Letter to Insurance Company for Late Submission of Claim [4 Samples]


Letter to Insurance Company for Late Submission of Claim [4 Samples]

Here you can find all you need to know about writing a letter to an insurance company for late claim filing.

Letters to insurance companies for claims are the legal process by which a client can convey the message to the appropriate company to recover his loss.

A letter to an insurance company for late submission of the claim is intended to be sent to the insurer, informing them that the case will be referred to the financial ombudsman service shortly. 

In this blog post, I've shared a complete guide on how to write a Letter to the insurance company for a claim delay with the help of samples.

You can also modify this sample to send mail to the insurance company for delay claims to meet your specific requirements. 

1. How to write a letter to an insurance company for late submission of a claim?

Consider the following steps while writing a letter to an insurance company for late submission of the claim.
  1. The first step is to determine who is the recipient of this late claim submission.
  2. Send it to the appropriate person.
  3. Start your letter by apologising for submitting your insurance claim late.
  4.  Accept responsibility for your actions, accept your fault, and then begin to explain why your Claim was submitted late.
  5. Following that, you must explain why you had to submit the Insurance Claim late.
  6. Follow the latest format.
  7. You must also substantiate it with sufficient evidence for the professor to verify it if necessary.

2. SAMPLE 1: Letter to the insurance company for a delay claim.

45/West Banglo
Mumbai - 700217

The Manager
Name of the Company
Address of the Company

Dated : 7th December, 2021.

Respected Sir,

With due respect, I regret to inform you that on September 5, 2021, while returning from work, I misplaced my office bag. There was some cash, as well as my most critical documents, such as my ID card and the claim paperwork.

Sir, as you said, the deadline for submitting that document has passed, however owing to an unfortunate accident, I am unable to submit them on time. 

This act of compassion will be much appreciated by me. I have also filed a FIR; please understand my predicament and extend my deadline.  

Yours sincerely
[Contact address].

3. SAMPLE 2: Letter for a late health insurance claim.

The ________ Designation
Nampui Health Insurance Co.
4/Star Colony, 
Mumbai - 800782
The 5th Feb, 2021.
Subject, Application for delay in _____ medical/health claim.
My name is Anita D'cruz, and I live in Mumbai's Upper Hill neighbourhood. I do have a health insurance coverage with the policy number 700982.
I'm writing to express my gratitude for your consideration of my insurance application. Due to the lockout, I was unable to submit the application before the deadline. 
I respectfully urge that you accept my application and grant the claim for Rs. 50,000 as soon as possible.
I hereby certify that the information provided here is accurate and authentic.
If the information is proven to be fraudulent or wrong, I will be held accountable for any actions done in violation of my policy.
Yours sincerely,
Name: ___________
Signature : _______.

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4. SAMPLE 3: Letter for the delay in submitting a car insurance claim.

The [Designation]
Company Name


Subject, Request for a Document Submission Delay.


Anil Kapoor here, and I've filed for car insurance. Fortunately, I received the company's invitation claim, and I was required to submit all of my paperwork to the university by September 7, 2022. 

I'm writing to inform you that, owing to the unusual conditions prevailing in the globe as a result of COVID-19, I'm filing my vehicle insurance claim after the deadline.

I understand how critical it is for all insured parties to meet the deadline. I also made every effort to ensure that my claim was received by the insurer's administration on time.

I apologise for the delay in receiving the materials. I'm hoping that my vehicle insurance company will approve my claim for a delay.

Sincerely yours,
Phone Number.

5. SAMPLE 4: Letter for the delay in the Insurance claim.


The Secretary

Date : ___/___/_____

Subject, Delay in insurance claim.

Dear Sir/Madam/Mr.,

Since 20221, I, Olivia Sharma, have been an insured of your company/bank, insurance number_______________. I'm writing to apologise for the delay in submitting my car/bike/health insurance claim due to a workplace emergency and some personal business. 

We had to transport one of our family members to the hospital, which interfered with my capacity to finish the job on time.

Please pardon me and evaluate this application without taking my tardiness into account.

Thank you in advance.

Yours sincerely
Name ______________
Email ID ______________
Enclosure : 
1. ______________
2. ______________
3. ______________
4. ______________

Letter for delay in Insurance claim,Letter To Insurance Company For Late Submission Of Claim.

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