How to Write a Letter Asking for Money From Family?


How to Write a Letter Asking for Money From Family?

This article will answer all your queries on writing a letter asking for money from a family with samples.

As your parents are your sole financial backers as you get older, you will occasionally ask them for money for various reasons.

Though it is always preferable to spend money sensibly, if you need money, write a letter to your parents explaining why you need it and don't forget to ask them where they are. 

1. Letter asking for money from parents


Dear Dad,

How are you doing? I'm doing well in school, and I hope you're doing well as well. The new school here is excellent, and the instructors' demeanour toward me is also excellent. I've made several new acquaintances here who are friendly and helpful, and who assisted me with finishing my notebook on the first day.

My professors are quite pleased with my work in class. I'm writing to inform you that my first periodic test will begin the first week of the next month.

My lecturers recommended various study aids and reference books to me, claiming that they would be valuable to my studies and would aid in my test performance.

These books are not available in the school library, so I will have to purchase them. They are expensive, and I will not be able to purchase them with my pocket money, so I request that you send $100 via money order as soon as possible so that I can purchase the books and begin studying for the exams.

I'll be waiting for your response. Take care of yourself and your mother, and send my love to everyone.

Your devoted son,

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2. Formal letter requesting money

Dear (Name),

I haven't really seen you since thanksgiving last year, and I hope you and Uncle Harry are well. This letter is a formal request for a $7000 loan to assist pay for my siblings' back-to-school expenditures.

They are entering fifth and seventh grades, respectively, and require new shoes, school supplies, and computers, as well as expenses for Luke's sports participation and Mary's pottery class.

Sometimes, I could afford these items, but I had to pay a portion of my cancer treatment out of pocket, which reduced my funds. I'm cancer-free now, thank goodness.

I return to work next month and will start receiving my full wage. I can return you $100 each month for five months, plus any interest you desire, once that begins.

Thank you for taking the time to examine my circumstance; if now isn't the best moment for you to give money, don't worry; everything will work out.  Please accept my heartfelt greetings.

Name and Signature.

3. How to ask for financial help from your uncle?

Dear Uncle,

How are you doing? I hope Aunt and Hanna are doing well there as well. I'm writing to you because our school is planning an educational tour of California for all ninth and tenth grade students.

The journey will include a session by renowned scientist D.R. Stark, as well as visits to the National University of Information and Technology and historical places in California. We need to pay our class teachers $500 to go on this vacation, but I only have $100 in my bank account.

I really want to go on this trip and think it would be beneficial to my understanding, therefore I'd appreciate it if you could wire $400 to my bank account as soon as possible so I may submit the money for the trip.


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Letter to father for Money.


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