[4 Samples] Letter to HOD Requesting Permission


[4 Samples] Letter to HOD Requesting Permission

In this post, we've included samples of Letters to HOD Requesting Permission to help you figure out how to create a permission letter. 

A permission letter to HOD is a formal letter submitted to higher authorities to get approval for a specific situation or future intentions. 

The motive for requesting permission might be anything from requesting vacation time, planning a trip, or attending a ceremony, to name a few examples. In most working workplaces, such letters are rotated. 

Any plan or attendance in a scenario where the employee is not present in the workplace during that period requires approval from his employer or supervisor.

Even if your manager refuses to provide authorization, you must compose the letter successfully.

Always remember to address the letter to the appropriate person with permission-granting power.

A letter of permission is also submitted to the principal of a school or institution, requesting permission to take time off or hold an event. It is important to write the letter in a courteous manner (using may I, could I, shall I).

In this post, we've included samples and templates to help you figure out how to create a permission letter. Let's take a look at each one individually.

  1. Sample formal letter asking for permission
  2. Sample of the permission letter to be absent from work
  3. Permission letter for event
  4. Sample letter of request for permission to travel.

How to write a Permission letter to HOD?

To get the necessary authorization, an individual must write a permission letter. 
  1. Since it is an official letter, the permission letter should include the sender and receiver's addresses. 
  2. The sender's address, however, is not always included in the permission letter. This is because both parties work for the same firm and are highly familiar with each other.
  3. The first thing mentioned in the letter is the receiver's address. The recipient's First Name, Designation, Organization Name, Street Address, and City Name with Pin Code should all be written in the correct order.
  4. The individual must provide the purpose for writing the permission letter in the Subject line, in addition to the address. A minimum of 6-7 words should be included in the subject line. It must not, however, be excessively long.
  5. Following the subject, the main material must be composed, with the subject line in mind. The person should stay focused on the task at hand. 
  6. Explain the need for approval in detail. The words must be written in a kind tone.

1. Sample formal letter asking for permission

Greetings, Ma'am

I'm writing to inform you that the Interdepartmental Competitions will take place from September 30th. Students have been urged to register for the different events. It is an excellent chance for all of our pupils to demonstrate their abilities.

We must have auditions and begin practising. Please allow us to utilise the Main Hall for this purpose. Please also give on-duty assignments to the kids so that they do not lose their attendance. 

We will make certain that students participating in the tournament do not miss any lessons or academic work.

Thank you very much.

I am, as always, your dedicated servant.



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2. Sample of the permission letter to be absent from work

Subject, Request permission to take a half-day vacation


I'm writing to ask for permission to take a half-day off work tomorrow to attend an important meeting. At 1 p.m., the meeting will begin.

I need to proofread a document for tomorrow's deadline. Before I leave for my son's school tomorrow, I'll make sure I finish it by midnight and submit it for additional evaluation. 

I respectfully request that you consider my request for half-day leave tomorrow.


With best wishes,

3. Permission letter for event

Dear Sir,

This is a simple request for permission to use the school social hall for an event. The event will be a Christian worship service with some visitors who are not school members.

Should you give us the go-ahead on this event, the Christian union team has made all of the necessary arrangements, including the people we wish to invite and the date of the event, which is the 24th of October. 

Worship musicians and pastors from the apostolic church in California are among the guests. The team is waiting for your approval so that we may go on with the rest of the plans.

Allowing this event to take place in the school social hall would be greatly appreciated by the team.


4. Sample letter of request for permission to travel

Respectfully, Madame,

With the utmost respect, I'd like to introduce myself as Jonny, and I work in your company's Sales department. John72 is my employee number.

Respectfully, I am writing to advise you that I will be travelling to the United States for personal reasons.

I respectfully beg that you permit me to take 13 days of casual leave from October 16th to October 29th. I guarantee that all of my outstanding tasks will be finished as soon as possible. If you accept this as true and allow me permission to go, I will be extremely grateful.

Thank you very much,


(4 Samples) Letter to HOD Requesting Permission

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