[3 Examples] Letter to Bank Manager to Change Account Type


[3 Examples] Letter to Bank Manager to Change Account Type

To receive additional benefits, a client may apply to his bank to upgrade or modify the kind of current account that is maintained with the bank. 

Any other current account type that the bank offers may be substituted in place of the normal current account.

how to format a letter asking the bank manager to modify the kind of account. Utilizing the bank's application forms, you may submit an application. 

Otherwise, you may draught a personalized application letter that includes all the required information.

So, let's begin..,

BONUS TIP: Attach all the necessary documents, like-
  • Aadhar Card xerox copy
  • Voter ID xerox copy
  • PAN Card Xerox copy
  • Residential proofs etc.

Sample 1:  Letter to Bank Manager to change Account from zero balance to Normal Account.

1. Sender's Address:
H-24 Caroline 

2. Receiver's Address:
The Bank Manager
Bank of India
Caroline Road, HR-42

3. The Date:
The 17th February, 202#.

4. Subject:
Subject, Request for changing of Account Type] to [account type].

5. Salutation:
Dear Sir,

6. Letter Body:
With dur respect, I would like to change my Bank Account from [Minor/Saving] to [Major/Current] Account urgently due to [State the reasons].

7. Conclusion:
Therefore, I request you to kindly convert my existing bank account as per the aforesaid.

Tanking you in advance!

8. Name and signature:
Yours faithfully,
A/C Number:

9. Enclosure:
Necessary documents are enclosed.


Sample 2. Letter to Bank Manager to change Account from zero balance to Normal Account.


The Manager,


Subject: Request to change my saving account.

Respected Sir,

With due respect, I am [____________________] saving account holder of your bank branch. I would like to state that I have a zero balance account in your bank from [_______], and I wanted to change my account type from a zero balance account to a regular Savings Account. 

As it has limitations and very few feature, I no longer need the zero balance account.

Therefore, I request you to kindly change my account type as soon as possible.

Necessary documents are enclosed.

Thank you!

Yours Sincerely,
Account Holder: [_____________]
Account Number [_____________]
Signature [_____________]
Contact information[_____________].

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Sample 3: Letter to Bank Manager to change Account from Minor to Major Account.

[Your Name]
[Your Address]

The Branch Manager
[Name of the Bank]
[Address of the Bank]
[Name of the Bank Branch]

Date : 14th march, 202#.

Subject: Application for converting minor to major Account.

Dear Sir/Madam,

With reference to the subject sited above I would like to inform you that I had opened bank account in since 202#, when I was just 16 years old only. 

Now I wanted to convert my bank account minor to major, as i turned 18 years I want the facilities which major account has; cheque book, internet banking etc. 

My account information:

  • Name: Reena Aggrawal
  • Account No.: 400###941
  • Registered Mobile No.: 1234567890.

Therefore, you are requested to convert my bank account from Minor to Major.

Thanking you!

Yours Sincerely,
Name: Reeena Aggarwal
Signature [_______________].

Essential Documents are arrested with this Application. 

Letter to Bank Manager to Change Account Type

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I hope you've got the idea of writing a Letter to the Bank Manager to Change the Account Type, as it is well written in the simple and easiest language.

If you still gave any doubts or queries, feel free to ask anything in the comment section below.

We'll try to reply to your comment within 24 hours.

Thank you!


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