Request Letter To Bank For Machinery Loan【3+ SAMPLES】


Request Letter To Bank For Machinery Loan【3+ SAMPLES】

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Application for business loan to a bank supporting your company loan is known as a machinery loan request letter. 

Loan request letter to bank manager for business constitutes one of the most common means of obtaining money to finance big spending such as start-up, purchase of a house and so on. 

The bank has to be satisfied, however, that the applicant for a loan has the necessary credibility in future to repay the loan.

It should include the amount you want to borrow as well as an explanation of why you deserve the loan, how you intend to spend it, and how you intend to repay the business loan to the bank.

Writing a request letter to bank for small business loan is as easy as PEE.

However you have to follow the format of bank loan request to buy machinery, since it is a formal request.

SAMPLE 1: Request letter to bank for machinery loan.

Your address
Pin code & State.

The branch manager
Name of the Bank 
Name of the branch
Bank address

Date : 9th Feb, 2022.

Subject, Application for machinery loan.

Dear Sir,
I'm __________, I have a savings account with your Bank. I had a perfect track record as a client for the last 10 years of our relationship, and even my yearly income of Rs. 75,0000 from my businessis deposited into this account. For your convenience, I've included a copy of the pay slip.

I'd like to request that you provide me with Rs. 5,00,000 machinery loan to purchase a new machine ________________ [Name of the machine]. I need a new machine because my old one isn't working and I rely on it to get to work.

I didn't have any money at the moment, so I thought that by lending me the money, you might assist me.

Because you know I've been a trusted customer and investor in your bank for for the past 10 years and have proved to be a loyal customer. 

You may, at your option, give me a repayment plan based on the firm's employee loan policy.

I believe you'd consider me deserving of the loan.

Yours sincerely,
Name : Nampui L.
Phone number : 987654321
Signature : [_______________]

Enclosure :
1. Bank passbook
2. Voter ID copy
3. PAN card copy
4. Bank account statement
5. Guarantor details
6. Others identity proof
7. Other documents as required by bank.

You'll need :-  

  1. Request Letter For Working Capital Loan.
  2. Letter To Bank For Loan Second Installment 
  3. Application For Educational Loan To The Principal.

SAMPLE 2: Format of bank loan request to buy machinery.


The Branch manager,
______________________[Bank Name]
______________________[Bank  Address]
______________________[Bank Branch].

Date : ___/___/______.

Subject : Request for _____ bank loan.

Salutation : _____________,


Main Body: why you need it the letter?


Name & Signature

1. _________________
2. _________________

SAMPLE 3: Additional loan request letter sample.

The bank manager
State bank of India

The 8th Sept, 2022.

Subject, Requesting for additional loan.


Rajesh Gautam here and I'm writing to request an additional loan from your bank for _____ [loan specifics]. On February 7, 2022, I took out a Rs. 70,000 machinery loan from your bank, which was to be paid back in four payments. 

I intend to expand my business and will require more funding to do so.

Please consider issuing an additional loan in my name. I am prepared to complete all of the requirements.

I respectfully request that you assist me by performing the necessary tasks. I would be grateful for your kind assistance.

Sincerely yours,
Name : _______________
Signature : _______________
Account Number : _______________.
Format of bank loan request to buy machinery.

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