Application for ATM Card Stuck in ATM Machine [2 Samples]


Application for ATM Card Stuck in ATM Machine [2 Samples]

Your queries regarding the application for Aan TM cardstock in Aan TM machines will be answered in this blog post. 
Sometimes it may happen that due to a machine error or some technical error, the ATM card got stuck in the ATM machine. 

In this case, you've to write a letter to the bank manager informing them bout Athe TM card being swallowed by a machine.

These samples may also be used as a request letter for captured ATM card or a letter to the bank manager for Aan TM card swallowed.

You must adapt this sample to your specific requirements. Also can read on the application for e-issue ATM cards

SAMPLE 1: Letter to Bank regarding ATM card stuck in ATM machine in English.


The bank manager
Name of the Bank
Bank address
Name of the branch.

Dated : 19th September, 2021.

Respected Sir,

This is to let you know that my name is Nampui L, and I hold a savings account with your bank. The account number for my account is 9003246791. 

I'm writing to notify you that at 7 a.m., when withdrawing Rs. 12,000 in cash from Panbazzar Mumbai, the ATM Card became stuck owing to a machine fault.

The number on my ATM card is 5570, and my name is Nampui L.

Furthermore, I was in desperate need of cash, but I couldn't get any since my ATM card was trapped inside.

I respectfully urge that you look into this problem and inform me of the next actions to be done. 

I'd want a replacement card as soon as possible, or I'd like my old card returned.

Thank you very much.

Yours sincerely,
Name : Anjali sharma
Signature : ___________
Phone number : 900875431.

You'll need:-

  1. Application for a closing ATM card.
  2. F.I.R application for lost ATM.
  3. Letter to bank for refund money.

SAMPLE 2: ATM card blocked in atm machine letter format.

_________ [Customer address]

The manager
______________ [Bank Name]
______________ [Bank Address]
______________ [Branch Name].

Date : DD-MM-YYYY.

Subject, ATM card retained in ATM machine.


I'm writing to let you know that I've had an account with your bank since 2020. I was supposed to make a cash withdrawal from an ATM machine last night. 

I tried several times but was unable to obtain the necessary quantity. In the meanwhile, the machine began to swipe my ATM card. 

As a result, it is asked that you kindly take the necessary steps so that I can withdraw the appropriate amount from anywhere and at any time.

My ATM card details
Name in card : ___________
Number : _________________

I'd appreciate it if you could look into this right away.

Yours faithfully,
Name : _____________________
Contact address : ___________

Enclosure : 
1. _______________
2. _______________
3. _______________
4. _______________.

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Application For ATM Card Stuck In ATM Machine

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FAQ on the application for ATM cards stuck in ATM machines.

How do I get back my ATM Card that got stuck in the Athe TM machine?

Just after the incident, write a letter to the bank manager informing them about the situation, and you need to present your identity card and claim the card in the banking hall.

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