Covid Insurance Claim Letter Sample (proper Format)


Covid Insurance Claim Letter Sample (proper Format)

Covid Insurance Claim Letter Sample,Covid Insurance Claim Letter

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Covid insurance claim letter sample.

___________ [Your address]
___________ [Pin Code & State]

The Manager/Secretary
___________ [Claims Department]
___________ [Name of the company]
___________ [Company Address].

Date : 8th Feb, 2022.

Subject : Application for Covid insurance claim. 

Dear Sir,

My name is Olivia D'cruz, and I live at 24/street Mumbai (your address).
This letter is to formally seek reimbursement for medical expenditures for insurance No. [_________]. 

As you are aware, a sickness is spreading throughout the world. My covid test was performed on January 20, 2021 (date), and the result was unfortunately positive.

I was treated at Maryland Hospital (Name of Hospital), and I owe 70,000/- for my treatment. The medicine cost 25,000/-, and the vaccine cost another 45,000/-.

When I originally applied for the claim, I submitted all of the claim paperwork and medical reports, and your business recognised that all of my documents were complete and in order.

As a result, I respectfully urge that you investigate this situation as soon as possible and approve my insurance claim.

Thank you for taking the time to look into this.

Yours Sincerely,
Name : [_____________________]
Signature : [__________________]
Contact No. [__________________].

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