Application For Closure Of Fixed Deposit Account [3+SAMPLES].


Application For Closure Of Fixed Deposit Account [3+SAMPLES]

A complete guide on writing application for closure of fixed deposit account is available here.

To close a Fixed Deposit account, an official letter must be written to the bank manager. 

The reason for closing the FD bank account should be stated clearly in the letter to bank manager.

In addition, all bank account information, such as account number, branch code, full name, and so on, should be included in the Application Letter.

How to write a letter to close fixed deposit account? 

  1. You may write your address (Optional)
  2. Start the letter with the bank's address and branch name.
  3. Date
  4. Write the salutation (Sir/Madam).
  5. Explain why the reason why you wish to Close your FD account. 
  6. Request that the balance be transferred to your bank account. 
  7. At the end of the letter, include your name, account number, and signature.


SAMPLE 1: Application For Closure Of Fixed Deposit Account.

Your Address.

The Bank Manager
Name of the Bank
Bank address.

Date : 24th January, 202#.

Subject :- Prayer for closure of Fixed Deposit Account.

Dear Sir,

I have a Fixed Deposit Account No. 4550-7477-2828 in the name of Shri. Mahesh Bhatt that matured on __________ . I am writing this application for closure of Fixed Deposit Account due to ( Mention your reason here).

Therefore, I request you to close the Fixed Deposit and credit the fixed deposit amount to my saving/current account account No. (Account No)

Enclosure: I am enclosing an FD Receipt/FD Bond/FD Advice as well as a KYC document with my application for Fixed deposit closure.

Thank you.

Yours Sincerely,
Mahesh Bhatt
Phone no.: Signature : ________.


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SAMPLE 2: Letter to Bank for closing Fixed Deposit before the maturity.

The Branch Manager
State Bank of India
Udal 24/ Street
Mumbai - 56001.

Date : 

Subject: Closing of fixed deposit for money withdrawal.

Dear Sir/Madame,

I currently have one fixed deposit account with your bank for a sum of Rs. 70,000/- that is due to mature on 24 October, 202#.

I hereby request that you close the aforementioned fixed deposit and credit the proceeds to my savings account number, (Account Number).

My FD Account Details:
Account Holder :
Account Number : 
Registered Email :

I declare that I have read and understood your bank's terms and conditions for this reason.

Yours Sincerely,
Name : 
Signature : 

Necessary documents are attached.


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SAMPLE 3: Application For Closing Of Fixed Deposit Account.

Application For Closure Of Fixed Deposit Account,How to write a letter to close fixed deposit account?

FAQ on application for closure of Fixed Deposit account.

Q.1. How can I close my fixed deposit after maturity?

The proceeds of maturity will then be credited to your savings bank account. Furthermore, if the depositor does not act, the bank has two options for dealing with the matured FD on the due date. a) Auto renewal: On the due date, the bank may automatically renew the FD for one year or for the original term of the FD.

Q.2. How to write a letter to bank for fixed deposit?

Respected Sir,

For the past Seven years, I've had a savings account at your Bank with the account number 4057-7547-0032. I'd like to open a 100,000 rupees fixed deposit with your bank for a period of one year. I would gladly comply with any other formalities imposed by the bank.

Q.3. Can I withdraw my FD at any time?

Fixed deposits with a premature withdrawal option allow the depositor to close the FD before the maturity date. 

However, as a penalty to the bank, the depositor may be required to pay a certain amount. This typically ranges between 0.5 and 1 percent.

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