Application for School Bus Route Change [3 Examples]


Application for School Bus Route Change [3 Examples]

Your queries regarding the application for school bus route change are available here.

A request from the principal for school bus route change may be written for changing old school buses due to maintenance issues, expiry of the bus, damaged bus, accident bus, etc.

You may edit the following 3 samples application for school bus route change to meet your needs.

EXAMPLE 1: Request letter format for school bus route change.

Caroline Colony,
New Delhi - 500231.

The Principal
Delhi Public School
Virat Nagar - 700223
New Delhi.

The 15th February, 2022.

Subject: Request for school bus route change.

Respected Sir,

It is claimed that we informed you by letter a long time ago that the school bus is no longer usable due to several difficulties, including the fact that it occasionally stops on the route, that the bus was involved in two accidents, and that it could not be maintained as necessary. 

When the bus stops operating, the gauge and gear become worthless, and the vehicle's speed slows, causing kids to be late. They arrive 45 minutes late to school and miss the first class.

We have requested a new bus since it will be beneficial to the school. We hope you would pay attention and change the school bus as quickly as possible to avoid any serious incidents.

You will be much appreciated.

Yours faithfully,
Name: Nishita Das
Class: ____________
Roll Number: ____________
Student's Signature : _____________.

You'll need:-

  1. Passport File Closing Letter Format.
  2. Write A Letter To Bookseller Ordering Books.

EXAMPLE 2: Application for school bus route change. 


The principal
Mt. Gandhi M.E School
Old Market, Street 21

Dated : The 17th February, 2022.

Subject : letter for school bus route change.

Dear Sir,

I'm Anita Sharma's mother, and I'd like to request that you alter my daughter's bus route, since we recently moved from Lower Mumbai to Upper Mumbai, 700912.

Because the distance may be extended, I agree to pay any additional charges for the trip. I respectfully urge that you modify the route as soon as possible. 

As a result, we should have no problems. Please accept my request and transmit it to the appropriate staff as soon as feasible.

Yours truly,
Anamika Sharma.

EXAMPLE 3: Sample application for school bus service.

(Your address).

The Principal
(Name of the school)
(Address of the school).

Date: 9th February, 2022

Subject: Application for bus service.

Respected Sir,

This is to notify you that my name is Rohan Sharma, and my roll number is 32.

I'm writing to express my desire to use the bus service/transport facility. My current address is 700931 in Lower Mumbai. 

I used to commute by public transportation on a regular basis, but owing to the large number of people, this is no longer viable.

I'll complete all of the appropriate paperwork and pay all of the costs before tomorrow. Please provide me the bus schedule.

To use the bus service, please provide the following information:
Address : Lower Mumbai, 27-Bus Stop.
Nearest Pick up point according to landmarks: Lower Mumbai, 27 Bus Stop.
Thank you!

Yours obediently,
Name : [__________________]
Class : [___________________]
Class Roll No.: [___________]
Contact detail : [__________].

Application For School Bus Route Change

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