[5 Samples] Complaint Letter to School Principal about Teacher


[5 Samples] Complaint Letter to School Principal about Teacher

We have got the answer to your queries on a sample complaint letter to the school principal about a teacher in this article. 

Every school has its own set of rules that apply to both students and instructors. 

Teachers are expected to act in a specific way as a result of these codes. 

If a teacher misbehaves, she should be held accountable for not closely adhering to the code of behaviour.

Your letter of protest may force the instructor to respond to those who hired him or her. 

Furthermore, once the teacher learns that a complaint has been filed against them and that they may lose their job as a result of their bad behaviour, the teacher is more inclined to modify his or her behaviour.

How to write a complaint letter against a teacher?

Consider the following points in your complaint letter about teachers.
  1. The tone of the letter should be polite and respectful, as it is addressed to the principal. 
  2. It is preferable to begin composing the letter by providing your contact information as well as specific details regarding the situation.
  3. If you've already written a complaint letter, make a note of it in the letter. If you include multiple reminders in your message, it will attract more attention.
  4. The letter should not be written in a forceful tone. 
  5. You might ask the principal to take serious note of the issue you're having and to remedy it as soon as possible.
  6. Include any papers that can help you prove your case in the letter.
  7. Name and contact information should be included. 
  8. If you're a student, provide your registration number, class name, and section in your message. 
  9. Finish on a good note in your letter.
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When should you send a teacher complaint letter?

Many students and parents are unsure when to file a teacher complaint. 

However, if you see that the teacher's behaviour is not up to par or that she or he is doing anything that she or he is not authorised to be doing, you should file a complaint letter with the appropriate authorities.

It's important to remember that if you don't send the complaint letter as soon as the teacher's misconduct occurs and wait a few days for things to calm down, you'll wind up damaging everything. 

Teachers are, in reality, employees of an educational institution, and the institutions have several regulations that the teachers must adhere to.

Sample l: Format of Complaint letter against teacher From a student.

24 Caroline
Jowai, Meghalaya

The principal
Example junior School.
Danger Zone, Meghalaya

Date : 24th October, 2022

Subject: Complaint letter to principal about teacher behaviour.

Respected sir,

My name is Johnny Agarwal, and I'm a seventh-grade student submitting this letter on behalf of my whole class. First and foremost, I would want to beg that you see my letter positively for the situation to be handled quickly.

You have supplied us with the greatest instructors in the school, and they are all doing an excellent job of educating us, however, we are having some issues with Miss Olivia Paul, our Mathematics teacher. 

Many kids in my class, including myself, are experiencing behavioural issues as a result of his actions. Olivia Paul, I'm sorry to report, does not know how to conduct or treat his students with respect.

We are all aware that our school has established specific guidelines for instructors, which are expected to be observed by them as well. A competent teacher demonstrates respect for kids and maintains appropriate behaviour with them. 

Olivia Paul, on the other hand, constantly insults us, screams at us, calls us strange names, and if someone asks him a question about the lesson, he does not make things plain, leaving us in the dark.

We were not expecting such conduct from a teacher, therefore this circumstance is proving devastating for us. We love them all with all of our hearts, but we also want civility, affection, and decent behaviour from them. 

We've sent you this letter because we're certain you'll be able to remedy this issue. We respectfully urge that you take the required actions in this regard. In anticipation, we all say thank you.

Yours obediently         
Nane & Signature.

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Sample 2: Letter of complaint about school facilities.

The Headmaster
{Institute Name}
{Institute Address}


Subject, Formal letter complaint about school toilet.

Dear sir,

My daughter, who is in sixth grade, is a student at your school. She has been expressing her dissatisfaction with the state of the bathrooms and classrooms. This is inexcusably inexcusable. 

The school administration is responsible for maintaining the cleanliness of the school grounds. Bacteria and illnesses can readily spread if cleanliness is not maintained. 

Due to their weakened immune systems, children are more susceptible to such health problems.

 I'd like to urge that the school administration take care of the cleaning services regularly. We must instil the value of cleanliness in both our environment and our bodies.

Yours truly,
Name & Signature.

Sample 3: Complaint letter against the school teacher.


The Headmaster
SWAT National institute
Hollen Road, New Delhi

15th January 2022
Subject: Complaint about teacher behaviour.

Dear Sir,

I'm writing to you as an official complaint against Madam Alia Bhatt, my son's fourth-grade teacher. Based on what my son and his friends have told me, the instructor does not appear to be prepared or competent to teach pupils at this grade level.

I'd be happy to assist my child with his homework, but he never seems to have any these days. When I ask if we can go over the daily teachings, he appears to be perplexed by the topic.

I've scheduled multiple meetings with her to discuss my son, but she's cancelled each one. I've also been to the school multiple times and saw her talking on her phone during class time while the pupils appeared to have been left unattended.

I don't expect my child to follow a rigid schedule at school, but I do want him to progress in all of the topics necessary for his grade level.

This, I feel, is not only harmful to my son's academic future and the academic futures of other children in his class, but it also reflects poorly on the school's overall reputation, which is why we picked this school over others.

Thanking you.
(Parents Name).

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Sample 4: Format of complaint letter against a teacher from a Parent.

Your address

The headmaster
School name
School address


Subject, complaint letter for unprofessional behaviour of a teacher.

Dear Sir,

I'm writing to express my concern about my child's education. Arian Sharma is in grade 4 at your school. Unfortunately, it has become clear that the Class instructor is unprepared to educate pupils in this grade level effectively.

I've written in my journal several times that I should pay more attention to my children and that everyday classwork should be completed. While I was waiting to see her, I saw that the teacher was occupied with other unnecessary things.

Your care for your kid and the other pupils in the class will be successfully shown via instruction. Not only is the school name failing our pupils, but he/she is also a horrible representative of Arian Sharma as a whole.

I request that you rectify this issue as soon as possible. Our children just cannot afford to waste a year of teaching due to the poor performance of a single instructor in today's global market. So that our children do not fall farther behind, immediate action is required. 

Please contact me so that we may continue to talk about this. In the meanwhile, I appreciate your swift response to this situation and thank you in advance.

I will be eternally grateful for this wonderful gift to my child. And consider this complaint to be a serious matter.

Yours truly,
Name & Contact information.

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Sample 5: Write a letter to your principal regarding the lack of sports facilities in your school.

C/12 Chang Street

The principal
Example junior College.
Danger Zone, California

Date: 10th October 202X

Subject: Request letter for sports facilities.

Respected sir,

I am a 9th-grade student at your school and a huge tennis lover. When my family relocated from another city last summer, I enrolled at this school. 

Given that this is the greatest school in town, I had high hopes for the sports facilities. But it appears that I was mistaken. I was a trained tennis player who represented my school on several occasions. I'm unhappy that we don't have these amenities at our school.

I'd like you to encourage all types of sports among the pupils to promote health and sportsmanship.

Yours sincerely,
Name: Example Aggarwal
Contact number: 

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5 Sample Complaint Letter To School Principal About Teacher.

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