Journalism Cover Letter Sample (4 Mistakes to avoid)


Journalism Cover Letter Sample (4 Mistakes to avoid)

Writing an excellent Journalist Cover Letter is a crucial stage in the job search process. Always refer to the job description's criteria while creating a cover letter. 

To assist employers to recognise why you're a good fit for the job, mention the most relevant or remarkable qualifications in your letter. 

In the same way that resume samples may help you draught a cover letter that best showcases your expertise and credentials, the following Journalist Cover Letter 

  1. How do you compose a cover letter for a journalist?
  2. The 6 precious tips to help you get better at writing a cover letter for a job in journalism.
  3. Sample: Broadcast journalist cover letter
  4. Sample: Journalism application letter for a news reporter
  5. Sample:  Entry-level journalism cover letter 
  6. Avoiding these 4 common blunders in Journalism Cover Letter

1. How do you compose a cover letter for a journalist?

There are many other journalism cover letter examples on the internet, but they listed the great place to start when writing your own. 

Journalism cover letters must impress more than cover letters for other occupations because it is one of the most difficult fields to break into.

  1. At the beginning of your cover letter, provide your full name and contact information.
  2. Begin the cover letter by thanking the recipient for their time and consideration.
  3. Mention how you came across the job posting and why you're interested in it.
  4. Explain why you would be an excellent journalist hire in the opening paragraph.
  5. Discuss your credentials, experience, and accomplishments about this opportunity in a few sentences.
  6. Thank the reader for taking the time to read this and indicate an interest in learning more about the job.
  7. Sign off with a professional signature and your complete name at the bottom of the cover letter.
  8. You should keep your cover letter to one page or less.

2. The 6 precious tips to help you get better at writing a cover letter for a job in journalism.

The following suggestions and recommendations can help you write your cover letter for journalism.
  • As good writing is at the core of journalism, your cover letter should represent your strengths in this area. Use a legible typeface and a professional letter template. To demonstrate your writing style and individuality, write simply and succinctly.
  • Begin the letter by stating your qualifications and prior experience. This journalist aspirant outlines their educational background and extracurricular activities. Work experience is just as crucial as academic success in journalism, therefore you should include it. This applicant has written for a variety of publications and served as the Editor of their university newspaper. 
  • This applicant focuses on this point with additional detailed details about how they have been proactive in getting experience, including talking about their internship, because experience is such a key component of impressing journalism companies. They also talk about how well their employment at the university newspaper went. It's critical to demonstrate how the employer will benefit you and why you want to work for them. 
  • Look into what they do and specifically discuss some of their work. Then describe how you'd like to apply your abilities to their company's culture. This will demonstrate to them that you are serious about the position and want to work with them.
  • Remind the employer that you are eager to learn more about the position and are willing to speak with them at any moment. Leave no question in their minds that they should get in touch with you.
  • Journalists need to be able to write without making mistakes, so make sure you review your journalism cover letter well before sending it out. If at all possible, have someone else read it.

3. Broadcast journalist cover letter

Greetings, Recruiter!

I feel I am a great fit for the Journalist post at Flagship News as a recent graduate of Innovation University with a B.A. in journalism and communications. I'm dedicated to loving readers' accurate, thorough information in a fun way. I'd like to bring that enthusiasm to Flagship News' prestigious newsroom floor.

I worked for the Innovation University Citizen for four years, two of them as Editor in Chief, while at Innovation University. Our publication earned the ABC Award for Best College Newspaper in the State for the second year in a row under my leadership.

We also helped Innovation University save $0.8 million by identifying a tuition fraud and increased the circulation of the Indian University Citcitizen campus by 30%.

While at Indiana University, I held two roles in electronic media, including developing the online version of the IU Citizen. I authored all of the Freshman News parts of our school's Facebook page and was the main copywriter for the Innovation University monthly podcast. I've continued to help with the podcast since graduation, and I've written many op-ed pieces for Flagship News.

Thank you for taking the time to go through my résumé and writing examples, which you will find attached. I am convinced that as a journalist with Flagship News, I will be able to hit the ground running and offer high-quality, in-depth reporting very immediately. I'm excited to discuss this opportunity with you.


4. Journalism application letter for a news reporter

Dear (Name),

I've been fascinated by stories since I was a youngster. Something about being able to report on a story –– and construct a beautiful narrative about anything –– inspires me. I knew I didn't want to be a news anchor from a young age, but I did want to work in the news and media sector. 

That is precisely where my career has led me, and I am convinced that my background qualifies me for the available Journalist post at XYZ News. I've been a Journalist with Haven News 5 for more than four years, and I work in a busy newsroom.

Throughout my time here, I've improved my journalistic abilities by researching and chasing topics, hitting all deadlines, and producing incredible material for our news station.

I maintain my integrity above and beyond my networking and creative abilities. I appreciate the necessity of preserving journalistic integrity in a fast-paced setting but also having a level-headed manner that is nice not just to coworkers but also to everybody you come into touch with. 

I see myself as a well-rounded applicant who possesses both the tangible and intangible skills necessary to succeed in this role. I'm familiar with XYZ News' history and heritage since I grew up watching and reading all of your articles.

Working for such a cutting-edge journalistic organisation would be an honour, which is why I leapt with pleasure when I discovered this position.

I'd want to talk to you about how I think I'd be a good match for your office as a Journalist. At your earliest convenience, I am available for an interview. Thank you for your time and attention; I look forward to hearing from you soon!

[Your Name]
[Phone Number]

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5. Entry-level journalism cover letter 

Dear hiring manager,

I was thrilled to find your job posting on ABC Times because I am a regular reader of the XYZ Times. In my five years as a freelance journalist, I've worked with a variety of local newspapers, including the Ballard News-Tribune, Seattle Magazine, and others. I've developed a keen interest in reporting on local politics, and I'd like the chance to grow as a political writer at the Seattle Times.

Throughout my career, I've earned a reputation as a trustworthy, diligent, and even-handed writer who adheres to high ethical and professional standards. From district and city council meetings to mayoral elections, I've written on local politics for Seattle Magazine and the Ballard News-Tribune.

I'm committed to keeping the public aware of current events and their significance. In addition, I've contributed to hundreds of publications, primarily concentrating on important topics in the Pacific Northwest. I've written journalistic material for a range of media, including video content for sites like Youtube. As a result of my background, I am incredibly versatile and keen to take on new tasks.

I recognise that print media is going through a challenging period right now and will need to adjust in the future. I'm convinced that, as a future-focused and growth-oriented team member, I'll be an addition to the Seattle Times because of my extensive expertise with digital and print media across several platforms.

I'd appreciate the chance to chat with you, and I'm looking forward to making those plans. I've included a few clips of my résumé for your consideration. Thank you so much for taking the time to read this and for considering my request.



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6. Avoiding these 4 common blunders in Journalism Cover Letter

You can't afford to commit the following blunders:
  1. Typos, misspellings, poor language, and other grammatical faults are all common mistakes in writing. Simple grammatical errors in a one-page journalism cover letter might be a deal-breaker.
  2. Clichés and sloppy phrasing in cover letters are a no-no. When you employ cliched terms like "think outside the box," you're demonstrating the exact opposite - that you're not an original thinker who just borrows from others' ideas.
  3. Letters copied and pasted to everyone: Every journalism cover letter should be one-of-a-kind and suited to the demands of a certain employer. 
  4. Few editors will take you seriously if your journalism cover letter has terrible design faults, such as unattractive fonts that are too small to see, tiny margins, or other design flaws.

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