Sample Letter for License to Carry (3 Samples)


Sample Letter for License to Carry (3 Samples)

To purchase, possess, or carry a handgun, you will need a gun permit or licence. A gun permit is a government-issued document that allows people to buy or carry firearms. 

Before a person can carry a firearm, several prerequisites must be met. Obtaining a license/permit may be aided by a recommendation or reference letter from a high-ranking official.

How to write Letter For a License?

Things to Think About When Writing a Recommendation Letter for a Gun Permit

When drafting a letter of recommendation for a firearms permit, there are a few things to keep in mind. Those points are highlighted below.
  1. Understand the guidelines for Character Witnesses.
  2. If you are the referee, you must sign an affidavit.
  3. In the character reference letter, give your basic details.
  4. The reference letter must be signed by you.

Character reference letter for license

Subject, Letter of Reference for A Firearms License

Respectfully, Mr./Mrs.

I'm writing to [insert applicant's name] as a reference for a guns licence application. I've known him/her as a coworker and a close friend for the past [insert number of years].

I can confidently state that he/she has an excellent and unblemished character. [Insert applicant's name] is a responsible [insert country name] citizen who is well aware of his or her responsibilities. 

He/she has never been convicted of a crime to my knowledge. He/she has never been arrested, and he/she has never used drugs or abused alcohol.

[Insert applicant's name here] is aware of the requirements for carrying a handgun and has made the necessary preparations.

You will not be sorry for your decision, I can guarantee you. He or she is a fantastic individual.

Please contact me at [give phone number] or [mention email address] if you have any more queries.


[Name of the sender]

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2. Sample letter to the chief of police for a gun license


Mr Ajay is a trustworthy employee of  ABC Industry, and we just launched an associated project with another organisation. 

I'm sending him as a security officer for my team, and he'll require a gun licence to prove that he's legally allowed to carry a pistol. 

I tell you that he won't abuse his gun or the power that comes with it. Thank you very much.


3. Letter of Request for Weapons License

Respectfully, Sir,

With great respect and dignity, I would like to introduce myself as Francis. I was just offered the opportunity to join the Army, and they contracted my firm to build weapons for them on demand. For creating the weaponry, I'll need a licence from this distinguished department. 

Please permit me can serve my country in the most honourable and timely manner possible. For your consideration, I am attaching a declaration letter provided by the Army in my favour with this application. 

Thank you very much.

Warm regards,

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