3 Sample letter for positive covid-19


3 Sample letter for positive covid-19

Employees must adhere to a particular level of discipline in today's workplace. Taking a day off or applying for a leave is one of the most important features of this work culture.

While sick leave applications are increasing every month, especially this year, it's critical to understand how to draught a sick leave application.

We'll go over how to create a letter for positive covid-19 in this blog, as well as present some samplers.

1. Sample letter for positive covid-19

Dear Employees:

I'm writing to inform you that one of your coworkers/customers has been diagnosed with COVID-19. I understand if you're worried about this and if you're worried about being too upbeat. Many of us have or live with people who have underlying risk factors.

Because employee medical information is private, we are unable to provide you with the employee's identity. The employee's final day on the job was _____(date)____, and they worked in the _________(area/department)___________. 

We appreciate this person informing us so that we may collaborate with the Local Board of Health to establish close links.

To safeguard our staff and customers, we've taken the following actions (choose just those that apply):

Symptom Screening Before Every Shift

Before each shift, we did a symptom/contact screening to see who could be COVID-19 positive. When the employee initially felt symptoms or after testing positive, they did not report to work.

Tracing of Contact

When we learnt that the employee tested positive for COVID-19, we alerted the Local Board of Health and supplied staffing details so that contact tracing could be done. Close contacts will be identified by the Local Board of Health, who will issue quarantine orders.

Disinfection and Cleanup

The employee's workplace was cleansed and disinfected following CDC recommendations. We've also cleaned the toilets and other communal places where the employee may have gone.

Protocols for COVID-19 Safety

We strictly follow the Massachusetts COVID-19 safety guidelines, which include facial covers, physical separation, and cleaning. To see if COVID-19 safety can be improved, we will evaluate our work locations and methods.

Job Resumption

To ensure that the employee has healed before returning to work, we will engage with the Local Board of Health and follow Massachusetts Department of Public Health guidelines. We'll also work with staff who have been told to quarantine to make sure they're safe to return.

Thank you for your assistance in adhering to the COVID-19 safety guidelines. Our collaboration will aid us in navigating the challenges that the epidemic has posed to each of us in recent months.


Owner/Director of a Company.

You'll need:

  1. SSI Award Letter Sample (with FAQ)
  2. Attestation letter sample (with GUIDE)

2. Sample email to inform about covid positive

Dear Customers,

Given recent developments involving COVID-19, we'd want to share more information and clarity about our cleaning procedures.
First, according to Harvard Health, there is no evidence that COvID-19 can be transferred to people from soft surfaces such as cloth or carpet. 

Our cleaning products and procedures are also intended to fight viruses like the common cold and flu. We have no reason to assume that our techniques are ineffective against COVID-19, even if scientific knowledge is still emerging.

Our fulfilment centre employees will continue to use several processes to guarantee that each item is completely cleaned, steamed and pressed, quality-inspected, and packed so that it arrives ready to wear.

Wet or dry washing is performed on all clothing. Except for outerwear, leather and faux leather clothes, which still go through our usual cleaning methods, they also go through an extra steaming process that warms them to between 248°F and 302°F. 

Heat exceeding 167°F kills flu viruses, according to the CDOC. For safety and cleanliness, each item is then wrapped in plastic, which we encourage consumers to return for recycling.

In addition, after each usage, all of our reusable clothing bags and accessories are carefully cleaned. After being returned to us, sunglasses and jewellery are cleaned with alcohol, and purses and accessory packaging are disinfected.

Our top priority has always been our consumers. We'll keep an eye on the CDC's and WHO's statistics and recommendations, and make any necessary changes to our procedures. 

Thank you for your consideration.


3. Leave letter for covid-19 positive

Dear sir,

Unfortunately, I acquired symptoms of Covid 19 flu and had to do a necessary test as a result.

Doctors have suggested that I remain in self-isolation till the results of my tests are received.

Because my health prevents me from working, I beg that you grant me a leave of absence for X days.

I'm hoping my reports come back negative, but if they don't, I may have to prolong my leave.

To guarantee that my job is not jeopardised, I have asked Colleague's name to manage my work until I return to the office.

If something significant arises, I will be available via phone or email.

I'm hoping you'll appreciate my current health predicament and let me leave for X days.

{Employees name}

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