Letter To Police Station For Lost Aadhar Card (Example)


Letter To Police Station For Lost Aadhar Card (Example)

Your questions about letter to police station for lost aadhar card is answered in this blog post.

If you lose your Aadhar Card or any other essential document or certificate, you should write an FIR application for lost aadhaar card.

In this situation, sample FIR application for  to the police station for the loss of papers might be of great assistance.

Sample letter to police station for loss of AADHAR card is provided for you here.

Write a letter to police station for lost aadhar card 

Your Address
PIN Code & State.

Date : 23rd Feb, 2022.

Officer in charge
Mumbai Police Station
Police Station Address,
District, State.

Subject, F.I.R application for lost Aadhar Card.

Respected sir,

I am writing to report the loss of an Aadhar Card issued in my name last year. My name is NAMPUI, and I live in East Mumbai.

When I realised I didn't have my Aadhar Card with me this morning, I immediately notified the issuing authorities. However, in response, they requested that I report the event to the local police.

Of course, the local police department would need to record some particular information about what I did yesterday or which places I went, so I shall do so. 

To begin, I spent some time yesterday at Mumbai-27 Street. On my way home on NH-209 Road from the Curry Mile, I had a quick snack before heading back to my apartment. 

It's C1900DA on my ID card, which also has my photo on the back of it.

Please, depending on the information above, furnish me with certain essential papers as soon as possible so that I may apply for another Aadhar Card.

Yours sincerely,
Name : ________________
Phone number : _____________.

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