Good Faith Marriage Letter Sample For Immigration [2024]


Good Faith Marriage Letter Sample For Immigration [2024]

To be married, two individuals must gather certain paperwork. The marriage procedure is not too difficult when both parties are citizens of the nation in which they reside. 

When two immigrants—or a citizen and an immigrant—want to formally register their relationship, the circumstances are quite different. 

In this instance, in addition to the standard bundle of paperwork, they also need to provide a Reference Letter for Immigration Marriage.

An immigration affidavit of support sample letter of a married immigrant's application for permanent residence in the United States is supported by their marriage. 

When at least one spouse is an immigrant, it is necessary.  This couple wants to locate someone who is prepared to write a recommendation letter for them, which can then be sent to the court.

Although letters of support don't take the place of more tangible proof, such as shared property or an address, they do increase the marriage's legitimacy. 

Because of this, candidates may bolster their evidence even further by including some in the Relationship Evidence portion of their application.  

1. Sample of affidavit letter for immigration

To whom it may concern,

I'm (your name), and I was born in (state and city) on (your birthdate). I have spent the last seventeen years getting to know (both spouses' names). Our families have been good friends since we first met the day they came into our neighborhood. Since then, we have spent a great deal of time together. 

Together, my wife and I enjoy several holidays and social events with them every year. They have been married for twenty-five years, and throughout that time, I have never seen a more devoted pair. 

Their children are amazing and excel academically. The pair themselves is well-employed and actively involved in our neighborhood.

I firmly feel that (names of both partners) will become excellent citizens of the United States and I encourage them to apply for permanent citizenship. They are deeply in love and dedicated to one another.

I'm grateful for the chance to speak on their behalf and feel privileged that they asked me to provide this letter of reference. Please don't hesitate to ask questions as often as necessary. Please reach me at (enter phone number).

(your signature)

2. Affidavit for marriage witness sample

Dear Sir,

It's Jenny. I've been a resident of the United States for more than 20 years, having been born in Caroline Colony in July 2000. John and I have been friends for 20 years, dating back to our days in school. After more than a decade of marriage, I haven't found a finer spouse than him.

He always checks on me and is there for me. He is concerned about our house, our business, and our boys. Furthermore, he gathers food, clothing, and toys for the orphans at a nearby orphanage as part of his caregiving duties. 

In addition, he lends a hand whenever he sees fit at the many events held in our community. He has a large number of friends, all of whom agree that he contributes more to our town than any other local.

I too feel the same way. We both have very good intents, and I think he would become a respectable resident of the United States. We want to live out the rest of our lives together and are devoted to one another. This would be much simpler if Caroline were granted permanent residence.

I always stand with him, but now more than ever when it comes to getting permanent residence. If you have any more queries, my number is 5689000. If you have any questions, I'll be happy to address them and allay any concerns.


3. Affidavit of relationship sample letter

To Whom May I Address,

Since January 2012, Herry and I have been friends since college. Since meeting in 2010, Herryand Mary—who were married in 2013—have been inseparable. Our families stay connected by getting together on the weekends and throughout the holidays. 

They just revealed that a kid is expected in October. I'm sure their connection is sincere. Please contact me at 90070067 with any more questions.

Under pain of perjury, I certify that the information provided is true to the best of my knowledge.


4. i-751 sample affidavit of friend letter 

Respected USCIS Officer,

I'm writing to support Angely and Anthony's request for immigration. They leased an apartment from me in a building I owned three years ago, which is how I first got to know them. I was delighted to meet them since they had come shortly after being engaged.
We become good friends very soon. They gave off the impression of being extremely loving and intimate. They spent all of their time together. Living in the same flat, they were married and celebrated with a small party in the building's courtyard, inviting other residents to join in the celebration. 

They extended an invitation to every neighbor, including my spouse and myself, which I much valued. Over the years, as a pair, I've gone to a lot of meals and activities with them.

They spoke a lot about establishing a family and their plans for the future. I appreciate the chance to share this knowledge with you. 

If you want any further information, please give me a call at (123) 867-5309. Under penalty of perjury, I certify that the information above is true and accurate to the best of my knowledge.


5. Sample affidavit of marriage relationship by third party

Together, we now proclaim as follows:

The main reasons we entered (or would enter) into marriage were to live as a married couple and to experience one other's love and devotion. We presently live together as a consequence. We did not, and will not, get married in order to get immigration advantages.

We have agreed to offer immigration sponsorship, but none of us has received nor will receive any payment or benefit from the other or any other person in return. 

Neither one of us married the other to get immigration sponsorship; it was not a favor. We both have a common interest in obtaining an immigration advantage so that we may stay in the United States as a married couple.

Concerning an application for the non-U.S. citizen spouse's legal "conditional" or "permanent" residency, Micheal and Jenny have agreed to represent us before the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Service ("USCIS") and/or Department of State (DOS). 

We acknowledge and agree that if we entered into our marriage in bad faith with the goal of deceitfully misrepresenting our intentions to the federal government, Micheal and Jenny retains the right to immediately withdraw as our legal counsel. 

We acknowledge and agree that Micheal and Jenny LLP has the right to decide when, in the given situation, taking such action could be appropriate.

We further agree and acknowledge that Micheal and Jenny LLP has agreed to represent both of us jointly before the federal government and that, in the event that a conflict of interest arises that would prevent Micheal and Jenny LLP from representing one of us without endangering the other, it would be legally required to step down as our attorney. 

We understand that if a disagreement of this kind arises, Micheal and Jenny LLP will provide us a copy of our file, and that at that point, it will be our responsibility to get independent legal counsel. 

We respect and understand Micheal and Jenny LLP's right to determine when this action may be required.

Furthermore, we agree that we are obligated to inform Micheal and Jenny of any changes to our address and other contact details. Any modifications to Micheal and Jenny's case viability, such as changes to job, marital status, or family status, will also be communicated to them.

We certify that the information above about our connection is true and accurate, under penalty of perjury, having read and understood this declaration. 

Petitioner & Beneficiary Clients: 
You should be pleased that you were able to assist two devoted individuals in their quest to get US residency status. It feels even better to know that your advice enabled these folks to benefit from such a status. If you create a reference letter for an immigrant marriage and pay attention to what you mention, this is achievable. 

The procedure will go easily if you adhere to the given instructions. Make an effort to write this letter the way you would want it to be written. Recall that you can improve the couple's future since it is in your control.


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