How to write a Letter to Chief Minister (4 Samples)


How to write a Letter to Chief Minister (4 Samples)

An official letter to the government is one example. A formal letter is one that is prepared for a specific reason and in a specific structure and language.

It's written to tell the government (mainly, a government official) of a condition, make a request, or for any other official reason.

Format for a Letter to the Chief Minister

  1. Date of the Sender's 
  2. Address of the Sender
  3. Date
  4. Address of the Recipient
  5. Heading for the Subject
  6. Salutation
  7. The letter's body
  8. Close on a friendly note.

Tips for Writing a Letter to the Chief Minister

  • The authority should be appropriately addressed in a formal manner.
  • The issue or problem should be stated clearly and concisely.
  • It is necessary to make a request for the essential action to be done.
  • It is necessary to adhere to the proper format.
  • Remember to speak in a formal tone.
  • Details that are unnecessary or irrelevant should not be offered.
  • The letter should be brief, concise, and not overly long.

The Government's Letter Points to keep in mind when creating the format

  1. The address of the sender is commonly printed in three or four lines.
  2. The letter's subject should always be highlighted.
  3. "Dear" or "My dear" should not be used as informal salutations.
  4. The objective of the letter should be stated in the first paragraph of the body.
  5. The letter's information should be included in the first paragraph of the body paragraph.
  6. The action required or request made should be included in the final paragraph.
  7. As a complementary close, "Yours truly/faithfully/sincerely" should be utilised.

Sample 1: Complaint letter to Chief Minister

Street 5, H.No.432
Gulmohar Colony
Bhopal, MP- 450158

8 September 2023

The Chief Minister
Madhya Pradesh

Subject- Municipal water is of poor quality and is in short supply.


I am writing on behalf of the residents to call your attention to the poor quality and insufficient availability of municipal water in the Gulmohar Colony neighbourhood. This has been causing us problems for the past week.

Previously, municipal water was available at all times of the day. However, the current scenario is concerning. Water is in short supply, and the quality has worsened. It has a light colour and a horrible odour. 

As a result, it is no longer fit for drinking and cannot be utilised for any other purpose. The situation has deteriorated to the point where we are forced to buy bottled water or even drink ground water on occasion.

I respectfully urge that you investigate the serious problem and take the necessary steps to restore an appropriate supply of clean water in the region. I eagerly anticipate your prompt cooperation.

Thanking you
Yours truly
Contact details.

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Sample 2: Application to chief minister

Date of the Sender's 

Address of the Sender


Address of the Recipient


Dear sir,

This is to inform you that my kid passed the Secondary Examination with letter grades in five subjects this academic year. With the financial assistance of a few sympathetic local guys, he has enrolled in Higher Secondary. 

However, I am unable to purchase books for him due to a lack of funds. I am a poor Kakdwip bandless labourer. I support my family by working in other men's fields. My wife and daughter are doing the bidding.

My wife and I both wish for him to complete his further education. I would be quite grateful if you could assist us in continuing his studies: My humble greetings to you.

Thank you!

Yours sincerely,
Name and address.

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Sample 3: How to write a formal letter to the minister of education?

Dear Minister,

I'm writing to communicate my profound worry about victimization Palestinian Arabs in Israel's government funded schooling framework and to ask quick activity by the Ministry of Education to level instructive open doors for every single Israeli kid.

I was upset to discover that the Israeli government apportions less subsidizing per Palestinian Arab understudy than per Jewish understudy. The aftereffect of this error is that Palestinian Arab youngsters go to schools with bigger classes and less instructors than Jewish kids. 

They get far less advancement and healing projects despite the fact that they need them more to a limited extent on the grounds that the Ministry utilizes an alternate scale to evaluate need for Jewish youngsters. Some Arab schools need essential learning offices like libraries, PCs, science labs and diversion space. 

Numerous Arab people group need kindergartens for three and four-year-olds. Palestinian Arab kids with inabilities and the Bedouin from the Negev Desert are especially distraught and get huge less subsidizing and administrations.

Second rate schooling seriously influences the lives and fates of Palestinian Arab kids. They exit school at multiple times the pace of Jewish youngsters and are less inclined to breeze through the public registration tests for a secondary school certificate. Just a modest bunch come to college.

Israel has a central obligation to give schooling without segregation to its residents in general, including the individuals who are Palestinian Arab. As Minister of Education, I ask you to make a prompt move to:
  • Embrace a composed approach of balance that unequivocally disallows segregation based on religion, race, nationality or orientation;
  • Rebuild the Ministry of Educations' asset designation to finance Jewish and Arab schools on a non-prejudicial premise,
  • Assign extra financing to close the holes among Jewish and Arab instruction in all region, including the presence of kindergartens, libraries, amusement and different offices; the state of being of schools; custom curriculum; professional instruction and educator preparing.
  • Remember Palestinian Arabs for all parts of dynamic influencing instruction approaches and assets, including educational programs improvement.
  • I demand that you do whatever it may take to guarantee that all youngsters in Israel partake in the right to training without segregation.

Much thanks for your thought.

Truly yours,

Sample 4: How to write a letter to chief minister of uttar pradesh?

Dear sir,

Most importantly I should praise you on your endeavors to exhibit the biodiversity of Uttar Pradesh by getting sorted out the as of late finished up Chambal Bird Festival. I'm informed that you were by and by present at the occasion facilitated by your administration and it was for sure a stupendous achievement. 

Such endeavors assist with supporting the travel industry, yet in addition teach pride in species found locally, rousing networks to partake in protection. On account of you, Chambal, which was once well known for its dacoits, will presently be prestigious for this exceptional bird celebration that features the rich avian fauna of the state.

Uttar Pradesh has in excess of 500 types of birds-close to half of the all out species in the country. It likewise brags a mosaic wetlands spread all through the express that comprise probably the best territory for the world's tallest bird-the Sarus crane. 

I'm likewise mindful of the way that your hereditary town in Saifai is home to probably the biggest assembly of the Sarus, so you will see the value regarding the present situation better. Yadavji, there are two wetlands near Greater Noida that direly need your consideration.

These two wetlands are spread over Dhanauri Khurd, Amipur Bangar and Thasrana towns in the Dankaur area of Gautam Buddha Nagar locale in Uttar Pradesh. The region is submerged and has remained so through numerous years, as should be visible on Google Earth and in maps by the Indian Space Research Organization. 

Eager bird watcher Anand Arya, who initially found this spot coincidentally, says he was dumbfounded by the sheer number of Sarus cranes found nearby, other than different species. Thusly upwards of 102 Sarus cranes were recorded in these two wetlands by a gathering of bird watchers in November 2014. 

The wetlands are likewise home to more than 2,000 waterfowl-ducks, geese, herons, egrets, cormorants and waders-other than north of 130 types of flying predators, passerine and non-passerine bird species. The sheer variety of bird life here is unrivaled, and should be protected and celebrated. 

It was indeed Arya who took the make a difference to the National Green Tribunal; in March 2015 the court requested that the province of Uttar Pradesh should pronounce its wetlands inside a range of 90 days so such regions are protected for any kind of future family.

The explanation I am composing this letter to you is that the Yamuna Expressway Industrial Development Authority has reserved this site for private purposes under its Master Plan 2031 and its earth-moving machines are now nearby. The entire region of these two wetlands (where Sarus cranes feed, perch and breed, and which is home to huge number of water fowl and different birds) is presently available for anyone.

Yadavji, after the new flooding in Chennai, you will see the value in that wetlands are an essential piece of the hydrological cycle, are profoundly useful, and give a wide scope of biological system administrations, for example, squander absorption, water purging, flood relief, disintegration control, groundwater re-energize, microclimate guideline and tasteful improvement of the scene.

As of now because of widespread development, the Dadri wetland in Greater Noida, which facilitated north of 1,000,000 transitory birds, doesn't have a solitary bird; even the Okhla Bird Sanctuary gets less birds. These two new wetlands, which are a safe house for birdlife and other untamed life, ought not meet a similar destiny. Consider what a misfortune it will be preposterous, yet for every one individuals who might live in pads based on the wetlands, making them helpless against floods.

So hopefully you will step in, in your ability as boss clergyman, and as one of only a handful of exceptional lawmakers who has experience with ecological sciences and comprehends the reason why rationing wetlands is significant, to deflect this misfortune. Condos can be fabricated anyplace, yet wetlands can't be reproduced. 

Assuming your administration steps up and announces it as a wetland, the region has tremendous the travel industry potential; it will likewise re-energize groundwater. Yadavji, the state bird of Uttar Pradesh needs your assistance, and you alone can set a model by moderating this interesting bird and its home.


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