8 Samples Letter of support for individual (Guide)


8 Samples Letter of support for individual (Guide)

A smart method to leverage your professional influence to benefit others and build your professional network is to write in favour of a cause, concept, or person. 

Many of the characteristics of a strong letter of support hold true whether you are writing it for a college student applying to a programme or a charity seeking funding.

Because writing is a transferrable ability, knowing how to create an effective letter of support may also assist you with other responsibilities. This article defines a supporting letter and provides a template and an example of how to create one.

What is a letter of support?

A personal letter expressing support for a cause, person, or concept is known as a supportive letter. You may compose a letter of support for a company or an organisation. 

You can also write one for a person, such as a scholarship candidate. Either compose the letter and return it to the person who asked for it, or send it directly to the committee or office that will be reviewing it.

You can be asked to write a letter of support for a person or group. When they need it, they will provide you with the details you need along with a timeframe. If a person or organisation sticks out to you as especially deserving, you can offer to write one. 

To create a great letter of support, it's essential to comprehend the writing circumstances, including your aim and audience.

Types of Support Letters

For those who have never written one before, writing a Letter of Support for someone might be intimidating. The sender may choose the letter that best fits their circumstance by using one of the templates provided below.
  1. Financial Support Letter: This kind of document attests to the fact that financial assistance will be given to a certain person or to achieve particular objectives mentioned in the letter. Documents demonstrating the sender's financial capability may be included in the letter.
  2. Notice of Child Support: This letter may be used to contact the other parent (or other legal guardians) and include a monthly check when a parent (or legal guardian) is required to pay child support.
  3. Supporting letter for a grant: You may use this letter in conjunction with a grant application. With this kind of letter of support, the sender may attest to their support of the grant application, provide assistance with the project they want to fund, or provide testimonies in their honour.
  4. A letter expressing support for immigration: This document is required to submit with an immigration application and may include a recommendation prepared on the applicant's behalf.

What should a letter of support include?

The sender of a Letter of Support should remember to include all of the information required in the letter while drafting it. 

If not, the paper may not have the intended impact on the situation or could be disregarded. Parts of a letter of support template could include:
  1. Addressee: The sender may include the name and address of the person or organisation who is to receive the letter in the first section of the letter, along with other identifying information. If the sender lacks such information, they may address it to the appropriate person.
  2. Introduction: The topic of the letter might be stated in this section of the document by the sender. Here, they may introduce themselves, identify the person or thing they provide advice or help to, and explain their relationship to them. Writing a child support letter, for instance, allows the sender to include their name, the name of the person who will be receiving child support, and a reference to the court order requiring them to pay child support.
  3. Subject: The sender may express their endorsement at this point. The objective of the letter will dictate the specific content of this section. If it is a letter of support for a grant, the sender might, for instance, describe why they think the applicant deserves the money and what sort of help they are prepared to provide.
  4. Contact information: The sender should give their contact information in the letter in case the recipient of this document has any queries or needs more information. It may include their email address, phone number, and mailing address.
  5. In the last paragraph: the sender might put their name and signature on the paper. If the sender of the letter is speaking on behalf of an organisation, they should include that organization's name (from the name of which they are writing). The title of the role they occupy inside the organisation may also be included.

How to draught a letter of support?

Here are some steps you might follow if you wish to compose your own supporting letter:

1. Decide on your goal.

Before starting to write your letter of support, it's critical to know exactly what you want to achieve with it. The goal of almost all letters of support is to convince the recipient to take certain actions in favour of the person or organisation you are supporting. 

Think about what that action is; you could want your reader to contribute money to a business venture or admit the person you are supporting into a certain programme. You might even ask the individual who requested the letter to confirm that you understand its purpose.

2. Recognize your audience

Once you are certain that you understand the intent behind your supporting letter, keep the reader in mind. Think about the kind of facts that your reader is likely to find persuasive. 

If the reader is on a scholarship committee, for instance, they can be persuaded by the proof of the applicant's success and promise. 

The reader may be a grant-giving organisation who is interested in learning about the organization's financial stability. You can write more persuasively if you keep your intended audience in mind.

3. Generate ideas

Consider the information you want to include in your letter of support next. If you want to convince someone or something that the person or group you are supporting deserves a certain chance, think about utilising anecdotes, facts, or other convincing material. 

When you brainstorm, try outputting your ideas on paper to make subsequent thought organisation simpler.

4. Compile your proof.

Examine the concepts you brainstormed. Examine your thoughts for any patterns or groups of ideas that might be turned into paragraphs or parts of your letter. 

Create a letter map or outline using those components. This will make it simpler to draught a letter of support that is logical and consistent.

5. Compose the first draught

Create a preliminary draught of your letter of support using your plan. This will mostly include turning your thoughts into whole sentences since you have presumably already done a brainstorming session and drafted an outline. 

To make it easier for your reader to perceive the connections between your thoughts, use transitional language between sections and paragraphs.

6. Edit and proofread

You may edit and proofread your supporting letter once you've produced a preliminary draught of it. Look for areas where you may provide additional detail to support your argument or cut out any unnecessary details that can be off-putting. 

Grammar, use, and mechanics mistakes should be carefully avoided since trustworthy writing is often more free of them. If it makes sense for your circumstances, you may decide to let the person you are assisting see the letter and offer suggestions for revisions.

7. Send your letter of support.

When you are certain that your letter of support conveys what you intended it to and is error-free, you may submit it by the standards of the particular opportunity. 

For certain initiatives, letters of support must be delivered directly to the committee or readers. Some organisations may accept letters from candidates themselves.

Make sure you comprehend the submission process completely since certain circumstances could call for a particular submission procedure to be taken into account.

1. Template for a letter of support

Here is a format you may use if you want to utilise a template to compose your letter of support:

[Address of sender]

[Address of the recipient]

To whom it may concern:

I'm writing to express my support for [applicant's name] for the position of [position]. Because of [list of key factors], I think [this person or organisation] is a top contender for this opportunity.

First, [candidate] gives [example or story of this feature in action] to illustrate the excellence of [characteristic]. Your business will profit from [this quality's advantage].

Furthermore, due to [second quality], this individual is well qualified for [opportunity]. As an example, they provide [anecdote or proof of this trait in action]. This will [reader benefit] your company in some way.

Finally, as shown by their [anecdote or proof of this trait], [candidate] will undoubtedly surpass your expectations in [opportunity] because of [third quality]. This will undoubtedly provide [the organisation] [the advantage of this quality].

For these reasons, I wholeheartedly endorse choosing [candidate] for [possibility]. Please don't hesitate to contact me if you have any further inquiries concerning their credentials. My contact information is [contact info].


[Name and signature of sender]

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2. Termination sample letter to terminate child support

When one of the parents (or legal guardians) wants to stop receiving child support, they may utilise a letter called a Letter to Stop Child Support (or pay). The letter's request to terminate the child support order is sent to the proper court.

This letter may be used in several circumstances. For instance, the custodial parent may submit a Letter to Stop Child Support to the court when the child turns 18 and is no longer a minor. It is possible because certain states do not immediately cancel the child support order. 

However, it may also depend on what is stated in the order itself. For example, orders may state that they are valid only until a specific date or circumstance (marriage, joining the army, etc.).

A parent should confirm that the court has created a specific form for this letter before submitting this document. If they do not, they may use the Sample Letter to Stop Child Support that is available for use.

In general, a letter to stop child support should inform the court of the parties involved, the request to revoke the child support court order, and the justifications for doing so.

This relates to the [Case Number] child support case that I submitted to your office on [Date]. I had asked Richard Joyce, the father of my then 4-year-old son Andrew Joyce, to pay me $1500 per month in child support in the initial case file.

Please take note that Richard Joyce and I reached a truce last month and are now talking about reconciling. I would like to withdraw my request for payment of the aforementioned monthly amount as child support in light of the recent events.

I've given this a lot of thought, and I know what this choice will mean if our personal deal falls through.
Even after a formal order has been issued, Mr Joyce hasn't skipped or delayed any payments in the previous 12 months, and I don't anticipate him to do so now.

Please terminate my original child support case right away and let Mr Joyce and me know as soon as possible.


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3. Letter of support for grant example

A letter of support for a grant is a written declaration created by the person or group looking for funding for their endeavour, often in the medical or educational fields. 

This letter's objective is to outline your thoughts and objectives to a possible donor so that they will support your project and your ambitions and help you raise the money necessary to realise your goals.

Through the following link, you may utilise a Letter of Support for a Grant Sample. You should address the recipient by name to show respect and personalise the letter as much as possible. 

You should also explain who you are and what kind of financial support you need to move forward with your project. You should also describe the positive impact the contributions will have on your work. 

Finally, you should invite the reader to learn more about you, your school, or your endeavour by visiting your office or looking up the relevant information online.
Whoever you may be,

I'm writing to express my support for Capitol Hill High School's initiative to teach language skills to all students in high school. I am certain that this effort will bring about some notable improvements in the kids.

It will assist the pupils in understanding linguistic abilities and in learning several languages for successful jobs.

The Capitol Hill High School has already carried out several fantastic initiatives to raise reading rates and educational awareness among young people in our state. According to a recent poll, the majority of secondary school pupils are illiterate.

Their promising future may be severely hampered by this issue. As a result, we now need to take some decisive action to address these issues. We are interested in taking part in this initiative where kids will learn how to improve their language abilities. Capitol Hill High School has made a commendable action.

The initiative has been introduced in a few high schools in Oklahoma City, and from our observations, the attention of the kids has significantly grown. The initiative consists of lectures, real-world projects and experiments, poetry recitals, and debating tournaments.

All of these things will be expensive and labour-intensive. Therefore, we must cooperate in order to finish this excellent job. Your contribution of money to this endeavour would be much appreciated.

As the principal of Frederick A. Douglas High School and a representative, I pledge my support for this endeavour. +1 (555) 444-6663 is my phone number if you require my assistance with the project.


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4. Letter of support for students

Greetings, Dr Thorsen

I'm the principal of Westbrook High School in Westbrook, Illinois, and my name is Dr John Amos. I'm writing to you in support of Terry Johnson's application to Illinois State University's business administration programme. Terry and I have been friends for four years, starting when he started high school as a freshman and ending with his graduation this summer.

Throughout his time in high school, Terry maintained a 4.0 Grade Point Average, demonstrating his dedication to academic brilliance. He graduated with honours and served as the football team's captain during his final year. In addition to being engaged in his community and extracurricular activities, he has shown honesty and a desire to participate in school activities. Terry, in my opinion, is a strong candidate for admission to your university's business programme and satisfies the requirements for admission to Illinois State University.

I appreciate your time and thoughtfulness.



5. Sample letter of support for a nonprofit organization


You Name

Name: Your Title

"Your address," "city," "state," and "zip code"

Receiver's Name

The recipient's name is

Zip code, city, state, and address

Greetings, Name of recipient>

I am the "Your Title" and my name is "Your Name." I'm writing this letter to support [name of applicant's] application for [job sought] or for any other reason. I've known the applicant, "Name," for a "period," and "your connection with him or her, as well as a description of how you know him or her,"

The best option for "what the applicant is applying for" is "Name of applicant." He or she has shown [fill in the blank with the candidate's qualifications-related skills, attributes, or talents]. 

Based on the "important characteristics that make the applicant eligible," I am certain that the "Name of the applicant" satisfies the requirements for the "program/school/other".

I appreciate your time and thoughtfulness.



6. Support Letter for Grant Project

Hello, Dr Clark

It gives me great pleasure to support the project proposal (name of the project) that our department (name of department) at (name of the programme) is submitting (name of institution). We wholeheartedly endorse this grant proposal and its emphasis on (mentioning the purpose of the study).

We know your genuine passion is nurturing the great minds of the future as an organisation whose objective is to (explain the mission of your organisation in connection with the aim of the research). We applaud your efforts to provide funding for activities that have tremendously benefited the scientific community.

We are aware of the precise tasks and duties that we have carried out in this relationship. (Explain your duties and funding provisions in detail.)


7. How to write a letter of support for a family member

Your Name
Your Address
City, State, Zip Code


Name of Head of University Admission Committee
Name of University
Address of University
City, State, Zip Code

Dear [Name Admissions Committee Chair]:

My name is NAME, and beginning on DATE, I will be fully supporting my nephew, Name of Nephew, throughout his academic career at Name of University. I know that a semester's worth of tuition costs roughly $10,000.

To demonstrate that I have enough money to sustain the Name of my Nephew till his graduation on DATE, two years from now, I have provided my bank statement from the Name of Bank, Address of Bank.


Your Name, Printed

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8. Example of a letter of support

Here is one instance of a potential supporting letter to help you in your writing process:
Whoever This May Concern:

I'm writing to express my support for The Birding Foundation's application for a grant from your company for equipment. 

Given that one of the objectives of your organisation is to provide low-income people with opportunities and resources for birdwatching, I think this foundation is an outstanding candidate for this grant award. It accomplishes these charitable goals while also maintaining financial stability, ensuring the best use of these funds.

First, The Birding Foundation exhibits the value of philanthropy by offering binoculars in low-income areas of the country for little to no cost. They also host beginner birding clinics, facilitating access to the outdoors for new amateur birders. By associating your name with a prominent outdoor charity, this will be advantageous for your business.

The Birding Foundation is also uniquely qualified for this grant due to its outstanding financial management. For instance, they funded the charitable portion of their operations by raising half of their budget through sales and events the previous year. T

hey kept that balance over the course of the following year and ended up with a surplus they could put into a high-interest savings account for future costs. Your organisation will gain from this as well in terms of making grant fund management simpler.

Finally, based on their performance with their previous grant opportunity, The Birding Foundation will undoubtedly go above and beyond your expectations in matching the funds provided. This will undoubtedly guarantee that they fulfil the requirements of the grant programme you offer.

I wholeheartedly concur with the decision to award this grant to The Birding Foundation for these reasons. Please don't hesitate to contact me if you have any further inquiries concerning their credentials. Contact me at 000-000-000.


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