Eagle Scout Letter of Recommendation Sample from Parents


Eagle Scout Letter of Recommendation Sample from Parents

A letter endorsing a Life Scout's application for Eagle Scout, the highest honor in the Boy Scouting Program of the BSOA, is known as an Eagle Scout letter of recommendation (Boy Scouts of America). 

Each applicant seeking to join the ranks of Eagle Scout will be required to select six (6) references (five (5) if the applicant has no prior employers), according to section 2 of the Eagle Scout Rank Application. 

The candidate will then ask for letters of recommendation from each reference, which will be sent to the District Eagle Scout Board of Review for consideration.

How to write a parent eagle letter of recommendation?

Be courteous! Consider someone who knows you well and who can compliment you. Make direct contact with them and let them know why you value this status and this letter. 

Give your contact all the information they need if they agree to compose the letter.

 Additionally, you may refer to our article and example letters of recommendation for Eagle Scouts to learn precisely what to include.

1. Introduction

Introduce yourself at the beginning of the letter. You now address your letter specifically to the intended recipient. 

If your letter is general in nature, you may use salutations such as Ms., Mrs., Mr., Dr., etc. You may also use the phrase "To Whom It May Concern."

2. Body paragraphs

This is the letter's main body of text. You describe the letter's goal in full here. The body of this letter typically consists of two main paragraphs. 

The initial one forges a bond between you and the person you are endorsing. It also justifies your perception of your suitability to write that recommendation.

You specify the specific details you are aware of about the person you are endorsing in the second paragraph. 

You also explain why you think the candidate is qualified to be an Eagle Scout. Additionally, it's a good idea to discuss why you believe he should be taken into consideration as well as how they are more likely to contribute to the role.

Always include specific instances of when and how the applicant displayed the competencies you have mentioned. This is to paint the most accurate picture possible of the applicant. Additionally, you will come across as more accurate than abstract.

3. Final Thoughts and Closing

The conclusion, or closing paragraph, comes last. Here, you provide a succinct explanation of your decision to endorse the applicant. 

Describe your enthusiasm for recommending him as well. You could choose to "highly recommend" him, "recommend without reservation," and other phrases.

An email address, phone number, and other contact information should always be included in this section or in the email signature. 

This will make it easier to communicate in the future, if necessary. Of course, you must conclude by saying:


Parent letter for eagle scout


I'm delighted to provide this letter of support in support of my son John's Eagle Scout application. Since he learned what it meant to be a scout, John has continued to be one. He has never failed to uphold the Scout Law, in my view. 

in return, in my perspective, he has developed both intellectually and personally. He is always eager to help in the classroom and shows respect for his other students. He definitely exemplifies what a moral scout should be like, in my view.

Once he decides to undertake the work, he will undoubtedly do it. He helped his friend who had just entered the class during examinations with all of the new and old material, even though he had to complete the course.

His will to achieve and readiness to provide a helping hand to others shows that he still has some scout in him.

My child regularly goes to church. I would advise using my child's name since he would always obey the Scout Oath and standards.

I admire you



[Tel. number]



The letter of recommendation is an important document, and it should always include details of your communications with the applicant. According to the certification, the scout law and scout pledge should always be supported by examples.

The best way to ask for a recommendation letter is in person, followed by an email. Instead of returning the private document to the applicant, the review panel receives it. To join, put forth a lot of effort to get these recommendations.

Being an Eagle Scout employee is a significant distinction. The recommendation files cannot be accessed by the applicant. These letters provide readers a look into a scout's life outside of the Eagle Scout group.


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