HDFC Car Loan Closure Letter Format [2021-NEW FORMAT].


HDFC Car Loan Closure Letter Format [2021-NEW FORMAT].

Are you looking for HDFC Car Loan Closure Letter Format? 

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HDFC Car Loan Closure Letter Format is readily available in this blog post.

Let me first tell you that HDFC Car Loan Closure Letter Format is as simple as ABC.

However, as it is a Formal Letter, you must carefully follow some specific rules and specific pattern, which we'll clarify in this blog post.

NOTE : There's no any specific format for Car Loan Closure Letter Format.

Additionally, there's no any Loan Closure Letter Format which is followed universally. 

But, we'll follow the lastest letter format which was introduced by the CBSE. 

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HDFC Car Loan Closure Letter Format.

Following is the format of HDFC car loan closing letter. 
Sender’s Address
45 - New Hill
Mumbai - 700893

The September, 23rd 2021.

Receiver’s Address
The Branch Manager,
HDFC Bank (Bank Name)
Mumbai Branch ( Branch Name)
Charlo 34 - Street 
Mumbai - 7800432 (Address)

Subject : Application for Car loan.

Respected Sir/Madam,

Body of the Letter
I am ____________, the owner of your bank's Savings/Current Account, Account No.: 987654321. Your bank provided me with a car loan of Rs. _____________with a repayment period of ____________ years and an interest rate of __________ percent per year. 

I have now paid off the loan in full, adhering to all of the bank's terms and conditions. Since,it will come in handy in the future.

Complimentary closure
As a result, you are requested to do the needful action as soon as possible.
I hope you will consider my request as soon as possible and send me a letter stating that I owe no money.

Name & Signature
Name : _____________________
Signature : _________________
Phone Number : ___________
E-mail : _____________________

Passbook copy.
Voter ID copy
Aadhaar Card copy
EMI deposits receipt


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Tips to write a professional HDFC Car Loan Closure letter.

  1. Use of clear and easy-to-understand formal language. 
  2. Use no obscene or informal words or phrases.
  3. Use abbreviations sparingly.
  4. Create content that is clear and concise.
  5. Don't include any extraneous information that will make the letter too long.
  6. Provide sufficient details and features that will be conveyed to the reader in a clear manner.
  7. Do not include any extraneous information that will make the loan closing letter ling.

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