Application for Leaving Hostel Permanently (Example)


Application for Leaving Hostel Permanently (Example)

Your queries on how to write an application to leave the hostel permanently are answered in this article. 

You can use the following examples as a hostel leave application for the festival or you may use it s a leave application to the warden by parents, you can modify them as per your requirements.

We had leave applications for going home from the hostel for people who wanted to leave the hostel permanently or temporarily. 

Using our templates, you may create your own.

Example 1: Application for leaving hostel permanently by parents.

_____________ (Name of the Student)
_____________ (Address).

The Warden,
_____________ (Name of the School),
_____________ (Address)

Date: 9th September, 2022.

Subject: Request for leaving the hostel permanently.

Dear madam,

This letter is to notify you that I, Ganesh Sharma, father of Anita Sharma (student's name), who is a student at ABC College (name of the college).

I'm writing to inform you that my daughter will not be staying in the hostel any longer. The reason for terminating your stay is that you have completed your course/moved into an apartment. She has already returned to the hostel all of the essential stuff.

Please inform me of the accounts that need to be settled for the stay.

Name : ______________
Contact information: ______________.
You'll need the following:-

Example 2: Application for leaving the hostel permanently.

42-Caroline Colony

The Head Accommodations
Mumbai HG Academy
23 - Uladpur Road

Dated : 19th September, 2022.

Subject, request to leave hostel.

Respected madam,

Sir, my name is Nampui Sharma, and I've been staying in your Tarag Colony hostel for the past four months. I am very satisfied with your hostel's services, and I have never had a problem with any of the employees. 

The hostel is at an ideal location and provides all of the necessary amenities and comforts. My parents have been living overseas for the last six years, but they are now returning to India, therefore I am expected to return to my home.

Please take this letter as my notice of permanent departure from the hostel. I'm sad that I'll have to say goodbye to all of my friends and the wonderful hostel staff who have made my time here seem like home.

I'll keep you in my prayers, and I'll definitely tell everyone they should stay at your hostel if they need to. Thank you very much.

Yours faithfully,
Name : ________________
Signature : ____________.

Example 3: Application for leave hostel in English.


The Warden
ABC BoysHostel
Ravi Nagar, Mumbai

The 29th September, 2022.

Dear Madam,
I, Anita Sharma, am staying at the hostel's room 72 (double occupancy).

With all due respect, I respectfully want five days off. My aunt gave birth to a newborn boy just a few days ago, and I'm eager to see him. [Mention your own reason].

Tomorrow, October 9th, at 9 a.m., I'll fly home to Guwahati and return to the hostel about 5 p.m. on 15th October 2022.

I'm hoping you'll grant my leave request. You may phone any member of my family to verify the validity of the reason I gave, or you may contact them in any other way.

Thank you!

Your obediently,
Name of the student: Anita Sharma
Contact number : +9160075850073.

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Application For Leaving Hostel Permanently

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