Sample Honoree Invitation Letter [2021].


Sample Honoree Invitation Letter [2021].

Sample Honoree Invitation Letter

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Sample honoree invitation letter.

Dated : 19th September, 2022.

___________ Sender's Name
___________ Address.

____________ Receiver name
____________ Address.

Subject, honoree invitation.

Dear Rev. John,

I write to introduce the Presbyterian Church of India and one of many programs intended to celebrate and publicly recognize those within our community, who have given excellent service to our citizens and residents.

In light of this, Presbyterian Church Of India, Mumbai, a member of the Presbyterian Church Of India is organizing to honor several educators within the surrounding communities of our assembly.  

The 19th September, 2022 has been chosen exclusively to recognize and honor the men and women who have provided excellent education to the students of Mumbai.

We are indeed proud to announce that you have been nominated by a family member or your superior to be honored. 

It is indeed our privilege to congratulate you for such an outstanding performance and extend an invitation to you to be in our service as one of the honorees. This event will be held on Monday and Tuesday at 9 A.M onwards at PCI located at West Mumbai.

Please note that you can extend an invitation to your family, friends and colleagues to join in the celebration as we honor you. Other special guests will include our Mayor, Senators London representatives and distinguished leaders from across industries and service areas.

Please confirm your acceptance of this invitation by completing the enclosed nomination form and email form to [email protected] on or before 9th September.  

In addition, please also indicate on the form who will be attending this event with you.  There is no limit on how many you may invite.

For further information you may contact our Awards Service Coordinator Mr. Jarvish at [email protected].

We look forward to your favorable response, as together we celebrate our Educators of Excellence" with you, your family and friends on this iconic day.

May God richly bless you and your family. 

Yours Sincerely,
Nampui L.
(Pastor of the Church).


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