5+ Insurance Claim Denial Letter Sample [2022]


5+ Insurance Claim Denial Letter Sample [2022] 

Insurance Claim Denial Letter Sample

Your queries regarding Insurance Claim Denial Letter sample  is clearly answer in this blog post.

To be an insurance agent, you'll have to refuse some claims from time to time.

In order to deny a claim, you must write a letter about the claim explaining. 

Even if it's uncomfortable, it's part of your job description. The customer would appreciate it if you write a professional letter.

Points to remember :-

  1. Unless you know why your claim was refused, you can't build a solid appeal against that decision.
  2. In addition to a concise introductory statement, an explanation of your medical condition, and supporting evidence from your doctor, an effective appeal letter should also include the following:
  3. There's no use in appealing if your claim was denied because it was plainly beyond the scope of your insurance coverage.

How to write an insurance claim denial letter?

  1. Be sure to mention that the letter is in response to the client's claim in the opening paragraph of the letter Cite both the claim number and the client's policy number, together with a date when the claim was filed.
  2.  Briefly describe the claim's nature. Your company's claim investigation process should be described in the second paragraph of your response letter. 
  3. Write in the next line that the company's inquiry has led to a denial of the client's claim gently and clearly
  4. If the client has any questions or further remarks concerning the claim or the rejection, your conclusion paragraph should include directions for him to contact you if he has any.
  5.  Appreciate his claim and business. 
  6. You may declare that, despite having to deny this specific claim, you expect to maintain your professional connection with the client in the future. 
  7. If you have any attachments, please include them with the claim letter.

WARNING: The below letter is an example letter that must be adjusted to match the specific facts of your case. 

Before submitting, all bracketed and underlined parts must be filled or corrected. 

If your claim was denied, use this letter to ask for further information about it.

SAMPLE 1: Insurance claim denial letter sample.

_______ [ Your address]
_______ [ State & PIN Code].

The manager,
____________ [Name of the Company]
____________ [Address of the Company]
____________ [ State & ZOP Code].

Date : 9th December, 2022.

Subject, application for Claim denial.

Respected Sir,

John Robert appeals the decision of XYZ Insurance Company to refuse coverage (state the name of the specific procedure denied). 

According to your notice of refusal of September 19th, 2022, this process has been refused for the following reasons (quote the specific reason for the denial stated in denial letter).
Dysentery was detected on 18th February, 2022 for John Robert as you may be aware of Harsha feels John Robert will gain much from (state procedure name). 

In the accompanying letter from Dr. Harsha, he provides a more detailed account of John Robert's health history.

As a result of John Robert's opinion, you did not have all relevant data during your initial evaluation. John Robert has also included a letter from Dr. Harsha from India with this letter (name of treating facility). 

In addition, Dr. Harsha is an expert in (name of specialty). In his letter, he goes into further detail about the operation. Additionally, there are medical records and a number of journal papers that explain the process and the findings of the experiment.

John Robert is requesting that you rethink your earlier decision and cover the surgery Dr. Harsha mentions in his letter based on this information. Beginning in September of 2022, the therapy will be administered. 

Please let us know if you need more information. You can call 900875217 to reach John Robert. When you have a chance, John Robert would love to hear from you!

Yours Sincerely, 
Name : _________
Policy number : ______.

You'll need:-

  1. Insurance cancellation letter.
  2. Insurance maturity claim letter.

SAMPLE 2: Property insurance claim denial letter sample.

The Secretary,
Name of the adjuster
Name of the insurance company

Date : DD-MM-YYYY.

RE: Claim number ___________
       Date of Loss _____________
       Address of property insured ______

Dear ________,

Requesting that you keep us updated on our claim by providing the following information as soon as possible and no later than one week from today is the objective of this letter. 

Our lives have been severely impacted and we're still trying to recover from it, as you may be aware). Send us a message (by email, phone, or postal mail).

[Please provide the following information :- 
1. The precise wording of the policy language you're relying on to reject our claim. 

2. All assessments, studies, and estimates you've made or caused to be prepared in relation to our property and the claim referred to above should be included in this letter]

For your fast and comprehensive response, I thank you in advance. 
For obvious reasons, we are deeply concerned about this issue.

By (insert a week from now) I hope to hear back from (insert the name of your insurance company). 

For your expected help in this situation, I sincerely thank you!

Your name : ______________
Signature : _______________.

SAMPLE 3: Sample appeal letter for medical claim denial.


The branch manager
ACB health Insurance company

Dated : 19th September, 2022.

Subject, application for medical claim denial.

Dear Flevina,

My appeal to (insert name of insurance company) decision to refuse coverage for (state the name of the specific procedure denied).

According to your (insert date) letter of denial, this operation has been rejected because (write the specific reason for the denial stated in denial letter).

(Name of state PPO, HMO, etc.) has had me as a member since (date). As a member of the plan's physician network, I've been able to access a wide range of services. 

According to Dr. (name), my primary care physician, the appropriate treatment for me at this time would be (state procedure name). 

The network does not currently have a physician with considerable experience in this treatment. Dr. (name of primary care physician), a plan provider, has suggested that I have the procedure done by Dr. (name of specialist) at a facility outside the plan's network (name of treating facility).

My primary care physician has sent me a letter detailing his recommendations (name of procedure). 

I have also included a letter from Dr. (name of expert) detailing the operation in detail, as well as his credentials and experience, as well as numerous publications that describe the treatment. 

Thank you.

Your name : ___________
Phone number : ____________.

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SAMPLE 4: Car insurance claim denial letter sample.

The manager,
Company name 

Dated: ___/____/______.

Subject, Application for car insurance claim denial.


As a result of my incident with a car on 19th September, 2021, which rear-ended me at a stop signal on the intersection of 12/London Street, I intend to appeal your judgement on my claim number 70091. 

It was filed on September, 2021, with claim number 70091, for no-fault benefits.

The van slammed into the rear of my automobile, which is a tiny vehicle. In your estimation, the cost of fixing my automobile would be more than what you have advised. 

However, as you can see, the cost of fixing my automobile is far less than the $100,000 that my policy covers for no-fault liability damage.

These three independent quotes are all more than what you quoted me for the repairs to my automobile. As a result, I'd be happy with any of these estimations.

This is not a difficult case to understand. Please answer by December, 2021 if you can. 

The US Consumer Protection Agency will be notified if I don't hear back from you. 7007261 or [email protected] is the number to call or send me an email.

Yours faithfully,
Name : __________.

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SAMPLE 5: Letter of appeal for denied philhealth claims.

To whom it may concern,

It's me, [patient], and I'm a client of [insurance company]. A claim for [procedure name] was denied due to the denial of [insurance company name]. 

On [insert date] I received an Explanation of Benefits saying [insert denial reason straight from letter].
In [date], I was diagnosed with [migraine/chronic migraine], as evidenced by my previous medical claims.

My everyday existence has been negatively impacted by [describe symptoms]. I am now being treated by [name of doctor] at [name of institution]. According to the Medical Necessity Letter included, this [treatment] is clinically advantageous for me.

A statement is made that reads "[give statement from letter that supports therapy]". To learn more about his or her medical history, please check his or her letter. 

Defined the process and its efficacy for my situation in addition to providing extra resources.
[Procedure] was important for my health, so please take the time to carefully study the documentation supplied and rethink your earlier decision to deny coverage for it.

Please do not hesitate to call me at [your phone number] or my physician at [doctor's phone number] if you need further information to make a choice.

Thank you for taking the time to read about this. It would be really appreciated if you could respond quickly to this request.

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How do you appeal a denied insurance claim?

You can file an internal appeal with Blue Shield of California, requesting that your insurer reconsider the rejection. 

If your request is still refused, you can request an impartial, third-party review to assist in resolving the issue.

If the external reviewer determines that the claim must be paid, your health plan must fund it.

What happens when an insurance company refuses a claim?

If an insurance company refuses a request or claim for medical care, the insured has the ability to appeal and then request that the Department of Insurance examine the rejection.

These measures frequently result in the receipt of necessary medical treatment, demonstrating that a rejection by an insurer is not the final word.

What should you never say to a claims adjuster?

What not to say when dealing with an insurance adjuster:-
  1. Understand the job of an insurance adjuster before speaking with them.
  2. Avoid providing too many information regarding the accident or your property damage.
  3. Avoid providing too many details regarding the injury.
  4. You must not sign anything or provide a documented statement.

Is it possible for an insurance company to refuse to pay a claim?

Is it possible for an insurance company to refuse to pay a claim?
Unfortunately, if you have a genuine claim and the other driver's insurance company refuses to pay for it, you must pursue it or even retain the services of an insurance lawyer.

Other insurance companies, on the other hand, may deny the claim and refuse to pay.

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