Pension Transfer Application Letter [2 Samples]


Pension Transfer Application Letter [2 Samples]

Your queries about the pension transfer application sample are available here.

These are sample request letters for the release of your pension, gratuity fund, and other benefits when you retire or leave from your employment. 

Regarding Pension facilities, you should obey the norms and regulations set forth by the government or the firm. 

Following are the 3 samples, you can change the format to suit your needs.

Sample application letter for pension after the death of husband

_______ Your address.

The Authority,
___________ Name of the Organizations
___________ Address.

Dated  : 9th  September, 2022.

Subject, application for release of pension.

Respected sir,

With due respect, I'd like to inform you that my father, Mr. Ramesh Kumar, who has worked for your company since 2020, died on September 19, 2021, due to a serious illness. 

May God grant him eternal peace. I'm his son, and this is my letter to you. His family's situation has deteriorated in the aftermath of his death. 

Many expenses must be incurred in order to resume normal operations. His remaining pension or salary (up to the day he worked the most recently) is required for this purpose.

The main goal of this application is to request that you release his pension or salary until the specified date.

I hope you will give my application your careful consideration and grant me the above-mentioned favour. 

I will be grateful for your assistance.

Name : Ayush Sharma
Signature : ________.

Pension transfer application sample

Your address

The authority
______________ Company name 
______________ Address.

Dated : 19th September, 2022.

Subject, Pension transfer application.

Dear Sir,

Please find included Form No. 20-5IF, fully filled, signed, and completed in all respects in connection with the request to transfer the Pension Fund (monthly) to the lawful successor of the dead, Mrs. Anita Sharma(wife of the deceased member.)

The documents below are also included for your records and further action on your part.
  • copies of death certificates
  • copies of the family members list
Please resolve the matter as soon as possible.

Thank you very much,

Yours sincerely,
Name : Suresh Sharma
Phone number : +91600649910.

READ• Passport file closing letter.

Family pension transfer application.

________ Receiver name 

Dear Mr........,

I choose to take my pension in this manner (Name of Pension Disbursement Authority). 

As a result, you must make the appropriate arrangements for the transfer of my pension documentation to the new Pension Disbursing Authority (PDA), whose contact information is provided below.

Specifications of the new PDA:
The new PDA's name is : _______
The new PDA's address is : ______
No. of the bank account to which the pension will be credited : ___________.

The originals of the following documents are also contained for transmission to the Pr. CDA (pensions):
  • The new PDA's agreement that his or her pension will be paid when the current PDA's paperwork have been received and the new PDA's payment strength has been established.
  • In the event of a new PDA, a leaf of a check issued by the new PDA and duly cancelled.
Please do the needful and thank you for the same.


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