PNB Bank Account Transfer Application Format (2 Samples)


PNB Bank Account Transfer Application Format (2 Samples)

Are you planning to transfer your bank account from one branch to another? 

In this article, I've shared the best guide on writing bank account transfer application format.

First and foremost, I'd want to emphasize that moving a bank account is a simple process. 

It's a simple activity that takes only a few hours to accomplish.

Some banks now allow you to move funds between your accounts through the internet. 

However, to transfer our bank account to another branch, we usually need to send a bank account transfer request letter to the branch manager. 

To make your argument, you don't need to compose a long letter.

How to write a letter to PNB for account transfer?

Some tips for writing a bank account transfer application –
  1. Make an effort to write the transfer application formally.
  2. At the top of the application, provide the title of Manager or Branch Director, as well as the name of the branch.
  3. Write the application's subject straightforwardly and simply.
  4. In the main body section, describe the application in depth. Put your account number and new branch address on a piece of paper.
  5. Explain why you're transferring money from your bank account.
  6. With the account holder's signature, close the application.
  7. If the banker needs to contact you again, include your current address, phone number, and email address.

What are the documents required to transfer the PBN bank account?

  1. An old passbook.
  2. The new branch's IFSC code
  3. ATM/Debit Card (Old) (If Issues).
  4. Checkbook from the past (If Issues).
  5. Two passport-size picture copies.

EXAMPLE 1: PNB Bank account transfer application format.

Your address

The Manager,
Punjab National Bank
Address of the Bank
Name of the Branch.

Date : DD-MM-YYYY.
Subject: application for Bank account transfer.
Dear Sir,
I have the honour to declare that I have a savings bank account with the number 900 887 6578. 
Nampui L is the account holder at your branch. I'd like to request that you move the above-mentioned account to your KOPLI BRANCH for my personal convenience.
Your sincere cooperation is requested in this respect.
Thank you very much.

Yours sincerely,
Name : ______________
Signature : __________.

You'll need,

EXAMPLE 2: PNB account transfer application in English.

Your address,

The manager
______________ [Bank/Co. Name]
______________ [Bank Address]
______________ [Branch Name].


Subject, credit cards cancellation letter.

Respected Sir,

With due respect, I would like to request that my account be transferred from the current branch to your branch in East Mumbai as I have recently relocated from West Mumbai and will find it more convenient to manage my account operations from the above-mentioned branch.

I have no outstanding liabilities with the same branch, therefore please move my account as soon as possible to minimise any disruption to my regular company operations.

My account information is as follows:
The Account's holder name: _________
The account number : _______________
Type of Account: ____________________

Your prompt response will be much appreciated in this respect.


Name : 
Signature : ________________.

1. ___________
2. ___________
3. ___________.

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PNB Bank Account Transfer Application Format


1. How can I write a letter requesting a bank account transfer?

Sir, please accept my heartfelt greetings. With great respect, I would like to request that my account be transferred from the present branch to your branch in (Address and area name), as I have just migrated from (City Name to New City Name) and will find it more easy to manage my account from the above-mentioned branch.

2. Is it possible to make a bank account transfer online?

Yes, you may transfer money from one bank account to another through the internet. 

However, most Indian banks do not offer this service. This service is only available to the largest banks in the country. 

3) How long does it take to transfer an account from one branch account to another?

We won't be able to tell you because it is totally dependent on your bank. This procedure, however, takes at least 12 to 16 days to complete.

Normally, it takes 3-4 business days.

4. What should you do if your PNB Bank account is transferred to another branch?

After receiving confirmation from your current home branch, either directly from the bank or by SMS or email, you must go to your new bank's branch. 

These days, confirmation from SBI and PNB takes no more than 3-5 days.

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