Moratorium Request Letter To Bank 2021 [2+SAMPLE].


Moratorium Request Letter To Bank 2021 [2+SAMPLE].

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A letter is required if your loan or bank overdraft could not be paid in time. In this scenario you must submit a letter to the bank for late repayment of loans.

Therefore, if you have any uncertainty about how to draught a moratorium letter, read this post up to the conclusion.

SAMPLE 1: Moratorium request letter to bank sample.


The Bank manager
Name of the Bank
Address of the Bank.

Date : 17th September, 2022.

Subject : Application for loan moratorium.
Dear Sir,

I have a savings account with the renowned Bank number 987654321 at your ___________ branch. I've got a loan from your bank, Rs.100,000/- loan No. 9971. On the fifth day of each month, under the terms of the loan, Rs 15,000 is deducted from my account.

I would like to tell you that my account does not have enough balance to fulfil the payment for the last month due to a delay in income.

My paycheck will be placed on my account on 10th September 2022, after which there will be a sufficient amount on my account to pay the payment this month.

Therefore, request you to accept my apology and accept me with the needful.

Yours sincerely,
Name : __________
Signature : ______.

SAMPLE 2: Moratorium request letter to bank manager.

Yours address

The Bank Manager
Bank of Baroda
________________ [Bank address]
[Pincode & State]

Dated : The 4th September, 2022.

Re: ______________________________.

Dear Sir/Mr. (Name),

I took advantage of a Rs. 75,000/- term loan under your bank's loan account number 987/321. I consistently pay the EMI for a loan of Rs. 5,000. But owing to the _______________, I cannot pay the interest EMI [Explaining your problems]. 

I seek an exception in respect of the guidelines for RBI published on the subject and request that the Bank provide me a three-month moratorium on the payment, from 7 September to November, 2021, of all instalments in my previously referred loan account due. 

I would want the Bank to extend my loan as well as the remaining tenor by four months, to the current repayment plan.

I am prepared to comply with all the Bank's terms and conditions and am obliged to regularly repay the above-mentioned debts until the moratorium period has elapsed.

I also know that I remain unchanged and bound on all other Terms and Conditions of the letter of sanction and security papers for the loan mentioned above.

Thrilling to thank you,

Name : ____________________
Signature/s of the Borrower.

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Moratorium Request Letter To Bank,Moratorium Request Letter To Bank sample

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