Complaint Letter to Bank Manager for Refund Money (5 Samples)


Complaint Letter to Bank Manager for Refund Money (5 Samples)

This blog post will answer all of your questions on complaint letters to the bank managers for refund money.
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In this post, you will learn how to write a complaint letter to the bank manager to refund money with the aid of samples easily and easily.

Points to remember on writing a complaint letter to the bank manager for a refund.

  1. Request that the bank undertakes an inquiry and reclaim the funds.
  2. includes the event dates.
  3. Write down how much money you lost and when you became aware of the problem.
  4. If a number for failing transactions is available, try including them
  5. In your writing, keep a formal and courteous tone. Read more......

SAMPLE 1: Sample letter requesting the return of mistaken payment.

Your address

The bank manager
Name of the bank
Address of the bank.

Date : _________

Respected Sir,
Subject, Double payment reimbursement application.

I am sending this letter with due respect to complain that my saving account, Account Number 9876**41, was reimbursed for duplicate payment.

On September 10, 2021, on behalf of my dad, I transferred 72,000 rs, account number ___________, to my father's saving account.

However, the debit of an extra Rs. 40,000/- from my account was promptly notified to me in the SMS. A few of minutes later I waited to see if the money was refunded to my account, but no SMS was available.

I even check ATM for my account's mini-statement, that I checked on twice. The disadvantage was immediately evident because there was no reversal. 
I thus want you to look into the issue and credit my account for the amount of Rs. 40,000/- at the earliest opportunity.

Please do it and follow. Please.

Thank you for your kind support in advance!
Name : ____________________
Signature : _________________.

SAMPLE 2: Letter to bank manager for reversal of money.

72/Lal matti
Mumbai - 700241

The branch manager
State bank of India
42 - Karoline Street
Mumbai - 700214

The 19th September, 2021.

Subject, Application for refund of money.

Dear Sir,
My account number is 987654 and I have been your bank's long-standing client.

On 5 September 2021, my savings account deducted Rs. 5,000 erroneously. The funds were attempted on the 13/KR Street in Mumbai from your bank's ATM.

Since the transaction was not completed, no money flowed from the slot. Instead, I saw a message indicating I was unable to finish my transaction at the moment.

I realised that the cash was taken from my ATM account the very same day as I tried this morning to update my passbook.

I would like to seek reimbursement as a consequence. In my judgement, there is no question this was a defective deduction. See the problem and reimbursement.I realised that the cash was taken from my ATM account the very same day as I tried this morning to update my passbook.

I would like to seek reimbursement as a consequence.
In my judgement, there is no question this was a defective deduction. See the issue and reimburse my account for the money.

I would like this to be done as soon as possible, because today, as a result of a corporate downturn, I have financial problems

Yours sincerely, 
Nampui Sharma
Phone number : 987**4231.

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SAMPLE 3: Complaint letter to bank for a refund of money from a failed online transaction.

Mumbai - 700421

The Branch manager
State Bank of India
Charmari - Mumbai

The 5th September, 2022.

Subject: Bank request for misdebit. Subject:

Dear Sir,

My name is Nampui L, and my account with the account number 98765421 is a savings account on your bank.

This is to advise you that I transacted online on 10 December 2021 with the reference number 754 to 12345 * 455, however the transaction has failed and a refund of the failed transaction is still required.

I thus urge you to examine the issue and to credit my account with the value of Rs 17,000/- as soon as feasible.

Do the required and obey, please.

Thank you for your kind support in advance!

Yours sincerely,
Anita Sharma 
Phone number : 987654321.

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SAMPLE 4: Sample E-mail to request a bank to refund the amount.

Subject, that's the part you're going to compose your letter topic.

Dear Sir,

This is the introduction to the manager and also the savings / bank account, together with the number of the account.

This is the second section of your letter to the bank manager. how you wrote a letter. Where to explain your concerns with money reimbursement.

Now, here is the closing section in which you will request that the above stated questions be corrected and taken required.

Thank you in advance! Thank you!
Yours sincerely,
Name : ____________.

SAMPLE 5: Complaint letter to bank for deduction of money from ATM.


The Bank manager
Date : ______________

Subject :- Complaint against deduction of money from ATM.

Dear Sir,

I am Nampui L, I want to say that Mumbai resident and a branch saving account holder for the previous 10 years, with due respect. This letter concerns the ATM cash deduction.

It was on 9 September 2021 around eight o'clock in the morning, at Lal Building 24, Mumbai I withdraw Rs. 50.000/- from the ATM of your bank.

When I obtained the small declaration from the ATM, I received a Rs. 50,000 deducted from my account.

However, I received an SMS on my registered telephone number to devote Rs 10,000 extra to the account when I arrived home.

So I encourage you to address my problems as soon as feasible and

Thank you!

Yours faithfully, 
Name : ______________

How To Write A Letter To Bank Manager For Refund Money.

FAQ on a letter to bank manager for refund money.

1. How do I obtain my bank refund? 

In such circumstances, you must call the bank and submit a letter and report the transaction to your bank.

If it has an account with the same branch, the bank may request that the money is refunded. The bank should check the beneficiary's details.

It may take up to two to three working days for banks to handle such cases.

2. How can I draught a bank refund letter? 

For example, you may fill in the samples:
I was a devoted client of your 90087**657 carrying bank account. Last week, 5 September 2021, a sum of Rs. 72,000 was mistakenly deducted from my savings account. I ask for a reimbursement.

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