Mobile Lost Complaint Letter To Police (3 Samples).


Mobile Lost Complaint Letter To Police (3 Samples).

Friends, in this article we'll show you how to write a mobile lost complaint letter to the police, along with some sample formats.

If you believe your mobile phone has been misplaced or misdirected, you should go to a police station near the location where the phone was forgotten or lost and enroll in a Daily Dairy Report (D.D.R.).

An F.I.R. is issued in cases of cognizable felonies, i.e., crimes of a dangerous nature, whereas a D.D.R. can be issued in cases of non-cognizable infractions. 

If is mishandled, the D.D.R. can serve as proof of your identity (a nice goal).

Sample 1: Mobile Lost Complaint Letter format

Your address
District & PIN Code

The police Officer Incharge
(Name) Police Station

Date: 28th April 2021.

Subject, Application for mobile lost 

Dear Sir,

This letter is to report a lost phone. I had an iPhone 13 that I misplaced at the Chandmari subway station while boarding the subway. It had a dark color to it. It contained all of my information as well as useful contacts. Please notify me if anyone reports finding such a phone.

As a result, I request that you look into this matter and come up with a positive solution.

Yours sincerely,
Phone No.: 9957536680
Signature: _______________.
You'll need:- 
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Sample 2: Mobile lost complaint letter to police.

Your Address
PIN Code & State.

Date: 23rd Feb 2022.

Officer in charge
Mumbai Police Station
Police Station Address,
District, State.

Subject, Complaint about loss of the mobile phone.

Respected sir,

I am a Nampula Lungthluka. On April 13, 2022, at the Shillong Shopping Mall in Main Market, I misplaced my phone.

The phone is a Samsung V4 with a detachable blue cover. The phone's IMEI number is (IMEI number), while the device's serial number is (serial number). The cellphone number on the SIM card used in the missing phone is 90068588. The new gadget of this kind is likely to cost Rs 27,000/-.

You are kindly urged to register the complaint and give me an authenticated copy of this complaint so that I may send it to the service provider to ban the phone number and avoid possible SIM misuse.

I would appreciate it if you could take the required procedures to find and retrieve the missing device.

Yours faithfully,
Name: Nampula Lungthluka
Phone No.: 
Signature: __________.

Sample 3: Report loss of mobile phone to police.

The Police Officer
Name of Police Station
Station Address.

Dated: __/__/_____.

Subject:- Letter of Lost Mobile to Police Station.

Respectfully, Sir,

I'd like to notify you that on April 4th, 2021, I was traveling by local bus from New Sholapur to Caroline Colony, and my Mobile Phone was with me when I boarded at the XYZ Bus Station, but when I arrived at Caroline Colony, I realized that my Mobile Phone had been missing.

I declare that, despite my best efforts, I have been unable to find my OPPO RENO & Model No.575, IMEI Number 12345, and the lost phone number is 987654321.

Regarding the loss of the aforementioned mobile device, I am filing a report with the Railway Police Station. I'd want you to look into this and return my phone as soon as possible.

Thank you so much.

Faithfully Yours,
Name: Nampui
Contact no.: _________
Signature: __________.

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Mobile Lost Complaint Letter To Police

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