[Sample] Letter Requesting the Social Security Number


[Sample] Letter Requesting the Social Security Number

If you work in California and your employer won't update your employment records with your new Social Security Number, you may want to use the sample letter on the following page.

The Legal Aid Society-Employment Law Center is unable to guarantee the accuracy of the information in this sample letter or take responsibility for any use that may be made of it. 

To determine your rights and the best course of action when you believe your rights may have been violated, it is always best to speak with an attorney about your specific situation. 

You can get in touch with one of our telephone intake lines or one of our workers' rights clinics if you'd like to speak with someone.



Dear [Employer]: 

In order for the correct taxes to be deducted from my paycheck and applied to my new Social Security number, I'm writing to ask you once again to update my Social Security number. I asked you to update my Social Security Number in my employment records on [date], but you declined.

Someone may update her SSN for a variety of reasons. The Social Security Administration states that, for instance, if identical numbers assigned to members of the same family are confusing if more than one person has been given the same number, or if a person has a cultural or religious objection to their SSN, they can apply for a new SSN.

It might be against the law for you to refuse to accept my updated Social Security number in California.

According to California Labor Code 1024.6, an employer cannot fire, discriminate against, retaliate against, or take any other negative action against an employee who updates his or her personal information unless the updates are specifically related to the skills, credentials, or knowledge needed for the position. 

There is no further justification for the delay, and I anticipate that my request won't lead to any negative consequences, as updating my Social Security Number has no effect on my credentials or ability to perform my job.

When can we schedule a meeting so that I can update my personal information?




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