How to write an Application for Quarter Allotment (2 Samples)


How to write an Application for Quarter Allotment (2 Samples)

Your question about how to write an application for quarter allotment is answered in this blog.

Here's a quick rundown of a Sample Request Application for the Government Quarter.

Employees of the government can apply for residential quarters accommodation using the available forms. 

Employees, officers, instructors, grade officers, police officers, income tax officials, protocol officers, clerks, and others can use this sample application for Government Quarter. 

You must adapt this sample to your specific requirements.

Example 1: How to writean  an application fora  a quarter allotment?

_________ Your address.

The Head Department
Name of the Department
Address of the office.

Dated : 16th September, 2022.

Subject, Government Quarters Application.

Respected (Sir/Madame),

Since the last 3/5 years (more/less), I have been (Your Name), (Job Designation) of grade (Number) of (Government Department name). This is an application for a Government Quarter. 

I am from (Resident place name), which is also my hometown, however my job placement is in (Resident place name) (Job place name). Although I applied for a government quarter, I have yet to be assigned one. 

With my present wage, it is difficult for me to stay in a leased house because I am married with two children. The work agreement stated that such a quarter would be provided.

I respectfully request that you grant me a quarter as soon as possible so that I can maintain my work motivation. 

In addition, I will meet all of the requirements for Government quarters, such as rent and maintenance.


Yours sincerely,
Name : Anil kumar
Job designation : ______________
Signature : ____________________

You'll need:-

  1. Request Letter For Playground.
  2. Write A Letter To Your Fathe .

Example 2: Quarter allotment application for central govt. employees.

[Your address]

The Manager
Name of the branch/department

Date : October, 29th September.

Subject, application for allotment of govt quarter. 

Dear sir,

I'm writing to express my interest in applying for a government housing unit. My name is (Your name), and I work at her Majesty's (Department name) as a (Job position) (Office address). (Explain in your own terms.) 

I am a dedicated employee that enjoys my work. I can't afford to get home by myself or pay the high rent each month because my job doesn't pay well. (Explain the problem and the scenario.) 

My current home is only fit for one person, which makes coping in this house all the more difficult given my family's situation. (Explain the matter completely.)

I respectfully request that you assign me a Government Quarter or Government Flat in (Placename).

Please assist me; I hope you will think of me for this and give me this respite.

Thank you!

Name & Signature.

How To Write Application For Quarter Allotment

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