Employee Return to Work Letter [5 Samples]


Employee Return to Work Letter [5 Samples]

In this post, we'll go over, how to prepare for your return to work, and how to write a return to work letter.

You may need to take an extended leave of absence at some point during your career, such as if you get unwell, need to take maternity leave, or need to care for a loved one. 

Before you may return to work after being away, your company may require an official letter of intent. 

How to write a letter of return to work?

To draught a successful letter of intent to return to work, follow these steps:

1. Make sure the letter is addressed to the right person.

You may need to address your return to work letter to a supervisor or a human resources person, depending on your company's regulations and structure. 

This individual, in whatever role they have within the organisation, is most likely the one who organised your leave of absence.

2. Thank them for approving your leave of absence.

The right etiquette for a return to work letter, like with other business letters, is, to begin with, a thank you for granting your leave.

Consider how your absence helped you recover and regain health, care for a loved one, or adjust to at-home changes.

3. Include all necessary documents.

The paperwork you'll require is determined by the cause for your absence and the policies of your employer. 

This documentation might be in the form of paperwork that you were given when you originally took your leave or a special return to work intent form that your firm asks workers to fill out.

In addition, if you are returning to work after being sick or having surgery, your employer may need you to provide a doctor's release letter stating that you are well and capable of returning to your previous position.

If you include a doctor's release letter, make sure it specifies the cause for your absence as well as any limits you'll have to follow when you return to work.

4. Explain how you want to re-acclimate.

Mention specific actions you plan to take in your return to work letter to guarantee a seamless transition back to work and your previous performance levels. 

You may mention, for example, that you've spoken with your secretary and that they've provided you with meeting notes to assist you to catch up.

5. Express thanks at the end of the letter.

To further exhibit your professionalism, thank your employer, human resources representative, or supervisor for their help and flexibility during your leave.

1. Sample letter of return to work after vacation

Here's a sample return-to-work letter to help you get started:

Dear [Supervisor's or HR representative's name],

Thank you for your patience during this difficult time. I'm writing to let you know that I'll be able to return to work on [date] following [sickness or care responsibilities]

As you are aware, I had to take time off work to [explain why you needed time off, such as to improve your health or care for a loved one]. I'm ready to return because [reason for clearance, such as a doctor's discharge or the end of my care obligations]. I regret any trouble caused by my absence.

Despite my vacation, I have kept up with [projects, clients, or obligations] and am ready to return to work. I'd want to express my gratitude to you and [business] once again for your tolerance, understanding, and flexibility at this time. It is a privilege to work with such a charitable organisation.


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2. Sample letter for return to work after leave

Mr Robert,

Thank you for your patience and consideration during this period. I'm writing to inform you that my doctor has given me clearance to return to work on April 15th.

As you know developed pneumonia a little over a month ago and had to spend several weeks in the hospital. I'm now starting to feel like myself again, and I can't wait to get back to work. 

Despite being sick, I've maintained in touch with my coworkers and kept up with the changes made with my client, Corner Communications, so that I may resume my previous role as soon as possible.

I've included my physician's release documents, which describe my eligibility to resume my previous position. If you have any problems or queries, please let me know.

Once again, thank you for your patience and support while I've recovered. Working with a firm like ABC News makes me feel good.



3. Return to work after maternity leave letter teacher

Subject, Rejoining Request


I had worked in this institute for 5 years under the title of Science teacher and took a three-month maternity leave. Now that I'm back in good form, I'll return to my job. My kid is OK, and I'm free of the side effects that come with childbirth, so I'm looking forward to returning to work. 

I was also instructed by the person who temporarily took my position at the job, and I am fully aware of the improvements and advancements that occurred while I was away.

Sincerely yours,

4. Sample return to work letter from employer to employee

Please accept my heartfelt greetings, [insert your name here].

Returning to work after parental leaves for a limited time

I confirm that you are currently on parental leave at [Insert school] (School) under the Victorian Catholic Education Multi Enterprise Agreement of 2013. (VCEMEA). You started your parental leave on [Insert date], and you'll be back to work on [Insert date].

As we recently discussed, you have agreed to work at the School as a [Emergency/Casual Relieving / Fixed Term] [Teacher/Education Support Employee/Other] on a [full-time /part-time (only if CRT or Fixed Term)] basis (Temporary Position) from [Insert date] until [Insert date] on a [full-time /part-time.

You are eligible to be paid the standard rate of pay (minus all allowances) for your pre-parental leave position concerning this work under Appendix 1, Clause 15(2) of the VCEMEA. To accrue leave, this task qualifies as service.

[Include if the job is part-time: Because you are employed part-time, you may be offered more hours of work during additional hours worked will be paid at the regular rate and will not be subject to loading for e duration of the work (i.e., the provisions of Clause 55.2(e) will not apply to such additional hours). These extra hours will be counted as service for the company.

You will resume your parental leave after this work, which does not affect or prolong your initial return to work date from parental leave. Your return to work will be considered with you at a later time and will be governed by the VCEMEA's parental leave regulations.

All other terms and conditions stated in your [Insert date] letter of appointment remain in effect.

Please sign the note of acceptance below in both copies of this letter and return one copy to the school to confirm this arrangement.

Sincerely yours.

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5. Return to work letter from doctor

Mr John,

On September 30, Mrs Meryna was taken to ABC National Hospital with significant neck injuries. She's been undergoing therapy under my care and supervision since then. This letter is to confirm that Mrs Meryna A has recovered completely and is fit to return to work.

Nonetheless, I advise a moderate workload to enable the patient to acclimate to the new work environment. This will assure her long-term health and productivity.

If you have any questions, please email me at [email protected].

Thank you for your time and help with this.


ABC Hospital.

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Employee Return To Work Letter Sample (Step-by-Step)

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