SBI Personal Loan Closure Letter Format [2021].


SBI Personal Loan Closure Letter Format [2021].

Do you need SBI personal loan closure letter format?

If yes, you will find personal loan closure letter format here

The best and latest SBI personal loan closing letter format is given below :- 

Sender's Address
____________[Your address]
____________[District & State].

Receiver's Address
The Branch manager,
State Bank of India (SBI)
______________________[Bank Address]
________________[District & State Name]
______________________[Bank Branch].

Dated : The 20th November, 2021.

Sub, Application for personal loan closure.

Dear Sir,

I am Olivia Johnson, having a personal loan with your Bank since 2020. 

Reasons; why? 
I am writing to request that you close my personal loan account. The reason for the closure is (Insert the correct reason for the closure here).

I'd like to let you know that I've paid off all of my EMIs and loans. You can look over your records. I am attaching the necessary documents to this application in accordance with the bank's requirements.

Thank you!

Name & Signature
Yours sincerely,
Olivia Johnson
Contact no.: ________________
Signature : __________________
Account Holder's : ________________
Account No. : _____________________.

Enclosure : 
1. Passbook 
2. Voter ID
3. Aadhaar Copy.

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SBI Personal Loan Closure Letter Format.

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