[Sample] Letter of Medical Necessity for the Caregiver


[Sample] Letter of Medical Necessity for the Caregiver

This article provides guidance on crafting a compelling letter of medical necessity to bolster your patient's appeal or request for personal assistance services (PAS). This Sample Medical Necessity Letter contains some sample wording that might help clarify your medical judgment.

Sample Letter of Medical Necessity for the Caregiver


[Contact Name of medical director or other payer representative]

[Name of Health Insurance Company]


[City, State, Zip]

Regarding: Declaration of Medical Need for [Insert Product(s)]

[Name of the Patient] Policy/Group Number: [Number] Service date(s): [Dates]

[Code(s) & Description(s)] is the diagnosis.

Dear [Name of department or contact information]:

I'm writing to [REQUEST PRIOR AUTHORIZATION/DOCUMENT MEDICAL NECESSITY] on behalf of my patient, [PATIENT NAME] to receive [INSERT PRODUCT] therapy. The [PATIENT NAME] requires therapy with [INSERT] after being diagnosed with [DIAGNOSIS]. [PRODUCT], and that [INSERT PRODUCT] is required for [him/her] as a medical necessity. In the patient's name, I am asking for payment for the [TREATMENT] once it has been approved for usage.

Medical History and Diagnosis of the Patient [PATIENT NAME] has been diagnosed with [DIAGNOSIS] and is a [AGE]‒year‒old [MALE/FEMALE]. I have been caring for [NAME O F PATIENT] since [DATES]. My patient [ENTER BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF PATIENT HISTORY] is suffering from [DIAGNOSIS]. 

Furthermore, [PATIENT] has attempted [LIST OUTCOMES] with [PREVIOUS THERAPIES]. The linked medical documents document the clinical status of [PATIENT NAME] and the need for [TREATMENT] as outlined below in terms of medicine.


I'm sure you'll concur that [INSERT PRODUCT] is medically required as part of the overarching clinical data strategy for this patient's care.

Kindly take [PATIENT NAME] into consideration for coverage of [INSERT PRODUCT], and authorise the use and subsequent payment for [INSERT PRODUCT] as said previously. Kindly see the included [INSERT PRODUCT] Prescribing Information. Should you have any more

If you have any queries, don't hesitate to contact me at [PHYSICIAN TELEPHONE NUMBER]. I appreciate your quick response to this.


Enclosures: (Attach if necessary) Information supporting clinical studies, lab results and notes, and prescribing information (PI)

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Sample letter of medical necessity for mental health

Dear [Name of department or contact information]:

 This letter is a request for [prior authorization/medical necessity] on behalf of my patient, [Patient name], so that they may get treatment with [play therapy/counseling]. My experience with [Disease Name] leads me to conclude that [play therapy/counseling] is suitable and medically essential for my patient. In addition to a statement outlining my plan of treatment, this letter includes details regarding the patient's medical background and diagnosis.

I am asking for authorization on the patient's behalf so that the therapy can be used and then paid for. The diagnosis of [ICD10] [Diagnosis Name] was made on [Date] for my patient, [Patient name], who is [age] years old [male/female]. I would want to suggest that my patient be treated with [counseling]. Please review the material that is included, which covers my patient's medical history and provides supporting details.

To summarise, the patient's medical state requires (treatment, counselling, or play therapy) as per medical need. If more information is needed to guarantee the quick approval of (counseling/play therapy), kindly get in touch with me.

I appreciate you taking the time and making the effort to support me in advocating for my medical needs.

Please use [email protected] to reach me with any queries.



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