Attestation letter sample (How to write?)


Attestation letter sample (How to write?)

A letter of attestation is a written or signed declaration, action, or behaviour confirmation. The writer is attesting (certifying) that they witnessed or know something is true.

For example, it is common for new employees to fill out and sign a letter of attestation for good character, confirming that they do not have a criminal record or convictions for sexual abuse or violent crime.

Employers may write a brief letter attesting to a former employee's good behaviour, which can be used in future job applications in a much less formal scenario.

Employers, colleges, or workers/students may also submit a letter of attestation to an examiner stating that they satisfy the prerequisites to take an exam, such as having completed coursework or having the necessary experience.

If someone has undergone specialised training, they can create a letter of attestation, which includes a signature at the bottom and states that they have finished the programme. 

Although it is a type of self-certification, it is nevertheless a very reliable document for validating precise information.

How to write an attestation letter?

The following rules should be followed while writing an attestation letter.

  1. It has to be brief. That is to say, it must be concise. It is not appropriate to use an attestation letter to explain your life narrative.
  2. In an attestation letter, even two lines might be useful. If it must belong, be sure it is very necessary.
  3. The letter's body must be brief. Two short paragraphs of two lines/sentences each are sufficient.
  4. Conclusion and salutation are appropriate. "I look forward to a positive consideration," says the conclusion, and "thank you," says the greeting.
  5. Your mailing address must be mentioned.
  6. You must utilise the address provided/supplied if one is provided. There's no need to utilise the phrase "To Whom It May Concern." When the recipient address is not provided, "To Whom It May Concern" is utilised.
  7. "Letter of Attestation" or "Attestation Letter" must be the subject matter. As an attestation letter, do not write a single sentence.
  8. Unless, of course, you want to explain or arrange the text to fill the page, the total must not be more than a full page.
  9. Put your phone number here. If you think it's necessary, include your email address as well.

You'll need:—

1. Attestation letter sample for a student

The Principal/Secretary,
Name of the Institutes/Organization


Dear sir, 

I, Martha Stewart, a native of  Mumbai, India, hereby certify that:

  • That the bearer is my daughter/son/godson/school son/daughter, etc.
  • That ————- is his or her NDU admission number.
  • That he or she has been accepted into your institution to study (Insert Course of Study Here).
  • That she will not engage in any form of disruptive behaviour during her time at the institution and will instead follow all of your school's rules and regulations.
  • To the best of my knowledge, the information provided here is accurate.
That this information was provided in good faith, with a clear conscience, and a sound mind and soul; and that I should be held liable if any misinformation was provided.

Thank you!

Yours faithfully,

2. Attorney attestation letter sample



Mr (Name),

Attestation letter sample for employee
"Concerning the subject matter above, I now certify that the bearer, Sharky, a nephew from Okpara Inland, is physically healthy, committed to duty/dutiful, typically orderly, responsive to the core, honest in the family, and obedient to authority."

Her presence on your team will be extremely beneficial to you.

Please put him/her to good use and make the most of his/her exceptional abilities.

Thank you very much.
2 Best Attestation letter sample (with GUIDE)

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