How To Write A Letter To Car Insurance Company For Claim [2+ SAMPLES]


How To Write A Letter To Car Insurance Company For Claim [2+ SAMPLES].

How To Write A Letter To Car Insurance Company For Claim

Your questions regarding how to write a letter to a car insurance company for a claim may be answered right here. 

Having vehicle insurance is essential, but having no idea how to file a claim is also ineffective.

In this post, I'll walk you through the steps of drafting a vehicle insurance claim letter.

What is an insurance claim letter?

A claim letter is sent to notify the insurance company of an occurrence, explain how it occurred, and provide facts about the issue. The claim letter is intended to prove that a person is qualified for a claim.

The templates below are also appropriate for a letter to the insurance company for a claim of damage to your car; however, modify them to meet your needs.

SAMPLE 1: Letter to car insurance company for claim.

26/Upper Valley

The branch Manager
Nampui Motor insurance Company
Halfway 45 - Street 
Mumbai - 700932

The 8th September, 2021.

Subject, Application for car insurance claim.

Dear Sir,

My name is Sophie D'cruz. I'd like to let you know that my vehicle, Registration No. Last week, BC-9876, which was covered by your firm under Insurance Policy No. 12345, was involved in a major collision.

Though I was not seriously hurt as a result of the accident, my car's bonnet was severely damaged. The motorist on the opposing side was clearly driving dangerously, as evidenced by the rear-end collision. I asked my neighborhood mechanic for advice, and he provided it.

I visited my local mechanic, who estimated that a full repair would cost Rs. 55,000.

As a result, I'm filing a claim for its refurbishment under your Insurance Policy's guarantee.

Thank you very much.
Your name : ______________________
Others insurance details : ________


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SAMPLE 2: Letter to insurance company for car accident claim.


The designation
Name of the company
Address of the company.

Dated : 5th Feb, 2021.

Subject, Request for insurance claim of my car.


I'm writing to inquire about an insurance claim on my automobile. The policy number for my auto insurance is _______________________.

The following are the specifics of the vehicle accident - On 24th December, 2021, I parked my car in the parking lot in front of Nampui Restaurant. There was a track that attempted to park between two Bikes, but there was insufficient room, and it struck my car from behind. 

As a consequence, the body was shattered from behind. I examined my insurance paperwork and discovered that I am qualified for a claim. 

I spoke with the insurance person and filed the claim. I was told that you will contact me about insurance.

I'd like to inform you that, despite my reminders, I have not received any correspondence or phone calls from your company regarding this matter in the last seven days.

Please check into the situation and comply.

Stephanie McMahon.
Contact No.: _______________
Signature : ________________.

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