Application to Bank Manager for ATM Card First Time (3 Samples)


Application to Bank Manager for ATM Card First Time (3 Samples)

Hey, are you looking for any samples of applications for issuing atm cards the first time

Are you having trouble with how to write an application for an atm card?
If yes! You've landed in the right place.

Your queries on applying to bank manager for an ATM card first time are answered in this blog post, with the help of getting 3 application samples.

You may provide your bank manager with the following ATM issue application to acquire a new ATM card.

If you follow the below ATM application letter I'm sure he would accept it and they would want to provide your ATM card.

The example application for an atm card from the bank manager is discussed briefly below. 

Along with your account number and passbook, you will be given an ATM card.

Many banks may require the consumer to submit a letter to the bank manager for issuing a new ATM card. 

For this situation, you can use the below sample letter to the bank manager to request a new atm card without any difficulty, if you have never received an ATM card on your account.

You may also alter or modify these examples as necessary. You may need an application for ATM stuck in ATM Machine.

BONUS TIPThe Bank may request extra papers with the debit card application form, and address proof, which is legally filed for an issue. 

Ask for additional information on the ATM issue, please contact the branch of your bank or customers.

SAMPLE 1: Application to bank manager for atm card first time.

27 - New Ghapur
Mumbai - 700921

The branch manager,
State Bank of India
56/Nampui Market,
Mumbai - 700921

The 19th September, 2021.

Subject, Application for issuance of new debit card.

Respected Sir,

On 9 September 2021, I opened a saving account at your respective bank. At that time I did not request an ATM card. No 9874 is on my account. I have just been using the bank to withdraw money and other transactions. 

These days, because I have limited time, I find it quite difficult to withdraw money. Therefore, I want to debit money from my account with the ATM card later.

If you could advise me about the card application method, I'll be thankful. I also want to know when the card is issued after it has been applied.

All the necessary documents are enclosed with this application letter for your reference.

Thank you!
Yours  sincerely,
Nampui L
Phone no.: 90076***421
Signature : ____________.

You'll need,

  1. The complaint letter to the bank for payment failed but the amount debited.
  2. Vehicle loan request letter to the bank.

SAMPLE 2: Request letter for new ATM card activation.

Your address.

The bank manager
Bank name
Address of the bank
Branch name.

Dated : 9th September, 2021.

Subject, Application for activation of new ATM card.


Since the year 2020, I have had a savings account with your bank with the card number 987654321. And, despite the fact that a new ATM was given in response to my request last week, I was unable to use it.

I'd like to request that you activate my savings account debit card number 70021 as well as my international transaction card because I'll be travelling to western nations and won't be able to use this card for any transactions.

I am submitting the relevant paperwork in accordance with the specifications.

I urgently require that you turn on the services.

Sincerely yours,
Rahul Sharma
Signature : [___________________].

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SAMPLE 3: Letter to bank manager for new ATM card.


The branch manager,
Bank of India
Bank address
Address of the branch.

Date : 29th September, 2021.

Subject, Request for new ATM card.

Dear Sir,

With respect, I am writing to notify you that I have been a customer of your bank for the past five years. I did not receive an ATM card when I created this bank account. 

As a result, I'm writing this application to acquire a new ATM card for the first time.

My bank account information is as follows:
A/C holder's name: _____________
A/C Number : ___________________

As a result, I respectfully request that you provide an ATM card for my account as soon as possible. 

I would be grateful for this wonderful gesture, and please take care of it.

Yours sincerely,
Name : Priyanka Sharma
Signature : ______________

1. Bank passbook
2. Voter ID
3. Address proof.

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Letter to bank manager for new ATM card

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