house.

Additionally, my house shouldn't be worth more than $250,000. I'm asking that my tax assessment be changed in light of the supplied details.

I will make a formal request, or I would be pleased to meet with you informally to talk about the circumstance. Call me at 000-000-000 or contact me at [email protected].


Proprietor's signature

Household Name printed

List of attachments.


How to write a letter of objection to tax assessment?

Following the date of the tax application, you have six weeks to submit your objection. A formal appeal against the municipal taxes for 2021 cannot be made. 

Although the information requested varies slightly from state to state, the Georgia model notice of appeal form is fairly representative of forms used by other States with a comparable requirement. 

You may appeal if the tax authorities reject your appeal. This implies that legal action must be taken. Keep in mind that if the court rejects your appeal, you will be required to pay interest on your assessment. 

Other frequent opposition letters are those sent to a trustee in a mortgage dispute when someone contests a foreclosure and to a landlord contesting an eviction notice.

This was most prevalent from 2001 to 2008 when the real estate market crashed. It can be challenging for business owners, particularly foreigners, to understand the Dutch tax system. Hiring a tax consultant or middleman might be a smart move. 

You can file tax returns, and appeals, and provide advice on your own behalf. In addition, my house shouldn't be worth more than $250,000. I ask that my tax notice be modified in light of the new data. Important: Even if you have never received the Notice of Assessment, the Notice of Appeal deadline is applicable in almost all jurisdictions. 

There is nothing you can do if you don't pass the exam and then miss the appeals deadline. The importance of being aware of appeal deadlines stems from this.

Before submitting a letter of property tax appeal, follow these steps: Each year, hundreds of homeowners appeal their property tax assessments, and the landlord has no cause to be alarmed or humiliated by this procedure. Residents of a county or city in the United States have the right to submit a letter of appeal against property tax if they believe their tax assessments are incorrect and too high. 

The letter must be delivered to the appropriate division and the person who can handle objections. The next step for those who choose to contest their property tax bill is to write a letter and ask for an informal or formal review, depending on what is permitted in their jurisdiction. 

You will ordinarily get a reply to your letter after you send it to let you know that it was received. You might be given a file or call number in a message occasionally. Other times, it might even have the time and date of a hearing scheduled.

State-specific laws affect how long you have to create your file. There are so many hearings in some states, like California, that your own date might go on for a full year. It could just take 30 to 45 days in other states. Depending on the state in which your property is situated, you can find it unsuitable (or illegal) if the value of your property has grown by 4% from the previous year. 

For instance, California law stipulates that property values may not rise by more than 2% annually, excluding ownership changes. A property tax appeal letter would certainly be necessary for such a situation. Indicate the portion of the exam with which you disagree in your objection. 

Your protest will be seen by the Dutch tax and customs authorities as a request to postpone payment. You will only gain from a deferral if you oppose to a portion of the whole amount. You must make the remaining payment on time. A contribution is a letter that the tax authorities send you outlining how much you need to pay.

You can find instructions on how to submit an objection in this letter as well. You must provide justification for your objections; this is known as a motive. Make sure the tax administration gets your protest as soon as possible. Typically, this occurs six weeks or less after the examination date. 

The tax administration's website also explains where to mail an objection and how to file one. I'm writing this letter to let you know that I've filed an objection to the value of my property. 

Below are specifics on why my house is overvalued. You can always let the Tax and Customs Administration know what you disagree with even if it's too late to file an appeal. It's known as verzoek tot meandering (reduction application). The tax administration will next determine whether you are correct, just as with an appeal.

Discover more information on how to submit such a request (in Dutch). The Dutch tax and customs authorities have sent you a tax notice, but you disagree with it. You may object in writing. You may file a fresh complaint in TPT against the same complaint if, for whatever reason, you are unable to come to an arrangement with the appraiser for one of your disputed accounts. 

this enables you to keep up with the appeal's next stage and any associated hearings. If an appropriate circumstance necessitates this paperwork, you may also utilize TPT to produce a withdrawal letter. 

Here is an example of a letter that contests a tax notification. Not all states accept letters; others, like Georgia, Texas, and California, demand that a formal notice form be filled out in its place. A provisional income tax or company tax assessment cannot be challenged.

However, you may seek a revision to your preliminary evaluation in advance if you anticipate your financial circumstances will change. This is often referred to as a review of the assessment. On their tax bills, homeowners may discover inaccurate information about their properties. 

The landlord requests a reduction in the amount owing in this sample property tax call letter by listing all the errors they discovered on their tax statement. Please remember this and make the appropriate updates to the assessment notice. A list of all inconsistencies that the owner thinks is a part of the formal assessment should be included in the property tax appeal letter format. 

It should include the appraiser's suggested price, the owner's estimated value of the property, and the two-digit discrepancy. The amount that would need to be either added to or subtracted from the owner's tax payment would be the difference. I'd also want you to take into account a few structural flaws in my house that were missed from your office's evaluation. My house's foundation developed a crack, which lowers its worth by $5,500.

On my block, there is at least one other home that is similar to mine but is worth less than mine. In contrast to my home, which was appraised at $240,000, the house at 123 Camp Street, which has the exact same floor plan as mine, was valued at $215,000. I request that you lower my estimate by an extra $5,500 to account for the foundation crack and by an additional $17,500 to bring it in line with the projected price of the similar property on my street ($215,000). 

If an owner thinks their property's tax assessment is erroneous, they must send a letter of protest to the assessment. The appeal process requires that this objection be stated in writing, and copies must be preserved. This makes sure that the situation cannot be disregarded and that nobody can claim to have missed a notification. 


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