Sample Request Letter for Working Capital Loan [3 Samples]


Sample Request Letter for Working Capital Loan [3 Samples]

In a very easy manner, this blog post will answer all of your questions concerning a sample request letter for a working capital loan.

When you want to apply for a capital loan for your business, you must first write an application for a bank loan.

As a result, you'll need to submit a business loan application to a bank or corporation for a second loan. 

The business application letter must fulfill the loan criteria. As a result, writing a professional loan request letter for your business that would impress a lender might be difficult.


Well! Well! 

Read this article carefully till the end.

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How to write a request letter for a working capital loan/business loan?

While writing a business loan request letter to a bank manager or company, you must consider the following points.

Besides the business letter format, the following are the important things to include in the application.

  1. Be formal: The request letter should be no more than one page long. The lender should learn what he or she needs to know without having to read the entire letter or switch to another page if the request is made in the first sentence, including the amount necessary. As a result, the bank can promptly transmit the request to the appropriate department.
  2. Include the business plan: Make sure to include a business strategy with a well-thought-out financial forecast for the next 3 to 4 years. Because why should a bank put money into a firm that you don't want to put money into?
  3. Details of the Loans: In one brief paragraph, the details of the business should be properly described. By keeping it brief, the candidate demonstrates that he or she understands your company and its goals. The amount that the applicant has put into the firm with his or her own money should also be included in the letter. 
  4. Enclosure: Make sure to send the letter, together with any attachments, through certified mail so that the applicant has proof of the time and date it was sent and received. All attachments, such as a business plan or a company certificate, should be exact duplicates of the original. It is never a good idea to send genuine documents!

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SAMPLE 1: Request letter for working capital loan.

Sander's address
Pin code & State.

The Branch manager
Name of the company/bank
Address of the company/bank.

Date : 19th September, 2021.

Subject, Application for working capital loan.

Respected Sir,

My name is Manoj Kumar, and I am the owner and proprietor of ABC Company Ltd., based in Down Hill, Mumbai. My company specialises in the production of woollen garments and has been in operation for the past 12 years. 

Business is booming, and now there's a chance to benefit not just the firm and its employees, but also the general public that use our goods and services. This new business strategy will allow the company to provide low-cost, high-quality cotton clothing and services. 

However, additional working capital is required to achieve this. I'd like to enlist the valuable assistance of your bank in this matter. 

I will be happy to meet with you and address the situation at your earliest convenience. You can contact me using the details shown below. 
Your thoughtful consideration of the foregoing request is greatly appreciated. 

Thank you for your time and consideration, and I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Sincerely yours,
Name : _________________
Signature : _____________
Official designation : ________________
Name of the company : ______________.

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SAMPLE 2: Application letter for renewal of the working capital loan.


The Manager,
________________ [Bank Name]
________________ [Address of the Bank]

Date: 15th September, 2021.

Subject: Working capital loan renewal request.

Dear Sir,

I am Simran Sharma and it is to state that we're taking out a working capital loan in your branch in the name of Nampui Company Pvt. Ltd., account number 9876**241, with a September 14, 2021 renewal date.

In this regard, we'd want to emphasise that we'd like to continue using your bank's working capital credit facility, and we'd welcome it if you could extend it as soon as feasible.

If you could guide us through the process of renewing the above-mentioned service, that would be great. 

Please contact me at 9876**421 if you have any queries.

Please find the necessary documents attached for your review, as per the criteria.

Yours faithfully,
Name : Nampui L
Signature : [_______________________].

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SAMPLE 3: Business loan letter format.


___________ [Your home address]

___________ [Pn Code & State]


The manager,

______________[Bank Name]

______________[Bank Address]

Date : ___/___/______.

Subject : _____________________

Salutation : _____________



Main Body: why you write the letter?




Name & Signature




1. _________________

2. _________________

3. _________________.


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Request Letter For business Capital Loan,Sample Request Letter For Working Capital Loan

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