[Sample] Retention Bonus Letter Agreement


[Sample] Retention Bonus Letter Agreement

A lot of turnovers are brought on through mergers and acquisitions. 

While all of that is happening, businesses also need to make sure they keep important people throughout the relocation, which is where a retention incentive might come into play. 

In fact, a staggering 30% of staff may become redundant during the process. 

Making a retention bonus letter that is available when you need it is the first step. A corporation could employ a retention incentive for a variety of reasons. 

The most important one, however, is to retain key personnel on board for as long as possible throughout a merger or acquisition since top personnel often departs during these turbulent periods in search of calmer seas (or they are poached by competing firms).

You may keep them functioning at your firm by giving them a bonus for staying on staff. This will help you get back on track after the M&A and accomplish your business objectives.

To avoid having to produce one on the spot during a merger or acquisition event, as we said above, one of the first actions is to draught a retention bonus letter to maintain on file.

Let's begin with the fundamentals.

What Is a Letter for Retention Bonuses?

While going through a merger or acquisition, you may offer your staff employees a retention incentive using a retention bonus letter. 

In other words, it gives your best employees a financial incentive to stay with your company for a certain period after the M&A event occurs in the form of a one-time (or twice) payment.

1. The Introduction to Writing a Retention Bonus Letter

You must first comprehend the terms of your bonus before you can begin to compose your retention bonus letter. Companies often calculate the number of bonuses they provide based on a portion of the employee's basic pay.

Others make appealing offers using other criteria, such as performance-based bonus scaling.
In any case, you must completely comprehend the financial aspect of the bonus before providing your team with the incentive. 

To have a document on file (M&As are highly stressful, so it's essential to prepare ahead), we advise you to draught a letter in the early phases of the merger or acquisition with blanks for you to fill in later.

In light of the above, the first step in composing a letter for a retention incentive is to actually begin it like you would any other message to your team.

2. Establish the Details Before Writing a Retention Bonus Letter

You should get directly into the specifics of how the retention incentive will work after the introduction.

This paragraph may be kept brief and simple. We advise you to start by thanking the worker to let them know how much you appreciate them. You do want them to stay, after all!

Now, it's crucial to keep in mind that retention incentives are often handed out after the employee's time spent working for your newly created firm, typically over two years, but it may vary depending on your organizational demands.

The employee will get a bonus at the end of year one and year two, for instance, if your retention incentive agreement specifies that the award would last for two years. This has to be stated in the letter's "[insert payment schedule]" section.

You don't have to go into great depth in the retention incentive letter. You just need to make the offer public. 

We advise you to put in place a method for your staff member to get in touch with you if they are interested, which will enable you to give them the whole agreement for them to review and sign.

3. Signing Off on a Retention Bonus Letter

The simplest aspect of the whole letter is now up for discussion once you have simply explained the retention incentive agreement's specifics: signing off.

We advise you to reiterate your appreciation for the person and your anticipation of their ongoing work.

4. After that, you may close the mail as you normally would.

You've succeeded! Your retention bonus letter is been prepared for distribution. Keep a sample letter like this on file at all times in case you need it. 

Given that mergers and acquisitions are among the most stressful situations an HR department may face, having the letter's basic structure ready to be personalized and sent out can greatly simplify the process.


A retention bonus letter is a document that is sent to staff members after or just before a merger or acquisition that offers key workers a retention incentive if they stay with the company for a certain amount of time.

The contractual documents that make the offer official are retention bonus agreements. You just use the letter to inform the people you wish to keep about the strategy.

Make sure to write a retention bonus letter quickly and simply.

Before going into the specifics of what the retention incentive is, start by demonstrating your value for the individual. 

Provide a means for the individual to express interest in the deal so that you can proceed with getting them to sign the contract.

Reiterate your gratitude for their assistance at your freshly founded firm after which you should sign off.

When used properly, a retention incentive may significantly aid in keeping hold of your essential employees throughout a merger or acquisition. 

By doing this, you can maintain the direction of your company and get beyond one of the most significant M&A challenges: personnel management problems.

Retention bonus agreement template


[Name of Employee]


Dear [Name of Employee]:

This letter is intended to congratulate and thanks you on [insert accomplishment here, such as tenure with the company, finishing a project, etc.].

We appreciate your dedication to [business name] and all of your hard work.

Your efforts have been recognized with a bonus of $[insert amount] from [business name]. This sum will be distributed according to the distribution schedule, minus any taxes that were withheld. 

We value your dedication to [business name] and your ongoing service, and we are excited about your continued employment with us.


[Insert name of supervisor]

[Sample] Retention Bonus Letter Agreement



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