5+ Application For Bank Account Transfer [FOR ALL BANKS].


5+ Application For Bank Account Transfer [FOR ALL BANKS].

Are you having trouble in drafting Application For Bank Account Transfer ? 

If yes ! 

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Application For Bank Account Transfer is available here with more than 5 Samples.

All the applications Samples are written in simple language, so that readers can understand it better.

Application For Bank Account Transfer is necessary when you want to transfer your account branch due to many reasons.

In order to transfer you've to draft an application stating the reasons of transfer.

I am pretty sure, after reading this article all your problems will be solved.

Because, Samples are given and you can edit them as per your requirement and when required.


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How To Write Application For Bank Account Transfer ? 

  1. Open the application by the writer's address line at the left top corner.
  2. Show the receiver's address after leaving a line.
  3. Write the correct date.
  4. Include the subject in brief
  5. Address the receiver by his/her name or as Respected Sir/Madam.
  6. Write the message body in detail. In the letter body, include the reason of account transfer.
  7. Write the complimentary closure in not more than 10 words.
  8. Mention the name and address of the sender.
  9. Please write your name, account Number, address, mobile no. 
  10. In an application and also your bank name, branch code.
  11. Attach all the necessary documents like, residencial proofs, voter ID, PAN Card, Caste Certificate etc., As required by the bank.
I've given 5 Samples below, you can modify this format as your requirement.

1. ‌Application Format For Bank Account Transfer.

H No. 24/B
Kali mandir
Guwahati, 781040.

The Branch Manager
Example Bank of India
Kali Mandir Road 
Guwahati, 781040.

18th march 202#.

Subject : Application for transfer of bank to another branch.

Dear Sir,

With due respect I (name of the account holder), saving/current bank account holder of your bank A/c Number (Account Number here). I would like to transfer my bank account from your branch to (Name of the branch where you wants to Transfer) because I faced difficulties to visit the bank daily as it is far from my hometown.

Therefore, I humbly request you to transfer my bank account to the above-mentioned branch.

Your speedy action in this regard will be highly appreciated. 

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Application For Bank Account Transfer

‌2. Application For Bank Account Transfer To Another Branch Sample.



Date : [__/___/______].

Subject : [____________________________].

Dear [________],

With due respect, I would like to state that I need to transfer my Current Account from your bank to [_______________] branch situated in [_________________]. As I have belong from [________________] it will be more convenient for me to handle my account operation from the above aforesaid branch.

So, I request you to transfer my account as soon as possible to avoid any inconvenience in my daily business transactions.

Thank you.

Yours faithfully,
Anjali Singh
Account Holder : [_______________]
Account Number :[______________]
Account Type : [_________________]
Signature: [______________________].

‌3. Application For Bank Account Transfer Minor To Major.

The Manager
[Name of the Bank]
[Address of the Bank]
[Branch Name]



Respected Sir/Madam,

I am writing this application to bring to your kind notice that I have opened a Minor Saving bank account during my school studies for scholarship and loan. Now I would like to convert into Major Account to access more facilities like cheque book, more transection etc.

My Account details:- 
A/C Holder :- Himesh Chakravarti
A/C Number :- 4561-7771-9762
Account Type :- Saving/Current
CIF Number :- 1241

Therefore, I request you to convert my account from minor to major.

Necessary documents are arrested along with the application.

4. ‌Application For Transfer Of Bank Account To Another Branch In SBI.

24/H Caroline
Udaipur - 74748.
Hyderabad - 788931.

The Branch Manager
Example Bank of India
Hyderabad Branch

14th march, 202#.

Subject : Transfer of Bank Account, Account No.: 4262 2646 8162. 


with reference to above, I would like to Transfer my bank A/c No. 4262 2646 8162. As I have moved to Bihar last month and I may not be able to operate my account with your branch anymore.

Therefore, it is humble request to transfer my a/c to Example Bank of India, Bihar Branch (4801).

Thanking you for the same.

Yours sincerely,
Sangita Kumari
Signature : ____________.

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5. ‌Application For Transfer Of Bank Account To Another Branch In BOI.

The Manager
Bank Of India
Karnatak Branch
Karnataka - 763991.

Date : 25th Jan, 202#.

Subject, Transfer of Savings Bank Account.

Dear Sir,

This is to inform you that I have a Savings Bank account with your Bank and I have been running this saving account for the past three years. I am am Accountant in Investment Bank and i have been transfer to Agra to continue my job.

Therefore, kindly transfer my account to the branch of your bank at Agra Branch, New Delhi. 

I would be much thankful to you.

Yours Faithfully,
Account Holder : Rajesh Sharma
Account Number : 4211 8388 0967.
IFS Code : 4451.

The Conclusion

As you've seen how easy is it to write  a leave application letter for Application For Bank Account Transfer.

I have provided you a fair idea of how to frame the one for yourself on, "Application For Bank Account Transfer.".

I've explained it in a very simple and easiest way and got the ideas through the above samples.

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