Home Loan Closure Letter Sample [2021-NEW FORMAT].


Home Loan Closure Letter Sample [2021-NEW FORMAT].

If you want to close your home loan with any bank; be it SBI, HDFC, BOE, BOI etc., you must send the bank a loan closure request letter.

Your queries on home loan closure letter sample is readily available for you.
In case, you've not update with the Latest Home loan closure letter format, you can read this article.

Home loan closure letter sample is given below.

____________[Your address]
____________[District & State].

The Branch manager,
______________________[Bank Name]
______________________[Bank Address]
________________[District & State Name]
______________________[Bank Branch].

The DD-MM-YYYY [Date of the Day].

Subject :- ________________________
[Theme of the Letter].

Salutation [Greetings as Sir or Respected Sir],

With due respect, I, Sophie Agarwal, would like to state that I have a loan account with account number [______________________].

I'd like to close my home loan account for personal reasons. [You can explain why this closure is necessary].

As a result, you are kindly requested to close my account. I will be eternally grateful to you. 

If any additional information or documents are required, please contact me at my mobile number.

Sincerely yours,
Name : _________________________
Phone No.: ______________________
Signature : ______________________.

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