[3 Samples] Letter to Employees Regarding Lunch Breaks


[3 Samples] Letter to Employees Regarding Lunch Breaks

Every business has rules regarding when employees can take a lunch break in between working hours. 

Companies generally don't watch how employees use their lunch hour, so they expect their staff to adhere to it honestly.

However, occasionally the boss or superior may notice that you are absent from the office during lunch breaks for a lot longer than is allowed, which may not be acceptable to them.

In the company cafeteria, it might sometimes be extremely obvious that workers are squandering their time and spending long lunch breaks chit-chatting.

This is not only against the business policy, but it also unquestionably lowers employee productivity.

It is thus required to either issue a general warning to all workers or if only a small number of employees are engaging in this behavior, a warning to those specific employees to refrain from taking long lunch breaks.

You may adapt and utilize the warning letter forms shown below. Only use these samples for reference.

1. Letter to Employees Regarding Lunch Breaks

[Company name]


Dear [name],

We see this company's assets as valuable. You put a lot of effort and efficiency into your job for our organization. We are certain that we will continue to work with you in the future on mutually advantageous terms. 

We're happy to provide you your own place since we spoke on [date], but we need your services to be entirely focused on our company throughout your shift. Any employee who stays on their lunch break longer than permitted will negatively impact their productivity in one or more ways.

While we appreciate the need for breaks after a long shift, we regret to inform you that you often prolong your lunch break for [number of minutes] to [number of minutes], which is totally unacceptable in our workplace.

Please let us know if you really have an extraordinary circumstance that requires you to prolong your lunch break, [Employee First Name], and we'll see what we can do to find a solution.

Otherwise, I have every confidence that you will handle the matter on your own and do better in the future, exceeding our expectations.


[Your name]


2. Sample Excessive Prolonged Lunch Breaks Letter

Ref: ..................

Date: .................

The employee's name
(Name of Department)

The employee code

Sub: Extended lunch breaks - Against company policy

Dear [Name]

The best of the workers who give their all to our business are valued for their services. Each one is valuable to the business. No matter whatever grade an employee belongs to, it is anticipated that they would honestly adhere to the rules set out by the organization.

Respecting the lunch hour timings, which are restricted from (time) to (time) during business hours at the workplace, is one of the policies' requirements. Since we are just humans, there could be very few differences from this about.... minutes, which is okay. 

However, it is a clear breach of company policy and will result in discipline if an employee abuses these lunch hours by overindulging or acting differently in the name of a break.

It has come to our notice that you have been regularly taking extended lunch breaks. Please be aware that if you continue to do so, a half-wage day will be withheld from your compensation for each day that you violate company policy.

We won't be disciplining you since this is your first warning in this case. Therefore, we strongly encourage you to refrain from any future infractions of this rule and always abide by the workplace lunch break hours.

I appreciate your cooperation and understanding in this circumstance.



(Operating Officer's Name)


3. Write an email to employees regarding a change in lunch breaks

Mr [Name] 

We've noticed that you've been consistently taking extended lunch breaks throughout working hours. As you are aware, the lunch break is scheduled to last from 1:30 to 2:15. 

Every employee must closely adhere to the lunch break schedule. For a maximum of 5 to 10 minutes, modest deviations from this are permitted; however, anything longer is completely undesirable.

We must remind you that violating the company's policy regarding lunch hour scheduling may result in disciplinary action being taken against the employee, including the withdrawal of one-half of the employee's income for each day of violation. 

We are not enforcing any disciplinary measures as this is just the first warning in the situation.

We really hope that you will follow the rules and refrain from doing this in the future.

I appreciate your tolerance.


(Operating Officer's Name)


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