[Sample] Letter to District Attorney to Drop Charges

[Sample] Letter to District Attorney to Drop Charges

This article, which includes an example, will answer all of your questions on how to Letter to District Attorney to Drop Charges.

As a crime victim or victim advocate, you may want to write a letter to the judge in a criminal court case for a variety of reasons.

You may, for example, petition the court to raise or decrease the defendant's bail.

You may wish to obtain a criminal protection order, reject a plea deal, enter or suppress certain evidence to safeguard your rights, remand the offender to jail, or make your interests and demands known to the judge and the court in a variety of other ways.

Sample Letter to District Attorney to Drop Charges

In practice, any letter you submit to the court should avoid laying forth evidence or addressing case facts.

The council must submit evidence to the court in a non-misleading and non-contradictory way. Hundreds of intricate regulations dictate how this must be done.

Because you are the primary witness in the case, the majority of the evidence is linked to you, and you have control over how it is handled.

You should immediately submit a complaint with the judge if you feel the district attorney is infringing your rights in the handling of evidence pertaining to you.

The following example should help to explain things.


[Name] Greetings, Judge

My name is Ray Johnson, and I am the victim in a rape case called People vs. Ray Johnson. The prosecutor in this case has demanded that I hand up all of my records. He is threatening to arrest me if I do not obey.

I am willing to allow relevant sections of my diary to be used as evidence in this case. The majority of my journal, however, is unconnected to this case's events. The majority of my journal, in actuality, dated from three years prior to the rape.

I understand that I have a legal right to privacy. I beg you to stand up for my rights. If I am required to provide over my whole diary to the prosecutor, the prosecutor must likewise hand it over to the defence.

After rapping me, the defendant should be permitted to trample through my most intimate thoughts in my notebook and then look for evidence to use against me.

Please protect my personal information and privacy. I'm ready to hand over my journal to you so you may assess which sections are required as evidence and, if necessary, issue a protective order on the sections that aren't.

Thank you for taking the time to read this and for taking the time to consider my request.

The victim's signature
Date of Victim's Birth in Print Victim's Name.

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Letter to District Attorney to Drop Charges

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