How To Write A Letter To Return Goods (with 3 Samples)


How To Write A Letter To Return Goods (with 3 Samples)

Do you want to return or replace the products you ordered? 

Return damaged products or ordered items to the firm, suppliers, clients, or vendors using this sample request letter. 

The faulty acquired products can be returned to the supplier if it is specified in the purchase order. 

Furthermore, the customer can specify in the purchase order that defective products will be returned at no cost, including transportation, manufacturing, and material costs.

  1. Sample 1: Expiry goods return letter
  2. Sample 2: Material return letter sample
  3. Sample 3: Goods return letter to transport.

Sample 1: Expiry goods return letter

____________ (Sender’s details)

Date: __/__/____ 

____________ (Receiver’s details)

Dear Anil,

This is in regards to the (name of the product) I purchased from your (store/online). I have previously obtained good results as a regular consumer of your (store/online). However, I'm writing to voice my disappointment with the (product name) that I recently purchased.

When I realised the (issue) that the product had expired, I was preparing to use it as part of my daily regimen. I'd want you to (swap the item/provide a refund – explain why).

I hope you will remedy your mistake and use additional caution while handling things having an expiration date.

I've attached the bill as well as other information. Please call or email me at I eagerly await your response.

Signature of the sender.
You'll need:-

Sample 2: Material return letter sample


{Supplier Name/Company}

{Supplier Address}

{City, State, Zip Code}

Dear {Sir/Madam},

I'm writing to inform you that I placed an order for a lot of 100 pieces of your brand's eye shadow kit on April 18 (Date), as shown on the invoice copy attached. The order was delivered on schedule. As a result, I feel compelled to thank you. When I opened it, however, I realised that the 78 kits were separated into four different colours.

I'm returning the purchase to you and rejecting the order I placed due to poor delivery of goods.

Please let me know within one week whether you will refund my money or repair the damaged items in my order.

Additionally, I'd like you to be aware that if my claim is not resolved, I intend to launch a lawsuit against you.

I'm looking forward to hearing from you as soon as possible.

Name and Signature.

Sample 3: Goods return letter to transport.

Dear Hallen,

We are returning a pair of shoes that XYZ Company purchased for Rs. 70,000 from your company on August 7th. Please find a copy of our purchase receipt attached.

We're returning this item due to a problem with malfunctioning. It does not perform as the maker claims.

Please return the whole sum of 70,000 INR to XYZ Company for this purchase. Thank you very much.



It's not typical for certain products to seem unattractive. You do not, however, have to lose money as a result of the supplier's mistake. 

By writing this letter, you are authorising the supplier to correct their error and supply the things you ordered. 

Always maintain a polite and professional demeanour. Never assume the supplier's actions were done maliciously or on purpose. 

Also, be sure to provide your contact information so that the source may reach out to you right away.

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